"I go to bakeries all day long. There's a lack of sweetness in my life."

- The Modern Lovers

Buy Işık Doğudan Yükselir 'Ex Oriente Lux' (album) by Sezen Aksu

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This album At A Glance
Işık Doğudan Yükselir 'Ex Oriente Lux'
Işık Doğudan Yükselir 'Ex Oriente Lux' by Sezen Aksu (1995)
Overall rank: 82,922nd   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
72/100 (from 2 votes)
  Ratings distribution
Accolades: Top albums of 1995 (1,501st)
Top albums of the 1990s (14,863rd)
Best albums of all time (82,922nd)

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