"Ghostface this, Ghostface that, Ghost sold crack, Now his revelations spoken through rap"

- Ghostface Killah

Buy 장화, 홍련 [A Tale Of Two Sisters] (album) by 이병우 [Byung-Woo Lee]

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This album At A Glance
장화, 홍련 [A Tale Of Two Sisters]
장화, 홍련 [A Tale Of Two Sisters] by 이병우 [Byung-Woo Lee] (2004)
Release date: 2004-07-20
Overall rank: 52,720th   Overall chart history

Accolades: Top albums of 2004 (1,175th)
Top albums of the 2000s (12,670th)
Best albums of all time (52,720th)

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