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- Robyn

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Abacab by Genesis ( 10 comments)
"Beyond the poppiness and hits, Me & Sarah Jane and Like it Or Not are two of my favorite Genesis son..."
From dlemond on 47 hours ago
Panorama by The Cars ( 3 comments)
"Certainly not their best, but could be my favorite. Such a departure after 2 AOR hit albums. Weird a..."
From dlemond on 47 hours ago
Youth Is Only Fun In Retrospect by Sundara Karma ( 5 comments)
"Turned It off after the 5th song as I realised I was wasting my life...beige indie!!!..."
From LittleM1971 on 47 hours ago
Rarities And B-Sides by The Smashing Pumpkins ( 1 comment)
"The first part is great, then it gets to be too much...."
From mmcandrews83 on 47 hours ago
The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance ( 55 comments)
"Very strong and consistent album, with a couple of great songs and a very interesting concept. It's ..."
From ricco94 on 47 hours ago
The Parable Of Arable Land by The Red Crayola ( 7 comments)
"Creo que, junto con "The Velvet Underground & Nico", "Trout Mask Replica" y "Kind of Blue" (entre ot..."
From splashfoop on 47 hours ago
Illinois by Sufjan Stevens ( 110 comments)
"Special album, but overrated in my opinion. Fully agree with Crimson that the second half of album c..."
From samora on 47 hours ago
Germ Free Adolescents by X-Ray Spex ( 6 comments)
"That initial appeal of this album was definitely not lost by the end, I can't find a weak track - le..."
From Komorebi-D on 47 hours ago
22, A Million by Bon Iver ( 47 comments)
"I guess it's hard to know if Vernon is just pandering to the current market with this album or if he..."
From audianne on 47 hours ago
Maquillaje by Zurdok ( 2 comments)
"awesome! 10/10..."
From SaulCortes1992 on 47 hours ago
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