"If there's been a way to build it, There'll be a way to destroy it"

- Stereolab

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The Money Store by Death Grips ( 45 comments)
"Took a while for me to get used to, but there are so many great tracks on this album including Get G..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
Goo by Sonic Youth ( 24 comments)
"Favoritas: Mote, Dirty Boots, Kool Thing, Tunic, Disappearer..."
From nitomano on 47 hours ago
Illinois by Sufjan Stevens ( 110 comments)
"My personal favorite Sufjan album, as its a great album to listen to when traveling, as well as havi..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
In Rainbows by Radiohead ( 262 comments)
"The most danceable album that Radiohead produced, with more upbeat songs throughout the album. Fa..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West ( 186 comments)
"My entryway into hip hop. So many great beats that have been produced within this album, as well as ..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
La Paloma by Joan Manuel Serrat ( 1 comment)
"Favoritas: El Titiritero, Tu Nombre Me Sabe a Yerba, Poco Antes De Que Den Las Diez..."
From nitomano on 47 hours ago
The Bends by Radiohead ( 221 comments)
"The most accessible Radiohead album for those who come from listening to mostly rock, and one of the..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
"Heroes" by David Bowie ( 42 comments)
"My favorite of the Berlin Trilogy. I love this album specifically because of the ambient second half..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
Funeral by Arcade Fire ( 278 comments)
"The album that allowed me to get into indie rock. So much emotion packed into one album, and has one..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel ( 304 comments)
"An album that took me a while to adjust to Magnum's voice and the low fidelity of the album, but onc..."
From Seab on 47 hours ago
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