"And I know I'm dead on the surface, But I am screaming underneath"

- Coldplay

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Pablo Honey by Radiohead ( 85 comments)
"Pretty generic, but what is interesting about this album (except Creep) is that I can't seem to put ..."
From LedZep on 23 hours ago
Something Else!!! by Ornette Coleman ( 1 comment)
"A must have jazz album...."
From guitar50 on 23 hours ago
Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis ( 94 comments)
"If you're gonna own just one jazz album. This is it. ..."
From guitar50 on 23 hours ago
Feels Good To Me by Bill Bruford ( 1 comment)
"A forgotten masterpiece...."
From guitar50 on 23 hours ago
Road Games by Allan Holdsworth ( 1 comment)
"Three sheets in the wind- maybe the best tune ever recorded!..."
From guitar50 on 23 hours ago
Armchair Apocrypha by Andrew Bird ( 7 comments)
"This is a thing of absolute beauty.It takes you on journey and let's you see glimpses of the world t..."
From Komorebi-D on 23 hours ago
Little Fictions by Elbow ( 9 comments)
"This album grows on me every time I listen to it. Right now third best Elbow album on my list (only ..."
From Ottokar on 23 hours ago
Ys by Joanna Newsom ( 62 comments)
"To those who can't appreciate Joanna's voice and idiosyncratic composition, this album can be a fias..."
From ilovelctr on 23 hours ago
The Doors by The Doors ( 137 comments)
"wicked. I just blasted this on a bottle of wine tonight and it seemed more unapologetically evil th..."
From jackbrown8786 on 23 hours ago
Innervisions by Stevie Wonder ( 40 comments)
"Although I've loved Stevie Wonder for just about as long as I can remember actively listening to mus..."
From buzzdainer on 47 hours ago
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