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The top-ranked artists that appear most prominently in over 47,000 greatest album charts on are listed below:

N.B. Artist from before the mid-1960s may not be as well represented in this chart, because this chart only takes into account their albums. (Before that time, singles were far more prevalent than albums).

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Rank Artist Albums The number of albums by this artist featuring in the greatest album charts. Top Ranked Album The top ranked album by this artist and where it ranks in the overall chart. Score Total rank score for this artist (made up of the total rank score from all of their albums)
United States21Talking Heads15Remain In Light (29th)61,444
United Kingdom22The Who46Who's Next (38th)60,016
Ireland23U233The Joshua Tree (50th)59,364
United States24The Doors43The Doors (30th)59,160
United Kingdom25King Crimson82In The Court Of The Crimson King (25th)59,118
United States26Sufjan Stevens23Illinois (45th)58,652
United Kingdom27The Clash18London Calling (18th)57,219
United Kingdom28The Cure38Disintegration (33rd)56,780
United States29The Strokes6Is This It (23rd)52,832
United Kingdom30Joy Division12Unknown Pleasures (36th)50,167
United States31Neutral Milk Hotel6In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (15th)49,874
32My Bloody Valentine8Loveless (21st)47,683
33Fleetwood Mac39Rumours (24th)47,431
United Kingdom34Genesis33Selling England By The Pound (129th)45,945
United States35The Smashing Pumpkins23Siamese Dream (54th)45,920
United Kingdom36Black Sabbath43Paranoid (57th)45,878
United Kingdom37Arctic Monkeys9Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (55th)45,268
Iceland38Björk24Homogenic (96th)43,056
United States39Metallica24Master Of Puppets (109th)42,255
United Kingdom40Nick Drake12Pink Moon (49th)40,698
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