"I am the son and heir of nothing in particular"

- The Smiths

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4 Your Eyez Only by J. Cole ( 6 comments)
"This album has an interesting concept and some pretty meaningful songs I just wish the wordplay & ly..."
From Joben95 on 3 days ago
Iceman by Albert Collins ( 1 comment)
"This is a wonderful addition to the Ice Man's catalog. The first side especially is full of super f..."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
Atrocity Exhibition by Danny Brown ( 20 comments)
"Such a different album..."
From tgarritsen on 3 days ago
Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys ( 223 comments)
"The quintessential psychedelic pop rock album. Not a single bad song, and some of these are everlast..."
From Egophobia on 3 days ago
Rumours by Fleetwood Mac ( 105 comments)
"It only took two or three listens for me to become addicted to this record. Fantastic album...."
From thatbeatleskid1 on 3 days ago
Parachutes by Coldplay ( 71 comments)
"I'm not a big Coldplay fan, but I'm a big Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head fan...."
From audianne on 4 days ago
Discovery by Daft Punk ( 52 comments)
"This album makes me feel excited about life both while I'm listening to it and for hours after. I ca..."
From audianne on 4 days ago
Kid A by Radiohead ( 402 comments)
"The first time I ever listened to this album, I had no idea what I was in for. I planned to have it ..."
From audianne on 4 days ago
Pink Moon by Nick Drake ( 105 comments)
"This album is a magnificent accomplishment, especially in light of the tragic nature of Nick's life...."
From audianne on 4 days ago
Pink Season by Pink Guy ( 20 comments)
"Even if it's a "joke" album, it's better than the 90% of the others HipHop/Rap albums I've heard in ..."
From Helios on 4 days ago
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