"Excuse me while I kiss the sky"

- The Jimi Hendrix Experience

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22, A Million by Bon Iver ( 50 comments)
"Too much vocoder. He had the right amount on his last album. Clearly he is good at utilizing vocal p..."
From corenfro on 41 hours ago
Hot Thoughts by Spoon ( 6 comments)
"I love Spoon, but I'm not loving this record. There are no outright bad songs, but after the first t..."
From HoldenM on 41 hours ago
Blackstar by David Bowie ( 85 comments)
"Up there with his best albums ever..."
From aubameyang11 on 41 hours ago
The Stooges by The Stooges ( 23 comments)
From aubameyang11 on 41 hours ago
Dying For It by The Vaselines ( 1 comment)
"Amazing music..."
From aubameyang11 on 41 hours ago
Niandra Lades And Usually Just A T-Shirt by John Frusciante ( 2 comments)
"Frusciante's best album by far and one of the most underrated of all time...."
From aubameyang11 on 41 hours ago
Process by Sampha ( 10 comments)
"Definitely rewards upon revisiting. Nonetheless, this is a promising, lovingly-made record. ..."
From HoldenM on 41 hours ago
Low Teens by Every Time I Die ( 1 comment)
"It's not easy listening! The first auditions seems to me just another Metalcore album but the truth ..."
From DanielNunes93 on 41 hours ago
A Crow Looked At Me by Mount Eerie ( 6 comments)
"Ever since I heard the Glow Pt. 2, I've always found Phil to me relatable to me. It's safe to say I'..."
From Anti on 41 hours ago
American Football by American Football ( 15 comments)
"It's been 2 years, and she is gone. It's to finally move on, now or never..."
From Antonio-Pedro on 41 hours ago
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