"Every smile you fake, Every claim you stake, I'll be watching you"

- The Police

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Warehouse: Songs And Stories by Hüsker Dü ( 7 comments)
"Sometime long ago "Zen Arcade" struck me, I fell in love with this band and then, out of a sudden, I..."
From O.T. on 41 hours ago
2nd by Agitation Free ( 2 comments)
"A great, chilled-out Krautrock record...."
From antiquusxy on 41 hours ago
The Litanies Of Satan by Diamanda Galás ( 2 comments)
"With unbelievable vocals and a bizarre, unsettling atmosphere, Diamanda Galas' "The Litanies of Sata..."
From antiquusxy on 41 hours ago
Teenage Dream by Katy Perry ( 21 comments)
"It's just fun...."
From iamcaiosilva on 41 hours ago
Made In Japan by Deep Purple ( 12 comments)
"The best live album ever made. Deep Purple lifts the songs a further snap from the studio versions a..."
From Quoman on 41 hours ago
Blue For You by Status Quo ( 3 comments)
"The last of the classic Quo albums. Rick Parfitt contributes with the album's best songs in "Rain" a..."
From Quoman on 41 hours ago
On The Level by Status Quo ( 1 comment)
"A slightly more polished album than its predecessor. Overall, however, this is a good album worth a ..."
From Quoman on 41 hours ago
Hello! by Status Quo ( 3 comments)
"Heavy boogie rock and one of their best albums along with Piledriver and Quo. "Roll Over Lay Down", ..."
From Quoman on 41 hours ago
Quo by Status Quo ( 4 comments)
"Probably their heaviest album and one of the best. Lancaster made his mark and co-wrote six of eight..."
From Quoman on 41 hours ago
Whiteout Conditions by The New Pornographers ( 2 comments)
"What to make of Whiteout Conditions ? I think it’s great , possibly...not sure I hate it , possib..."
From Brad1770 on 41 hours ago
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