"I won't let you fall apart"

- Nine Inch Nails

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Hombre Sintetizador by Zurdok ( 1 comment)
"El segundo mejor álbum de habla hispana detrás de Re de Café Tacvba..."
From SaulCortes1992 on 47 hours ago
Oczy Mlody by The Flaming Lips ( 10 comments)
"Favoritas: The Castle, How??, Sunrise..."
From nitomano on 3 days ago
I See You by The xx ( 9 comments)
"This album is phenomenal! Their best album yet..."
From Redsus on 3 days ago
Songlines by The Derek Trucks Band ( 1 comment)
"Blues/rock/soul played really safe with a couple oriental music influenced instrumentals. If you'..."
From albumceleste on 3 days ago
Good Kid, M.A.A.D City by Kendrick Lamar ( 133 comments)
"Kendrick shows his talent as a story teller in this album. Highlights are Sing About Me/Dying of Thi..."
From Seab on 3 days ago
Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds ( 26 comments)
"I think if more people saw One More Time With Feeling, this would be ranked wayyy higher..."
From flamingyesdept on 3 days ago
Remain In Light by Talking Heads ( 103 comments)
"Aside from some of the best riffs, instrumentation and mixing ever put to a record, its the lyrics t..."
From Komorebi-D on 3 days ago
The Clash by The Clash ( 51 comments)
"I was pleasantly surprised. I don't really like the punk sound all that much, but I really enjoyed ..."
From chamberlain89 on 3 days ago
I See You by The xx ( 9 comments)
"More upbeat instrumentally than the somber styling we're used to from them (thanks to Jaime xx's 201..."
From Komorebi-D on 3 days ago
Kaleidoscope by Siouxsie And The Banshees ( 4 comments)
"This their 3rd album was the weakest up to that point however tracks like Christine, Happy House, Sk..."
From Tamthebam on 3 days ago
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