"I wear my sunglasses at night"

- Corey Hart

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Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective ( 35 comments)
"MPP is only slightly better. This is still one that helps cement them as one of the most essential b..."
From Komorebi-D on 36 hours ago
Feels by Animal Collective ( 25 comments)
"One of the best albums of 2005 and by extension, the decade. ..."
From Komorebi-D on 36 hours ago
Sauna by Mount Eerie ( 3 comments)
"Sauna feels more spacious, existentially darker & introspective than its three predecessors. Which -..."
From Komorebi-D on 36 hours ago
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway by Genesis ( 39 comments)
"Para ser un album doble es bastante consistente, lo cual no hace tedioso el hecho de ser bastante la..."
From nitomano on 36 hours ago
Revolver by The Beatles ( 325 comments)
"Agree with everything on this except that TVU&N was recorded before Revolver came out. V V V..."
From LAF2 on 3 days ago
Johnny Cash With His Hot And Blue Guitar by Johnny Cash ( 9 comments)
"Good debut. Later on it's getting better...."
From Web-Seo on 3 days ago
Here's Little Richard by Little Richard ( 20 comments)
"Album aka One timer..."
From Web-Seo on 3 days ago
Help! by The Beatles ( 74 comments)
"Can't go wrong with the United Kingdom chaps..."
From Web-Seo on 3 days ago
Highway 61 Revisited by Bob Dylan ( 149 comments)
"My favorite of Dylan's work. Quality ..."
From Web-Seo on 3 days ago
The Chronic by Dr. Dre ( 19 comments)
"Classic rap..."
From Web-Seo on 3 days ago
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