"I'm not suicidal, just idling insignificantly"

- Courtney Barnett

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Tourist History by Two Door Cinema Club ( 21 comments)
"Short sweet, dance punk indie pop songs with a nice Afro beat flavor. Great production. Favorites ar..."
From discojets1 on 4 days ago
Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós ( 96 comments)
"This album makes me want to cry even though I have no idea what is being said...."
From akanter14 on 4 days ago
Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay ( 68 comments)
"Algunas buenas canciones, pero como álbum queda a deber..."
From nitomano on 4 days ago
Fever Ray by Fever Ray ( 14 comments)
"I can definitely see the appeal to those who like this...."
From dgarr22 on 4 days ago
Eyelid Movies by Phantogram ( 2 comments)
"Just gotta say that this is quite underrated...."
From dgarr22 on 4 days ago
Future Days by Can ( 11 comments)
"My favourite Can album..."
From nitomano on 4 days ago
Portable Madness by Sensations' Fix ( 1 comment)
"An interesting listen. Not your mainstream Rock Progressivo Italiano sound at the time, in fact the ..."
From NickVolos on 4 days ago
Pierrot Lunaire by Pierrot Lunaire (IT) ( 1 comment)
"Good Rock Progressivo Italiano from 1974 with progressive folk elements although some may find it to..."
From NickVolos on 4 days ago
Hail To The Thief by Radiohead ( 123 comments)
From SaulCortes1992 on 4 days ago
Pink Season by Pink Guy ( 31 comments)
"A true work of art, though many albums have surpassed it's greatness statistically, it will always h..."
From Zulu720 on 4 days ago
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