"I said, “Kiss me, you're beautiful. These are truly the last days.”"

- Godspeed You! Black Emperor

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The Boatman's Call by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds ( 18 comments)
"No way in hell is this Nick Cave's best album, not even top 5. That says less about the quality of t..."
From Onater on 4 days ago
janet. by Janet Jackson ( 5 comments)
"An R&B, genre-defining, DECADE-defining, album. Every track is pretty good, and while none are good ..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Queen Elizabitch by CupcaKKe ( 1 comment)
"The best dirty rap album of 2017. Cupcakke could easily be rap royalty, and I see her becoming just ..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Erotica by Madonna ( 4 comments)
"Truly Madonna's most underrated album. The themes are consistent and it's a very moody, truthful alb..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj ( 9 comments)
"Only good for the singles. Her rapping technique wasn't exactly the best, and the disses weren't eve..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Notorious K.I.M. by Lil' Kim ( 1 comment)
"Lil' Kim's sophomore album is probably her best. Every track (except Custom Made and Do What You Lik..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Hard Core by Lil' Kim ( 1 comment)
"A pretty solid, confident debut. Both gangster and sexy. While the rapping is pretty good the album ..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Smiley Smile by The Beach Boys ( 25 comments)
"It's grown on me. I absolutely love the vibe of this LP. It's probably one of my favourite albums to..."
From TorkilSkorgen on 4 days ago
Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis ( 103 comments)
"This album is so perfect that even pauses sound superb...."
From kristoklaus on 4 days ago
Weather Diaries by Ride ( 3 comments)
"Chapterhouse, Moose, Boo Radleys, Adorable and Pale Saints have yet to reform, so dethguy1, I guess ..."
From johnner on 4 days ago
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