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Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (album) by Kendrick Lamar 

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Good Kid, M.A.A.D City
Good Kid, M.A.A.D City by Kendrick Lamar (2012)
Release date: 2012-10-22
Overall rank: 89th   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
88/100 (from 977 votes)
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Accolades: Best album of 2012 (1st)
Top 10 albums of the 2010s (3rd)
Top 100 albums of all time (89th)

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Kendrick Lamar bestography

Good Kid, M.A.A.D City is ranked as the best album by Kendrick Lamar.

Kendrick Lamar album bestography « Higher ranked This album (89th) Lower ranked (111th) »
-Good Kid, M.A.A.D CityTo Pimp A Butterfly

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Good Kid, M.A.A.D City rankings

Good Kid, M.A.A.D City ratings

Average Rating: 
88/100 (from 977 votes)
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Good Kid, M.A.A.D City comments

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From jackbrown8786 02/16/2017 06:41
yeah, yeah, the lyrics and music are great but he doesn't have the flow or intelligence of Illmatic-era Nas. f*&^ me if this doesn't pass illmatic b4 the halfway point of 2017 though... but it doesn't deserve to, I'm sorry. the skits work but hold it back from illmatic's level and some juvenile lyrics hold it back as well. even "to pimp a butterfly" is better than this, but its poem gets too repetitive on repeat listens - I don't want to hear bits and pieces of that over and over every time I hear the record, sorry. it's really not even close enough to mistake it, illmatic is the clear winner and only somebody blinded with bias could argue.
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From slurpdurp 02/13/2017 21:31
I believe that Kendrick Lamar is one of the best musical artists of all time. He’s the greatest artist to come to fame in this decade and it’s possible that when his career is over, he will be considered the greatest rapper of all time. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is never another artist of his quality to come to fame throughout the rest of my life. His ability to tell complex narratives and bring light to dark themes without glorifying them is perfect. He is a genius lyrically and musically. The quality of his two major albums is incredible, and I’d give perfect scores to both good kid, M.A.A.D. city and To Pimp a Butterfly. Of the two, my favorite is good kid because of its fantastic authenticity and trueness to the struggles of growing up. It speaks to a lot of important issues and scenarios that teens go through. Kendrick is able to develop complex themes and characters efficiently and effectively. The skits throughout manage to tie into the story and keep it going so Kendrick can focus on the important themes that he wants to develop. He tells a brilliant story about a night with the homies that takes dark turns throughout. From his first meeting with Sherane to witnessing a murder, Kendrick goes through a terrifying experience and doesn’t glorify the darkness of Compton. He isn’t encouraging the lawbreaking he did, instead, he discusses his moral struggles with his actions and the way his experience affected him emotionally.

Beyond the lyrics are the brilliant musical tracks. Kendrick uses sparse beats, clearly influenced by producer Dr. Dre, but he adds his own creativity and style which adds a unique identity to this album resulting in fluid music that sounds fantastic. The guitar in “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” adds a fantastic layer. Combined with the percussion, it is one of the best instrumentals in hip-hop. From the beginning of “Sherane”, the mood is set with a dark synth slowly fading in and swaying gently but darkly. Then the drums come in and Kendrick’s voice enters and the story begins. He tells the story fluidly but develops great visuals as if written by a seasoned author. This carries throughout the entire LP. The skits in between are never annoying, but instead, they drive the story forward, even with some humor. It makes it pleasant to listen to and helps the listener keep up with the story. At the end of “Compton”, the narrative has come full-circle as Kendrick shouts that he’s taking the van out, showing the development of character but simultaneously demonstrating that Kendrick is still out living his life. It leaves me with questions about what happens next. What are Kendrick’s next experiences? Either way, this album goes through a dark and haunting night with Kendrick and his homies that is driven by incredible instrumentals and flow from Kendrick. “Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst” is an incredible song and one of the highlights of the post-2000 world of music.
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From TheMostAverage 02/12/2017 14:21
This is a consistently great rap album, telling a bitter story. Overall creative, some songs are not so good and it isn´t nearly as good as To Pimp a Butterfly, but it´s still brilliant.
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From slurpdurp 01/20/2017 06:40
At its best, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is Kendrick's best work and my favorite album to listen to.
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From Seab 01/18/2017 02:46
Kendrick shows his talent as a story teller in this album. Highlights are Sing About Me/Dying of Thirst and Money Trees. No terrible spot on the album. Personal Favorite Hip Hop Album Currently.
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From rliberty 01/06/2017 06:06
The album that made me start taking rap seriously. Before this album, my only real exposure to rap was radio garbage. Kendrick's story telling and lyricism are incredible.
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From SK747 12/12/2016 16:45
The best Hip Hop Album, and one of the best albums of all time. What really got me with this album the first time was how good nearly every single song was. It's hard to do that, and it's even harder to that while forging a album that actually has meaning and flow. Well played Kendrick.
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From Yipyapper 11/08/2016 17:38
Cohesive, tells a fascinating story, and the way Kendrick speaks in his song is almost poetic while still showing off why he's one of, if not the, most talented rapper in the mainstream. While everything is good to differing degrees, there aren't enough absolutely fantastic moments to truly warner it as one of the all-time greats. For an all-time major label debut, though, the case for that is rather easy and a sign of transcendence-level excellence.

Key Cuts: Money Trees, m.A.A.d City, Sing About Me / I'm Dying of Thirst
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From quaflam 10/29/2016 18:44
I don't really understand the desire to create a visual component to this, as it functions so well as a concept album.
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From antiquusxy 10/13/2016 15:52
Iconic for sure. The biggest shock is how he manages to form *intelligent* bangers like "Swimming Pools" whilst still maintaining the highly personal nature throughout the whole album. None of his work is easy listening, but I found myself completely immersed in his headspace and his world.

Just like "TPAB" there's a huge amount of lyrical creativity along with genuinely great production, everything else I want to say about it has been covered so much better by other people, but this is a historic album that deserves all the plaudits it receives and more.

The album of 2012.
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