"How can you have a day without a night?"

- Massive Attack

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I See You by The xx ( 11 comments)
"I think this is my favorite xx album. It just had something that caught my attention rather than the..."
From NickyTBlizzad on 3 days ago
The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot ( 13 comments)
"One of - if not the best - Christian music albums of all time. Its legacy lives on. ..."
From slurpdurp on 3 days ago
Watermark by Enya ( 7 comments)
"This remains Enya's best outing. Orinico Flow was the big hit, but Storms in Africa is equally catc..."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
Atlantis by David Arkenstone ( 1 comment)
"Far and away Arkenstone's best album. Full of captivating melodies, gorgeous harmonies, and much li..."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
Yanni Live At The Acropolis by Yanni ( 3 comments)
"Not a big fan of Yanni's studio albums, but he really brings his music to live on this live release...."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
Living The Northern Summer by Jim Chappell ( 1 comment)
"A marvelously light and lively chamber jazz/new age piano ensemble album...."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
Close To The Edge by Yes ( 62 comments)
"The pinnacle of classic prog. ..."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
Tales From Topographic Oceans by Yes ( 14 comments)
"Hugely ambitious and mostly successful. Maybe a bit indulgent, but Yes are capable of pulling it of..."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
AFI (The Blood Album) by AFI ( 1 comment)
"It is very boring. AFI don't experiment or try anything new. They apparently wrote 60 songs for this..."
From slurpdurp on 3 days ago
Relayer by Yes ( 15 comments)
"Super-incredible instrumental virtuosity everywhere! More challenging than Yes' most classic albums..."
From Fischman on 3 days ago
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