"So you think you can tell, Heaven from Hell, Blue skies from pain"

- Pink Floyd

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Weather Diaries by Ride ( 3 comments)
"Every shoegaze band making a comeback now?..."
From dethguy1 on 22 hours ago
Melodrama by Lorde ( 15 comments)
"Pop is usually not my genre, but Lorde achieves something magical with this album!..."
From Eiwynn on 22 hours ago
Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes ( 11 comments)
"Just as tedious as their previous album. And people are saying something about Alt-J being boring...."
From stat on 22 hours ago
Reflections Of A Floating World by Elder ( 1 comment)
"Yep, I don't see anything this year beating this album. Beforehand it was Pallbearer's Heartless as..."
From TheHolyKiwi on 22 hours ago
Dirty Work by The Rolling Stones ( 11 comments)
"This album sounds like blues and disco at war. They do nothing interesting here and most of the time..."
From TheNeedleDrop on 22 hours ago
One More Song by Randy Meisner ( 1 comment)
"Seriously one of the best Country Rock LPs of 1980...."
From Kingturtle on 22 hours ago
Now We May Begin by Randy Crawford ( 1 comment)
"Possibly the best R&B LP of 1980...."
From Kingturtle on 22 hours ago
Tapestry by Carole King ( 25 comments)
"Certainly one of the best albums ever made, as others have said every song is good, and there are so..."
From HenryVIII on 22 hours ago
Melissa by Melissa Manchester ( 1 comment)
"Fairly good album, worth a listen if you're into 70s female singers, like Carole King et al......"
From HenryVIII on 22 hours ago
Age Ain't Nothing But A Number by Aaliyah ( 1 comment)
"Aaliyah's debut is pretty much how every debut is: okay. Just okay. Her talent does definitely shine..."
From janetjakcson on 46 hours ago
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