"For for a minute there, I lost myself"

- Radiohead

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Low by David Bowie ( 101 comments)
"My second favorite out of Bowie's work, and it's much like Heroes, which is my favorite. Just like H..."
From Seab on 27 hours ago
Souvlaki by Slowdive ( 45 comments)
"Some of the songs on this album can make you feel as if you are flying through the air. Favorite ..."
From Seab on 27 hours ago
Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective ( 126 comments)
"A little bit hard to listen to at first without any previous experience with Animal Collective, but ..."
From Seab on 27 hours ago
The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths ( 174 comments)
"A fantastic jangle pop album crafted by The Smiths. Never goes down in quality as the album goes on,..."
From Seab on 27 hours ago
Turn On The Bright Lights by Interpol ( 81 comments)
"My favorite post punk revival album. The instrumentation is just so great on this album. Favorite..."
From Seab on 27 hours ago
Loveless by My Bloody Valentine ( 213 comments)
"A fantastic shoegaze record. Was my introduction to the genre, so it took a little bit to get used t..."
From Seab on 27 hours ago
The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd ( 371 comments)
"Just a perfect album. Some of the concepts of the albums may be simple, but they are executed so per..."
From Seab on 27 hours ago
The Resistance by Muse ( 68 comments)
"Easily one of the best albums of the decade, whose title track is among the best songs of the 2000's..."
From AtmoSukrat on 27 hours ago
Headlines And Deadlines: The Hits Of A-ha by a-ha ( 1 comment)
"Classic ..."
From fisher60 on 27 hours ago
Let It Bee by Voice Of The Beehive ( 1 comment)
"Some sprightly songs..."
From fisher60 on 27 hours ago
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