"You're an idiot babe, It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe"

- Bob Dylan

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Click on an artist name to see where they rank in the greatest album charts! If an artist is not listed in this index, it doesn't yet feature in any of the greatest album charts listed on this site.

United Kingdom A United States A$AP Ferg
United States A$AP Mob United States A$AP Rocky
United States A$AP Twelvyy Germany A+P
Norway a-ha United States A7PHA
United States A.A. Bondy United States Aaliyah
United States Aalon Russia Aalon$e
Mixed Nationality Aalon$e & ∆KTR United Kingdom Aardvark
United States Aarktica France AaRON
United Kingdom Aaron Buchanan & The Cult Classics United States Aaron Carter
United States Aaron Copland United States Aaron Dilloway
United States Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet United States Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm
United States Aaron Gillespie United Kingdom Aaron Keylock
United States Aaron Lee Tasjan United States Aaron Neville
United States Aaron Parks United States Aaron Roche
United States Aaron Sprinkle United States Aaron Tippin
United States Aaron Watson United States Aaron West And The Roaring Twenties
United Kingdom Aathens Ghana A.B. Crentsil
Australia A.B. Original United States A.B. Skhy
United States Ab-Soul Germany Abacus
Poland Abaddon United States Abandoned Pools
Germany Abarax Brazil Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra
Sweden ABBA United States The Abbasi Brothers
Norway Abbath France ABBC
Australia Abbe May United States Abbey Lincoln
United Kingdom ABC Sudan Abdel Gadir Salim
Algeria Abdelli United States Abdul Wadud
United States Abdul Wadud / Leroy Jenkins Sweden Abdulla Rashim
South Africa Abdullah Ibrahim South Africa Abdullah Ibrahim & Ekaya
South Africa Abdullah Ibrahim Trio United States Abe Vigoda
United States Abecedarians Germany Abegg Trio
United Kingdom Abel Ganz Poland Abel Korzeniowski
United States Aberdeen United Kingdom Aberfeldy
Germany A.B.G.S. Finland Abhorrence
United States Abi Reimold United States Abigail Washburn
United States Abigail Williams United States Abigail's Ghost
United States Abilene Germany Abkehr
New Zealand Able Tasmans United States Abner Jay
United States Abney Park Belgium Aborted
United Kingdom About Group United Kingdom Above & Beyond
United States Above The Law United Kingdom Abra
United States Abra Moore United Kingdom Abrasive Wheels
Poland Abraxas Sweden Abruptum
Australia Absent Friends United Kingdom Absentee
United States Absinthe Blind United Arab Emirates Absolace
Germany Absolute Beginner United Kingdom Absolute Elsewhere
United States Absolute Ensemble Finland Absoluuttinen Nollapiste
France Abstrackt Keal Agram United States Abstract Rude
United States Abstract Rude + Tribe Unique United States Abstract Thought
South Africa Abstract Truth Mixed Nationality Abstract Void
Canada Abstress United States Absu
Belgium Absynthe Minded Morocco Abu Lahab
Serbia Abul Mogard United States Abunai!
United States Abuse. Germany Abwärts
Senegal Aby Ngana Diop Germany Abydos
Jamaica The Abyssinians United Kingdom A.C. Acoustics
Canada A.C. Newman United Kingdom A.C. Temple
Argentina Aca Seca Trio Canada Acab Rocky
United States The Acacia Strain Brazil Academia Da Berlinda
Ireland The Academic United States The Academy Is...
United Kingdom Academy Of St. Martin-In-The-Fields United States Acapulco Lips
United States Accelera Deck Germany Accept
United States Acceptance United States Access To Arasaka
Ireland Accident Du Travail United Kingdom The Accidental
United States The Accidentals Mixed Nationality Accordion Tribe
Italy Accordo Dei Contrari United States The Accüsed
Netherlands Acda En De Munnik Australia AC/DC
United Kingdom Ace United States Ace Frehley
United States Ace Hood United Kingdom The Ace Kefford Stand
Sweden Ace Of Base United States The Ace Of Cups
United States The Aces United States Acetone
United States Aceyalone United States Aceyalone And RJD2
United States Aceyalone With DJ Fat Jack Denmark Ache
Germany Achim Reichel United States Achromaticist
Germany Achterbahn D'Amour Belgium Acid
France Acid Arab United States Acid Bath
Japan Acid Black Cherry United States Acid Dad
Poland Acid Drinkers Japan Acid Eater
Italy Acid Folk Alleanza Sweden Acid House Kings
United States Acid King Japan Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmic Inferno
Japan Acid Mothers Temple And The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Germany Acid Pauli
United Kingdom Acid Reign Mixed Nationality The Acid
United Kingdom Acker Bilk United Kingdom Aclds
Japan ACO Israel Acollective
United Kingdom Acolytes Canada The Acorn
United Kingdom Acoustic Alchemy Japan Acoustic Asturias
United Kingdom Acoustic Ladyland Italy Acqua Fragile
United Kingdom Acre United Kingdom Acrimony
United States The Acro-Brats Sweden Acronym
Germany Across The Border Iran Across The Waves
Sweden A.C.T Mixed Nationality Act
Norway Act (No) United States Act Of Defiance
United States The Act Of Estimating As Worthless Portugal The Act-Ups
Germany Action United States Action Bronson
United States Action Bronson & Party Supplies United States Action Bronson & Statik Selektah
United Kingdom The Action United States Active Child
United Kingdom Actress United States Actual Wolf
United States ACxDC United States AD
Italy Ad Maiora Germany Ada
France Adagio United States Adam & Kris
United States Adam Again United Kingdom Adam And The Ants
United Kingdom Adam Ant United States Adam Carroll
United States Adam Daniel United Kingdom Adam F
United Kingdom Adam Faith United Kingdom Adam Franklin
United States Adam Gnade United States Adam Green
United States Adam Green & Binki Shapiro United States Adam Lambert
United States Adam Roberts United States Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures
United States Adam Sandler United States Adam Schmitt
United Kingdom Adam Stafford United States Adam Taylor
United States Adam Torres Burkina Faso Adama Dramé
United Kingdom Adamski Germany Adaro
United Kingdom Add N To (X) United Kingdom Addict
United States Addie Graham United Kingdom Addison Groove
United Kingdom Ade Fenton Ireland Adebisi Shank
Brazil Adelaide Chiozzo United Kingdom Adele
United States Adele Sebastian United States Adelitas Way
United Kingdom Adem United States Adema
Brazil Ademilde Fonseca United States Aden
United States Adeva United States Adia Victoria
Argentina Adicta United Kingdom The Adicts
United Kingdom Adiemus United Kingdom Admiral Fallow
Belgium Admiral Freebee Switzerland Admiral James T.
United States Admiral Radley United Kingdom Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell
United States Admit One United States Adolescents
United Kingdom Adolph Deutsch Brazil Adoniran Barbosa
United States A.D.O.R. United Kingdom Adorable
Brazil Adorável Clichê United States ADR
Canada Adraen Georgia Adramalech
Italy Adramelch United States Adrenalin O.D.
United States Adrenaline Mob United States Adrian Belew
Ireland Adrian Crowley Australia Adrian Klumpes
Slovakia Adrian Leaper / Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra United Kingdom Adrian Legg
United States Adrian Orange & Her Band United Kingdom Adrian Wagner
United States Adrian Younge United States Adrian Younge / Venice Dawn
Brazil Adriana Calcanhotto United States Adrianne Lenker
Italy Adriano Celentano Portugal Adriano Correia De Oliveira
United States Adron United States ADULT.
United Kingdom Adult Cinema United States The Adult Film Stars
United Kingdom Adult Jazz United States Adult Mom
United Kingdom Adult Net India Advaita
United States Advance Base United States The Advantage
United States Advent United Kingdom The Advent
Canada Adventure Club United States Adventures
United Kingdom Adventures In Stereo United Kingdom The Adventures
United Kingdom The Adverts United Kingdom The Advisory Circle
United Kingdom Adwaith United Kingdom Ady Suleiman
Greece Aenaon France Aeons
United States AER Germany Aera
United Kingdom Aereogramme United States Aerial M
United States Aero Flynn Belgium Aeroplane
Italy Aeroplanitaliani United States Aerosmith
United States Aesop Rock United States Aesop Rock & Homeboy Sandman
Denmark Æstetikkens Broderskab United States Aesthetic Perfection
United States Aethellis Brazil Aether
United States Æther Jag Mali Afel Bocoum
Mixed Nationality Afel Bocoum, Damon Albarn, Toumani Diabaté & Friends United Kingdom Affinity
Spain Affkt United States The Afghan Whigs
United States AFI United States Africa
Mali Africa Express Canada Africa Hitech
Italy Africa Unite Germany Africaine 808
Germany Africaine 808 Mixed Nationality African Head Charge
United States Africando United States Afrika Bambaataa And Family
United States Afrika Bambaataa And The Soul Sonic Force United States The Afrika Korps
United States Afrikan Sciences United States Afrique
Japan Afrirampo Mixed Nationality Afro Celt Sound System
Mixed Nationality Afrocubism Netherlands Afrojack
United States Afroman Japan Afropolice
United States Afroskull Poland After...
United States After 7 Hungary After Crying
Japan After Dinner Netherlands After Forever
Switzerland After Shave United Kingdom After The Fire
United States Afterglow Italy Afterhours
United Kingdom Afterlife United States Afterlives
United States The Afters United States Afu-Ra
United Kingdom AFX United States The A.G.'s
United States Against All Authority Mixed Nationality Against All Logic
United States Against Me! United States Against The Current
United States Agalloch Spain Agamenón
United States Agape France Agar Agar
United States Agarita Jamboree Hungary Agaskodo Teliverek
France Agathe Jazz Quartet Belgium Agathocles
Norway Åge Aleksandersen United Kingdom Age Of Chance
United Kingdom The Age Of L.U.N.A. United States Age Rings
Japan Agencement Finland Ageness
Sweden Agent Blå Sweden Agent Blå
Iceland Agent Fresco United States Agent Orange
United States Agent Ribbons United States Agent Steel
United States Agents Of Good Roots Sweden Agents Of Mercy
United States Agents Of Oblivion United States Ages And Ages
United States The Aggregation United States The Aggrolites
Sweden Aghast United States Aghora
United Kingdom Agincourt Germany Agitation Free
United States Agitpop Italy Aglaia
Brazil Agnaldo Rayol United States Agnarkea
United Kingdom Agnelli And Nelson Norway Agnes Buen Garnås & Jan Garbarek
Denmark Agnes Obel United Kingdom Agnes Strange
Sweden Agnetha Fältskog United States Agnostic Front
Mixed Nationality Agnostic Front & Discipline Canada Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir
Ghana Agongo Canada The Agonist
United Kingdom Agony Bag United States The Agony Family
United States Agoraphobic Nosebleed France Agoria
United States Agression Brazil Agridoce
Sweden Agrimonia United Kingdom Ags Connolly
Netherlands Agua De Annique Sweden Agusa
Mixed Nationality Agusti Fernandez And Mats Gustafsson Belgium Ah Cama-Sotz
United States The Ah Club Canada Ah Yeah No Maybe
Turkey Ah! Kosmos Germany Ahab
Germany Ahead To The Sea Benin Ahehehinnou Vincent & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Dahomey
United States Ahleuchatistas United States Ahmad Jamal
United States The Ahmad Jamal Trio United States Ahmed Abdul-Malik
India Ahmedjan Thirakwa United States Ahnnu
Netherlands Ahora Mazda Israel Ahvak
Norway Ai Phoenix Canada Aidan Baker
Canada Aidan Baker & Jakob Thiesen Canada Aidan Baker & The Infant Cycle
Canada Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker Canada Aidan Baker / Leah Buckareff / Nadja
Canada Aidan Baker With Richard Baker United Kingdom Aidan John Moffat
Canada Aidan Knight United Kingdom Aidan Moffat & The Best-ofs
United Kingdom Aidan Moffat / RM Hubbert United States Aiden
Japan Aiko Shimada United Kingdom Aim
United States Aimee Mann Italy Ain Soph
Mixed Nationality Aina Ireland Áine O'Dwyer
Germany Ainigma Spain Ainoxxxmachine
Australia Ainslie Wills Australia The Aints
France Air Mixed Nationality Air & Alessandro Baricco
United Kingdom Air Formation Sweden Air France
Germany Air Liquide United States Air Miami
Australia Air Supply United Kingdom Air Traffic
United States Air Traffic Controller United States Air (US)
Norway Airbag United States The Airborne Toxic Event
Australia Airbourne United States Aireline
Portugal Aires United States Airiel
New Zealand Airlord United Kingdom Airrace
United States Airs United Kingdom Airship
Canada Airtime Mixed Nationality Airto / Mickey Hart / Flora Purim
Brazil Airto Moreira United States Aisha Burns
Switzerland Aïsha Devi Morocco Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects
United States The Aislers Set Chile Aisles
France Aïwa United States Aix Em Klemm
United States A.J. Croce United Kingdom AJ Tracey
United States AJ Woods United Kingdom AJA
United States AJJ United States Ajna
United States Ajna With Dronny Darko United States Ajnabi
United States AJR United States AK 1200
China AK-47 France Ak Ak
Germany A.K. Klosowski & Pyrolator United States Akacia
United Kingdom Akala Malaysia Akar Umbi
United States Akasha System Japan Akeboshi
United Kingdom Akercocke France Akhenaton
United States Akhkharu Japan Aki Onda
Japan Aki Takahashi Mixed Nationality Aki Takase & Ayumi Paul
Mixed Nationality Aki Takase & David Murray Japan Aki Takase La Planete
Japan Aki Tsuyuko Japan Akiko Suwanai
Japan Akina Nakamori Chile Akinetón Retard
Korea, North Akio Suzuki Mixed Nationality Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda
Mixed Nationality Akio Suzuki & John Butcher Japan Akira Kosemura
United States Akira Rabelais Mixed Nationality Akira Sakata & Chikamorachi With Masahiko Satoh
Japan Akira Takasaki United States Akissforjersey
Switzerland Akku Quintet United States Akon
France Akphaezya Sweden Akribi
Greece Akritas United States Akron/Family
United States Akron/Family & Angels Of Light Belgium Aksak Maboul
Italy AKT Germany Aktion Sägewerk
United States Akua Naru Canada Akufen
Poland Akurat Japan Akutagawa
United States Al B. Sure! United States Al Caiola
Jamaica Al Campbell United States Al Cohn & Jimmy Rowles
United States Al Di Meola United States Al Di Meola Project
Mixed Nationality Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin & Paco de Lucía Italy Al Doum & The Faryds
United States Al Green United States Al Haig
United States Al Jarreau United Kingdom Al Jones
United States Al Kooper United States Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield
United Kingdom A.L. Lloyd United Kingdom A.L. Lloyd / Anne Briggs / Frankie Armstrong
United States Al Martino Saudi Arabia Al-Namrood
United Kingdom Al Stewart United States Al Wilson
United States Alabama United Kingdom Alabama 3
Netherlands Alabama Kids United States Alabama Shakes
United States Alabama Thunderpussy Canada Alacie Tullaugaq & Lucy Amarualik
Canada Alaclair Ensemble Brazil Aláfia
Brazil Alaíde Costa France Alain Barriere
France Alain Bashung France Alain Bashung & Chloé Mons
France Alain Boublil & Claude-Michel Schönberg France Alain Goraguer
Chile Alain Johannes France Alain Kan
France Alain Markusfeld Reunion Alain Peters
France Alain Souchon France Alain Souchon & Laurent Voulzy
Finland Alamaailman Vasarat Poland Alameda 5
Poland Alameda Duo Spain Alameda (ES)
Netherlands Alamo Race Track China Alan
United Kingdom Alan Clare Trio United States The Alan Franklin Explosion
United States Alan Howarth United Kingdom Alan Hull
United States Alan Jackson United States Alan Jay Lerner / Frederick Loewe
Australia Alan Lamb United States Alan Licht
United States Alan Menken Canada Alan Mills
Canada Alan Mills & The Shanty Men Malawi Alan Namoko And Chimvu Jazz
United Kingdom Alan Neilson United Kingdom Alan Parsons
United Kingdom The Alan Parsons Project United Kingdom Alan Price
France Alan Silva And The Celestrial Communication Orchestra United States Alan Silvestri
Italy Alan Sorrenti France Alan Stivell
United States Alan Vega United States Alan Vega, Alex Chilton & Ben Vaughn
United Kingdom Alan Watts United States Alana Davis
Canada Alanis Morissette Canada Alannah Myles
United States The Alarm Clocks United States Alarm Will Sound
United Kingdom The Alarm United Kingdom Alasdair Roberts
United Kingdom Alasdair Roberts & Friends United Kingdom Alasdair Roberts & James Green
United Kingdom Alasdair Roberts & Robin Robertson United Kingdom Alasdair Roberts, Amble Skuse & David McGuinness
United States Alaska Thunderfuck Spain Alaska Y Dinarama
Spain Alaska Y Los Pegamoides United Kingdom Alastair McDonald
United Kingdom Alaura Austria Alban Berg Quartett
Austria Alban Berg Quartett / Heinrich Schiff Germany Albatros
United States An Albatross United States Albert Ammons
United States Albert Ayler United States Albert Ayler & Don Cherry
Mixed Nationality Albert Ayler / Don Cherry / John Tchicai / Roswell Rudd / Gary Peacock / Sonny Murray United States Albert Ayler Quartet
United States Albert Ayler Quintet United States Albert Collins
United States Albert Collins And The Icebreakers United States Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland, Robert Cray
United States Albert Cummings United Kingdom Albert Hammond
United States Albert Hammond, Jr. Finland Albert Järvinen
United States Albert King United States Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan
Russia Albert Kuvezin And Yat-Kha United Kingdom Albert Lee
Germany Albert Mangelsdorff Mixed Nationality Albert Mangelsdorff & Lee Konitz
Mixed Nationality Albert Mangelsdorff / Jaco Pastorius / Alphonse Mouzon Germany The Albert Mangelsdorff Quintet
Mixed Nationality Albert Mangelsdorff, John Surman France Albert Marcoeur
Spain Albert Pla United Kingdom Alberta Cross
United States Alberta Hunter Italy Alberto Baldan Bembo
Italy Alberto Fortis Spain Alberto Iglesias
Brazil Alberto Salgado Italy Alberto Veronesi / Guido Cantelli Orchestra
United Kingdom Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias Spain Albertucho
France Albin De La Simone Poland Albion
United Kingdom The Albion Band Italy Alborosie
United States The Album Leaf Germany Alcatraz
United States Alcatrazz France Alcest
Brazil Alceu Valença Brazil Alceu Valença & Geraldo Azevedo
Brazil Alceu Valença / Elba Ramalho / Geraldo Azevedo / Zé Ramalho Australia Alchemist (AU)
United States The Alchemist United States Alcian Blue
Brazil Alcides Gerardi Brazil Alcione
Brazil Aldan France Aldebert
Venezuela Aldemaro Romero United Kingdom Alden Patterson And Dashwood
Italy Aldo Ciccolini Italy Aldo Clementi
Canada Aldo Nova Italy Aldo Romano
New Zealand Aldous Harding New Zealand Alec Bathgate
Germany Alec Empire United States Aleister X
United States Alejandro Escovedo Spain Alejandro Sanz
Benin Alekpehanhou Serbia Aleksandra Maslovaric
Finland Aleksi Perälä United States Alela Diane
United States Alesana United Kingdom Alesha Dixon
France Alesia Cosmos Brazil Alessandra Leão
Italy Alessandro Alessandroni Italy Alessandro Cortini
Mixed Nationality Alessandro Cortini / Kevin Drumm / Lussuria / Regis / Prurient United Kingdom Alessi's Ark
Canada Alessia Cara Sweden Alesso
United Kingdom Alestorm Norway Alex
Chile Alex & Daniel Chile Alex Anwandter
Italy Alex Argento United States Alex Bleeker And The Freaks
United States Alex Brown Australia Alex Cameron
Italy Alex Carpani Band United States Alex Chilton
United Kingdom Alex Clare United Kingdom Alex Day
Italy Alex Dolby United States Alex Ebert
United States Alex G (Giannascoli) United Kingdom Alex Gardner
Puerto Rico Alex Gárgolas United States Alex Greenwald
United Kingdom Alex Harvey United Kingdom Alex Hepburn
Australia Alex Hood Ghana Alex Konadu
Ghana Alex Konadu's International Band Australia Alex Lahey
Canada Alex Lifeson Australia Alex Lloyd
Mexico Alex Lora Y El Tri United Kingdom Alex Lucas & Olan Mill
Germany Alex Niggeman United States Alex North
United Kingdom Alex Reece Australia Alex The Astronaut
United Kingdom Alex Turner United Kingdom Alex Ward
United States Alex Winston Puerto Rico Alex Zurdo
United States Alexa Rose Russia Alexander Anissimov / Moscow Symphony Orchestra
Australia Alexander Biggs France Alexander Brailowsky
United States Alexander Courage United Kingdom Alexander Hawkins
Germany Alexander Lonquich Russia Alexander Melnikov
United States Alexander O'Neal Italy Alexander Robotnick
Norway Alexander Rybak Russia Alexander Scriabin
Canada Alexander Spence United Kingdom Alexander Tucker
United Kingdom Alexander Tucker Germany Alexander Von Schlippenbach
Germany Alexander Von Schlippenbach Trio Spain AlexanderPlatz
Germany Alexandra United Kingdom Alexandra Burke
United States Alexandra Savior Romania Alexandra Stan
Canada Alexandra Stréliski France Alexandre Desplat
France Alexandre Navarro Mixed Nationality Alexandre Vrac AV / Eazy-E
United States Alexandria United Kingdom Alexi Murdoch
Puerto Rico Alexis & Fido United States Alexis Georgopoulos & Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
United Kingdom Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated United Kingdom Alexis Taylor
Canada Alexisonfire Norway Alf Cranner
Norway Alf Prøysen United Kingdom Alfa Mist
Croatia (Hrvatska) Alfi Kabiljo & Milan Grgić United Kingdom Alfie
United Kingdom Alfie Templeman Italy Alfio Antico
Austria Alfred Brendel Austria Alfred Brendel / London Philharmonic Orchestra / Bernard Haitink
United States Alfred Newman Mixed Nationality Alfred Schnittke
Uruguay Alfredo Zitarrosa Sweden Älgarnas Trädgård
United States Algebra Suicide United States Algernon Cadwallader
United States Algiers Gambia, The Alhaji Bai Konte
Gambia, The Alhaji Bai Konte / Dembo Konte / Ma Lamini Jobate Bangladesh Ali Akbar Khan
Mixed Nationality Ali Akbar Khan & Ravi Shankar Australia Ali Barter
Mali Ali Farka Touré Mali Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté
Mixed Nationality Ali Farka Touré With Ry Cooder United Kingdom Ali Ferguson
Iran Ali G-Daal Egypt Ali Hassan Kuban
Slovakia Ali Ibn Rachid Ethiopia Ali Mohammed Birra
United Kingdom Ali Murray United States Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge
Iran Ali Sorena United States The Alialujah Choir
United States Alias Russia Alias Eye
United States Alias (Hip Hop) Italy Alice
Sweden Alice Boman Brazil Alice Caymmi
United States Alice Clark United States Alice Coltrane
United States Alice Coltrane And Carlos Santana United States Alice Cooper
Netherlands Alice DeeJay United States Alice Donut
United States Alice Gerrard United States Alice In Chains
Mixed Nationality Alice Merton United States Alice Peacock
South Africa Alice Phoebe Lou United States Alice Smith
United States Alice Wallace Argentina Alicia
Spain Alicia De Larrocha United States Alicia Keys
Sweden Alien United States Alien Ant Farm
United Kingdom Alien Sex Fiend New Zealand Alien Weaponry
United States Aliens United Kingdom The Aliens
Germany Alin Coen Band Mixed Nationality Alina Baraz & Galimatias
Lithuania Alina Orlova France Aline
Italy Alio Die Italy Alio Die & Aglaia
Mixed Nationality Alio Die & Sylvi Alli Brazil Alipio Martins
Iran Alireza JJ, Sijal & Nasim Venezuela Alirio Díaz
United Kingdom Alisha's Attic United Kingdom Alison Cotton
United States Alison Krauss United States Alison Krauss And The Cox Family
United States Alison Krauss And Union Station United States Alison May
United Kingdom Alison Moyet United States Alison Pipitone
United Kingdom Alison Statton & Spike United States Alison's Halo
United Kingdom Alistair Anderson France Alizée
United States Alkaline Trio Germany Alkaloid
United States All United States All-4-One
United Kingdom All About Eve United States All Day Sucker
Germany All Diese Gewalt United States All Dogs
United States All Get Out United States All Girl Summer Fun Band
Australia All India Radio Australia All India Radio & Josh Roydhouse
Australia All India Radio With Steve Kilbey And Martin Kennedy United States All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors
Australia All Our Exes Live In Texas United States All People
United States All Pigs Must Die United Kingdom All Saints
United Kingdom The All Seeing I United States All Shall Perish
United States All Sons & Daughters United States All Star United
Germany All That Blue United States All That Remains
Russia All The Cold United Kingdom All The Young
United States All Them Witches United States All Time Low
United States ¡All-Time Quarterback! Italy All Traps On Earth
United Kingdom All We Are United States The All-American Rejects
United States Allah-Las United Kingdom Allan Clarke
Sweden Allan Edwall United Kingdom Allan Holdsworth
United Kingdom Allan Holdsworth & Gordon Beck Canada Allan Rayman
United Kingdom Allan Taylor United States Allegaeon
United States Allele United States Allen Collins Band
United States Allen Ginsberg United States Allen Toussaint
Norway The Aller Værste! United States The Alley Cats
Belgium Allez Allez France Alliance Ethnik
Canada Allie X United States Allison Crutchfield
United States Allison Iraheta United States Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom
United States Allison Moorer United States Allison Weiss
United States Allister United States Allman And Woman
United States The Allman Brothers Band Featuring Jerry Garcia United States The Allman Brothers Band
United Kingdom Allo Darlin' Australia Allomerus
United States The Allstonians United States Alltta
Australia The Allusions United States Alluvial
Australia Allysha Joy Italy Almamegretta
Spain Almas Humildes Argentina Almendra
United States Almighty Do Me A Favor United Kingdom The Almighty
Brazil Almir Guineto Brazil Almir Sater
United States The Almost United States Aloe Blacc
Norway Alog United States Aloha
Brazil Aloísio Figueiredo United States ALOKE
United States Alon Nechushtan And Talat United States Alone.
United Kingdom The Aloof Sweden Alpaca Sports
United Kingdom Alpha United Kingdom Alpha & Omega
Ivory Coast Alpha Blondy Denmark Alphabeat
Australia Alphabette Italy Alphataurus
Germany Alphaville United States Alphonse Mouzon
United States Alphonso Johnson Australia Alpine
Denmark The Alpine United States The Alps
Netherlands Alquin Germany Alrakis
Denmark Alrune Rod Sudan Alsarah & The Nubatones
United States Also United Kingdom Also Eden
United Kingdom ∆ (alt-J) Mixed Nationality Alta Madera
Brazil Altamiro Carrilho Ireland Altan
Ireland Altar Of Plagues Spain Altarage
United States Alter Bridge Italy Alter Ego
United States Alter Natives United Kingdom Altered Images
United States Altered State United Kingdom Altern8
United Kingdom Alternative United Kingdom Alternative TV
Jamaica Althea & Donna Netherlands Altin Gün
Jamaica Alton Ellis France Aluk Todolo
United States The Aluminum Group United Kingdom AlunaGeorge
Italy Alusa Fallax Germany Alva Noto
Mixed Nationality Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto United States Alvarius B. / Sir Richard Bishop
Chile Alvaro Peña-Rojas United States Alvin & The Chipmunks
United States Alvin Band United States Alvin Curran
United Kingdom Alvin Lee United Kingdom Alvin Lee & Ten Years After
United Kingdom Alvin Lee & Ten Years Later Mixed Nationality Alvin Lee And Mylon LeFevre
United States Alvin Lucier United States Alvin Youngblood Hart
Canada Alvvays United States Always August
United States Aly & AJ Norway Alzheimer / Silverspurs
Brazil Alzira E Brazil Alzira Espíndola
United States AM United States Ama Divers
Spain Amable Rodríguez Mali Amadou & Mariam
Burkina Faso Amadou Balaké Mauritania Amadou Binta Konté & Tidiane Thiam
Senegal Amadou Diagne Gambia, The Amadu Bansang Jobarteh
Spain Amaia Montero Nigeria Amala Dede Okoh And His United Brothers Band Of Nigeria
Mixed Nationality Amália & Don Byas Portugal Amália Rodrigues
Zambia Amanaz United States Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters
Sweden Amanda Bergman United States Amanda Blank
United Kingdom Amanda Ghost Mixed Nationality Amanda Lear
Sweden Amanda Mair Canada Amanda Marshall
United States Amanda Palmer United States Amanda Pearcy
United States Amanda Shires France Amanda Woodward
Sweden Amandine Spain Amaral
Sweden Amaranthe Italy Amari
Mexico Amarok Sweden Amason
Spain Amatria United Kingdom The Amazing Band
United Kingdom Amazing Blondel United States The Amazing Rhythm Aces
United Kingdom The Amazing Snakeheads Sweden The Amazing
United Kingdom The Amazons United Kingdom Amazulu
Mixed Nationality Ambarchi / Fennesz / Pimmon / Rehberg / Rowe Mixed Nationality Ambarchi / O'Malley / Dunn
Netherlands Amber Arcades United States Amber Asylum
United States Amber Coffman United States Amber Digby
United States Amber London United States Amber Mark
United States Amber Pacific United Kingdom Amber Run
United States Ambersmoke United States The Ambient Light
United States Ambient Temple Of Imagination United States Ambient Theology
Italy Ambienti Coassiali United States Ambitious Lovers
United States The Amboy Dukes United States Ambrose Akinmusire
United Kingdom Ambrose Slade United States Ambrosia
Ireland Ambulance United States Ambulance Ltd
Germany Âme Germany Amé Toki
United Kingdom Amebix Italy Amélie Gavaudò
United States Amen United Kingdom Amen Corner
United States Amen Dunes Germany Amenophis
Belgium Amenra Mixed Nationality America
United States The American Analog Set United States American Aquarium
United States American Authors United States American Babies
United States American Blues United States The American Dollar
United States American Football United States American Head Charge
United States American Hi-Fi United States The American Jazz Orchestra / Benny Carter
United States American Music Club United States American Nightmare
United States American Pleasure Club United States The American Scene
United States American Spring United States The American Wake
United States American Wrestlers United States The Americans
United States Amerie United States Amerigo Gazaway
United States The Ames Brothers France Amesoeurs
Austria Amestigon Norway Amethystium
Japan Ametsub Israel Ami Shavit
Japan Ami Yoshida & Toshimaru Nakamura Italy Amia Venera Landscape
United States Amigo The Devil Germany Amigos
United States Amii Stewart Iceland Amiina
Morocco Amina Alaoui United States Aminé
Tunisia Amine Bouhafa United States Amiri Baraka With Sun Ra And The Myth Science Arkestra
United States Amish Rage Spain Amistades Peligrosas
Australia The Amity Affliction India Amjad Ali Khan
United Kingdom AMM Tunisia Ammar 808
Mixed Nationality Ammer / Einheit Mit Pan Sonic Und Gry / Günter Rüger Australia Ammonia
Belgium Amnesia Finland Amnesia Scanner
United States Amnesty United States Amo Joy
Sweden Amon Amarth Germany Amon Düül
Mixed Nationality Amon Düül 2 Germany Amon Düül II
United Kingdom Amon Duul With Robert Calvert Brazil Amon Tobin
United States Among The Oak & Ash Belgium Amongster
United Kingdom Amor United Kingdom Amor De Días
Portugal Amor Electro United Kingdom The Amorettes
Finland Amorphis United Kingdom Amorphous Androgynous
United States Amos Lee United States Amos Milburn
Canada Amos The Transparent United Kingdom Amp
United States Amp Fiddler Spain Amparanoia
Mexico Amparo Ochoa Spain Amparo Sánchez
United Kingdom The Amphetameanies United Kingdom Amplifier
Argentina Amplis United States Amps For Christ
United States Amps For Christ / Winters In Osaka And Eric Wood United States The Amps
Italy Amuleto United States Amulets
Christmas Island Amun Dragoon United Kingdom Amusement Parks On Fire
Belgium aMute United States Amy Annelle
United States Amy Denio United States Amy Grant
United States Amy Grokowsky United States Amy Helm
United States Amy LaVere United Kingdom Amy MacDonald
United States Amy O United States Amy Ray
United States Amy Rigby Australia Amy Shark
United States Amy Speace United Kingdom Amy Studt
United Kingdom Amy Winehouse United States Amy X Neuburg
Australia Amyl And The Sniffers Canada Amylie
Japan An Cafe Spain Ana Belén
Spain Ana Belén & Víctor Manuel Brazil Ana Cañas
Brazil Ana Carolina Brazil Ana Frango Elétrico
Mexico Ana Gabriel Germany Ana Jikia
Brazil Ana Lúcia Portugal Ana Moura
Brazil Ana Paula Da Silva Serbia Ana Popovic
United Kingdom Ana Silvera France Ana Tijoux
Spain Ana Torroja United Kingdom Anaal Nathrakh
United States Anacrusis United States Anah Aevia
France Anaïs United States Anaïs Mitchell
United States Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer Israel Anakdota
United States Anal Cunt United States Analog Missionary
United States Analog Rebellion United States Analog Son
Germany Analogy Canada ANAMAI
United States Anamanaguchi Poland Anamor
India Ananda Shankar Mixed Nationality The Ananda Shankar Experience And State Of Bengal
Poland Ananke United States Anarbor
United States Anasarca United States Anastacia
United States Anastasia Screamed United Kingdom Anat Ben David
United States Anat Cohen Israel Anat Fort
United States Anathallo United Kingdom Anathema
Brazil Anavitória United States Anawan Rock
United States Anberlin United States Ancestors
Brazil Ancesttral United States Anchor & Braille
United Kingdom The Anchoress Norway Ancient
United States Ancient Cat Society United Kingdom Ancient Grease
United States Ancient Lights Germany Ancst
United Kingdom And All Because The Lady Loves... United Kingdom And Also The Trees
Germany And One United Kingdom And So I Watch You From Afar
Germany And The Golden Choir United Kingdom And Why Not?
United States ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead China Anda Union
United States Andain United States Anders
United States Anders & Poncia Sweden Anders Eby / Mikaeli Kammarkör / Rebaroque
Sweden Anders Glenmark Sweden Anders Ilar
Sweden Anders Osborne Sweden Anders Widmark & Sara Isaksson
Mixed Nationality Andersen Laine Readman United Kingdom Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
United States Anderson East United States Anderson .Paak
Mixed Nationality Anderson Ponty Band Mixed Nationality Anderson/Stolt
United Kingdom Anderson/Wakeman Germany Andhim
South Africa Andile Yenana Hungary Ando Drom
United States Andra Day United States Andraé Crouch & The Disciples
United States André 3000 France André Almuró
France André Almuro / Jean Genet / Mouloudji Brazil André Christovam
Mixed Nationality André Cluytens / Orchestre De La Société Des Concerts Du Conservatoire Et Al Mixed Nationality André Cluytens / Orchestre Et Choeur Du Théâtre National De L'Opéra-Comique
Mixed Nationality André Cluytens / Paris Conservatoire Orchestra Mixed Nationality Andre De Ridder & Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin
Mixed Nationality André De Ridder / Copenhagen Philharmonic Austria Andre Heller
Cameroon André-Marie Tala France Andre Popp
United States André Previn Mixed Nationality André Previn / Herb Ellis / Shelly Manne / Ray Brown
Mixed Nationality André Previn / London Symphony Orchestra Mixed Nationality Andre Previn / London Symphony Orchestra / Gil Shaham
Mixed Nationality André Previn / London Symphony Orchestra / Radu Lupu Netherlands Andre Rieu
Germany André Szigethy Germany Andrea Belfi
Germany Andrea Berg Italy Andrea Bocelli
United States Andrea Gibson Italy Andrea Laszlo De Simone
Mixed Nationality Andrea Neumann & Bonnie Jones Germany Andrea Neumann & Burkhard Beins
United Kingdom Andrea Parker Argentina Andrea Pensado
United States Andrea Polli Germany Andrea Schroeder
Germany Andreas Bourani Germany Andreas Dorau
Sweden Andreas Johnson Greece Andreas Skouras
Sweden Andreas Söderström Solo Germany Andreas Staier
Sweden Andreas Tilliander Switzerland Andreas Vollenweider
Brazil Andrei Machado Argentina Andrés Calamaro
Spain Andrés Segovia Iceland Andrew
United States Andrew Bayer United States Andrew Belle
United States Andrew Bernstein United States Andrew Bird
United States Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire United States Andrew Broder
Canada Andrew Cash United Kingdom Andrew Chalk
United Kingdom Andrew Chalk & Tom James Scott United States Andrew Combs
United Kingdom Andrew Cronshaw United States Andrew Cyrille
United States Andrew Cyrille / Jeanne Lee / Jimmy Lyons United States Andrew Gold
United States Andrew Hale United States Andrew Hill
United States Andrew Kenny & Ben Gibbard United Kingdom Andrew Lahiff
United States Andrew Leahey & The Homestead United Kingdom Andrew Lloyd Webber
United Kingdom Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice United Kingdom Andrew Matheson & The Brats
United States Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness United States Andrew Morgan
United Kingdom Andrew Oldham Orchestra And Chorus United Kingdom The Andrew Oldham Orchestra
Uzbekistan Andrew Pekler United States Andrew Peterson
United Kingdom Andrew Poppy United Kingdom Andrew Roachford
United States Andrew Rudin Australia Andrew Stockdale
United States Andrew Wartts & The Gospel Storytellers United Kingdom Andrew Weatherall
United States Andrew W.K. Mixed Nationality Andrey Boreyko / London Philharmonic Orchestra
United Kingdom Andreya Triana Hungary Android
United Kingdom Androids Of Mu United Kingdom The Androids (UK)
Australia The Androids Sweden Andromeda
United Kingdom Andromeda (UK) Poland Andrzej Korzyński
Poland Andrzej Kurylewicz Poland Andrzej Kurylewicz Quintet
Poland Andrzej Markowski / Chorus And Symphony Orchestra Of The National Philhamonic, Warsaw Poland Andrzej Trzaskowski
Poland The Andrzej Trzaskowski Quintet United Kingdom Andy Bell
United States Andy Bey United States Andy Black
United Kingdom Andy Bole United Kingdom Andy Burrows
United States Andy Cooper United Kingdom Andy Cutting
United Kingdom Andy Fairweather Low United Kingdom Andy Fraser
United States Andy Gibb Germany Andy Giorbino
United States Andy Hackbarth United States Andy Hill & Renee Safier
United Kingdom Andy Irvine United Kingdom Andy Irvine And Paul Brady
United Kingdom Andy Jackson United Kingdom Andy Mackay
United States Andy McKee United Kingdom Andy McLaughlin
United States Andy Mineo United States Andy Narell ‎
Belize Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective United Kingdom Andy Pawlack
United States Andy Pratt Canada Andy Shauf
United States Andy Sheldon United Kingdom Andy Sheppard
Mixed Nationality Andy Sheppard Quartet United Kingdom Andy Stott
United Kingdom Andy Summers United Kingdom Andy Summers And Robert Fripp
Sweden Andy Walo United States Andy West With Rama
United Kingdom Andy White United States Andy Williams
United Kingdom Andy Yorke United States Andy Zwerling
Japan Andymori Norway Ane Brun
Denmark Ane Trolle Sweden Anekdoten
Brazil Anelis Assumpção Canada Anemone
Germany Anemonengurt United States Anenon
Greece Anestis Logothetis Sweden Anette Olzon
United States Anew Revolution United States Angaleena Presley
France Ange United States Angel
United States Angel Bat Dawid Germany Angel Dust
United States Angel Haze South Africa Angel-Ho
United States Angel Olsen United Kingdom Angel Pavement
Spain Angel Stanich Dominican Republic Angel Viloria Y Su Conjunto Típico Cibaeño
United States Angel Vivaldi United Kingdom Angel Witch
Japan Angel'in Heavy Syrup Mixed Nationality Angel's Breath
United States Angela Bofill Portugal Angela Brito
Brazil Angela Maria United Kingdom Angela McCluskey
United Kingdom Angela Morley Brazil Ângela Rô Rô
Belgium Angèle Canada Angèle Dubeau & La Pietà
United States Angelfire United Kingdom Angelfish
United States Angelhead United States The Angelic Process
United Kingdom Angelic Upstarts United Kingdom Angelica
Benin Angélique Kidjo Philippines AngelitoMacapagal
United States Angelo Badalamenti Italy Angelo Branduardi
United States Angelo De Augustine France Angelo Debarre
France Angelo Debarre / Ludovic Beier France Angelo Debarre / Tchavolo Schmitt
United States Angelo Spencer Et Les Hauts Sommets United States Angels & Airwaves
Australia The Angels (AU) United States Angels Fall
United States Angels In America / Weyes Blood United States Angels Of Light
Spain Angelus Apatrida Australia Angie
Australia Angie Hart United States Angie Stone
France Angil & B R OAD WAY France Angil & Hiddentracks
Sweden Änglagård Sweden Angles 9
Brazil Angra United States Angry Salad
United States Angry Samoans United States Angst
United States Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase United States Anguish
Finland Anguished Australia Angus & Julia Stone
United States Angus MacLise United States Angus MacLise & Tony Conrad
United States Angus MacLise / Tony Conrad / Jack Smith United States Angus Mohr
Australia Angus Stone United States Ani DiFranco
Poland Ania Dąbrowska United Kingdom Anika
Cuba Anima Mundi Hungary Anima Sound System
United States Animal Collective Germany Animal Crakers
Canada Animal Faces United States Animal Flag
United States Animal Flag United States Animals As Leaders
United Kingdom Animals That Swim United Kingdom The Animals
Germany Animato Spain Animic
United States Animosity United States Animotion
Brazil Anisio Silva United States Anita Baker
United States The Anita Kerr Singers Australia Anita Lane
United States Anita O'Day Norway Anja Garbarek
United Kingdom Anjali United States Anjani Thomas
United States Anjou Canada Anjulie
United States Ann Beretta Sweden Ann-Margret
United States Ann Peebles United States Ann Steel
United States Ann Wilson United States Anna & Elizabeth
Switzerland Anna Aaron Italy Anna Arazzini
United States Anna Burch United Kingdom Anna Calvi
Italy Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy Italy Anna Caterina Antonacci
Italy Anna Cinzia Villani Japan Anna Domino
Finland Anna Eriksson Germany Anna Gardeck
Sweden Anna Högberg Attack United States Anna Homler/Steve Moshier
Sweden Anna Järvinen New Zealand Anna Lockwood
Poland Anna Maria Jopek & Pat Metheny United Kingdom Anna Meredith
United Kingdom Anna Meredith & Scottish Ensemble United States Anna Nalick
Russia Anna Netrebko Norway Anna Of The North
United States Anna Oxygen Finland Anna Puu
Spain Anna Ricci & Andrés Lewin-Richter Sweden Anna Själv Tredje
United States Anna St. Louis Sweden Anna Ternheim
Sweden Anna Von Hausswolff United States Anna Waronker
United States Anna Wise United Kingdom Annabel Lamb
United States Annabel (lee) Poland Annalist
India Annapurna Devi Norway Annbjørg Lien
United Kingdom Anne Briggs United Kingdom Anne Clark
United Kingdom Anne Clark & Martyn Bates Mixed Nationality Anne Clark & Murat Parlak
United Kingdom Anne Dudley United Kingdom Anne Dudley And Jaz Coleman
Norway Anne Grete Preus United States Anne Guthrie
United States Anne Guthrie / Richard Kamerman Denmark Anne Linnet
Denmark Anne Linnet & Marquis De Sade Denmark Anne Linnet Band
United Kingdom Anne-Marie Canada Anne Murray
Mixed Nationality Anne Murray & Glen Campbell France Anne Paceo
France Anne Pigalle United Kingdom Anne Shelton
Sweden Anne Sofie Von Otter Germany Anne-Sophie Mutter
Mixed Nationality Anne-Sophie Mutter / Lambert Orkis Netherlands Anneke Van Giersbergen
Germany AnnenMayKantereit Jamaica Annette Brissett
United States Annette Funicello Mixed Nationality Annette Krebs & Taku Unami
Mixed Nationality Annette Krebs / Toshimaru Nakamura United States Annette Peacock
Germany Annex5 Germany Annexus Quam
Spain Anni B. Sweet United States Anni Rossi
Norway Annie United States Annie Hardy
United Kingdom Annie Haslam United Kingdom Annie Lennox
Pakistan Annie (PK) United Kingdom Annie Ross
Mixed Nationality Annie Ross & Zoot Sims United Kingdom Annie Ross / The Tony Kinsey Quintet
United Kingdom Annie Ross With The Tony Crombie 4-Tet Canada Annihilator
United States The Anniversary Norway Annot Rhul
United Kingdom ANOHNI Japan Anoice
United States Anonymous Canada Anonymus
France Anoraak United Kingdom Another Sunny Day
Tunisia Anouar Brahem Netherlands Anouk
India Anoushka Shankar Mexico Ansia
United Kingdom Ansome Finland Anssi Tikanmäki
Germany Answer Code Request United Kingdom The Answer
United Kingdom Ant Canada An Ant And An Atom
United States Ant-Bee United States Ant Trip Ceremony
United Kingdom Antal Dorati / London Symphony Orchestra Mixed Nationality Antal Dorati / Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra / London Symphony Orchestra
United States Antarctica United States Antarctica Vs. The World
United States Antarctigo Vespucci Italy Antarte
United States Anteloper United States Antemasque
France Antena United States Antenna
United States Anteros Bullet Japan Anthem
United Kingdom Anthem Of The Century United States Anthony Braxton
Mixed Nationality Anthony Braxton & Derek Bailey United States Anthony Braxton & George Lewis
United States Anthony Braxton & Taylor Ho Bynum United Kingdom Anthony Child
United States Anthony Davis Ireland Anthony Furey & The Young Folk
Canada Anthony Gomes United States Anthony Green
United States Anthony Hamilton Trinidad and Tobago Anthony Joseph
Mixed Nationality Anthony Joseph And The Spasm Band United Kingdom Anthony Lewis / English Chamber Orchestra
United Kingdom Anthony Moore United States Anthony Naples
United Kingdom Anthony Pappa United Kingdom Anthony Phillips
United Kingdom Anthony Phillips & Harry Williamson Jamaica Anthony Red Rose & King Kong
United States Anthony Shake Shakir United Kingdom Anthony Thistlethwaite
United States Anthony Williams United States Anthony Wilson
United States Anthrax United States The Anthropophobia Project
United Kingdom Anthroprophh United States Anti
Sweden Anti-Cimex United States Anti-Lilly & Phoniks
United Kingdom Anti-Nowhere League Croatia (Hrvatska) Anti Otpad
United Kingdom Anti-Pasti United States Anti-Pop Consortium
United States Anti-Flag United States Antibalas
Germany Antichrisis United States Antidote
Netherlands Antidote (NE) United States Antietam
Poland Antigama United Kingdom Antimatter
Lithuania Antis United States Antje Duvekot
United States The Antlers Netherlands Antoine Beuger
United States Antoine Bradford Congo Antoine Moundanda
Austria Anton Karas Austria Anton Karas, Gertrud Huber
Russia Anton Maskeliade Italy Antonello Venditti
Mixed Nationality Antoni Ros-Marbà / Netherlands Chamber Orchestra / Jean-Jacques Kantorow Spain Antònia Font
Germany Antonia Maaß Brazil Antonio Carlos & Jocafi
Brazil Antônio Carlos Jobim Brazil Antonio Carlos Jobim & Elis Regina
Brazil Antonio Carlos Jobim And Luiz Floriano Bonfá Mixed Nationality Antonio De Almeida / London Symphony Orchestra
Spain Antonio Flores Italy Antonio Forcione
Italy Antonio Janigro Spain Antonio Orozco
Mixed Nationality Antonio Pappano / La Monnaie Theatre Orchestra & Chorus Mixed Nationality Antonio Pappano / Orchestra, Coro E Voci Bianche Dell'Accademia Nazionale Di Santa Cecilia / Anna Netrebko / Ian Bostridge / Thomas Hampson
Mexico Antonio Sánchez Chile Antonio Smith
Portugal António Variações Spain Antonio Vega
Italy Antonius Rex Mixed Nationality Antony And The Johnsons
Dominican Republic Antony Santos United States Antsy Pants
Finland Antti Tuisku United States Antwon
India Anu Malik Lithuania Anubi
Australia Anubis United States Anubis Spire
Canada Anvil United Kingdom Any Trouble
United States Anya Marina United States Anymore
United Kingdom Anyone Can Be Eno Germany Anyone's Daughter
Australia The Anyones United States Anything Box
United States Anything Goes 1962 Broadway Revival Cast United Kingdom The Anyways
Sweden Anywhen United States Aoife O'Donovan
France AOR United States Aorta
United States Apache Dropout United States The Apache Relay
Brazil Apanhador Só Chile Aparato Raro
Czech Republic Apart Aside Spain Apartamentos Acapulco
United Kingdom Apartment United Kingdom Apartment 26
India Apartment Zero Australia The Apartments
United States Apathy United States Apathy & O.C.
Netherlands Apator United Kingdom APB
Israel Aperco United States Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory
United Kingdom Apes, Pigs & Spacemen United Kingdom Aphex Twin
Greece Aphrodite's Child France Apocalypse (FR)
Finland Apocalyptica Germany Apogee
Greece Apolis United Kingdom Apollo 440
United States Apollo Brown United States Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson
United States Apollo Brown & OC United States Apollo Brown & Planet Asia
United States Apollo Brown & Ras Kass United States Apollo Brown & Skyzoo
United States The Apollo Stars United States Apologetix
United Kingdom Apologies, I Have None Germany Apoptose
Norway Apoptygma Berzerk Macedonia Aporea
Canada Apostle Of Hustle Nigeria The Apostles (NG)
Italy Apoteosi Germany Apparat
Mixed Nationality Apparatjik Switzerland Appearance of Nothing
Finland Appendix United Kingdom Appendix Out
United Kingdom Apple United States The Apple Pie Motherhood Band
United States The Apples in Stereo Israel The Apples
United States The Appleseed Cast United States The Appletree Theatre
United States Applewood Road United Kingdom Appliance
Sweden April Divine United States April March
Mixed Nationality April March & Aquaserge United States April March And Los Cincos
Canada An April March Ukraine April Rain
United States April Smith And The Great Picture Show Canada April Verch
Canada April Wine United States Apse
Poland Apteka France AqME
Mixed Nationality Aqua Italy Aqua Dorsa
France Aqua Nebula Oscillator United States The Aquabats
United Kingdom Aqualung United States The Aquanettas
United States Aquarelle (US) France Aquaserge
United States Aqueduct Argentina Aquelarre
United Kingdom Aquilo Australia Aquilus
Germany A.R. & Machines United States The Ar-Kaics
United Kingdom A.R. Kane Japan Arμ-2+Lee (Asano+Ryuhei)
United States AraabMuzik United States Arab On Radar
United Kingdom Arab Strap United States Arabian Prince
Norway Årabrot Jamaica The Arabs
France Arachnoïd Brazil Aracy Cortês / Clementina De Jesus
Brazil Aracy De Almeida Australia Aragon
Czech Republic Arakain United Kingdom The Aranbee Pop Symphony Orchestra
France Arandel Belgium Aranis
Mixed Nationality Arawak Jah Belgium Arbeid Adelt!
Australia Arbes United States Arbouretum
United Kingdom ARC United States Arc Angels
United States Arc Iris Venezuela Arca
United States Arcade Canada Arcade Fire
United States Arcade Island United Kingdom Arcadia
United Kingdom Arcadium Italy Arcana Coelestia
United Kingdom The Arcana Australia Arcane
United Kingdom Arcane Roots Italy Arcansiel
United States Arch / Matheos Sweden Arch Enemy
United Kingdom Arch Garrison United States Archabald
Canada Archagathus United States Archer Prewitt
United States Archers Of Loaf United States Archibald Slim
United States Archie And The Bunkers United States Archie Bell & The Drells
United Kingdom Archie Bronson Outfit United Kingdom Archie Fisher
Australia Archie Roach United States Archie Shepp
Mixed Nationality Archie Shepp • Dollar Brand United States Archie Shepp & Horace Parlan
United States The Archie Shepp-Bill Dixon Quartet United States The Archies
France Archimède Germany Architect
United States Architect (US) United Kingdom Architects
Australia Architecture In Helsinki United Kingdom Archive
United States Archivist & Fugal Sweden Archon Satani
Canada Archspire United Kingdom Archy Marshall
Singapore Arcn Templ United Kingdom Arco
Argentina Arco Iris United States The Arcs
United Kingdom Arctic Monkeys Norway Arcturus
United States Arcwelder Mixed Nationality Arditti Quartet
United Kingdom Arditti String Quartet Mixed Nationality Arditti String Quartet / Dawn Upshaw
United States A.R.E Weapons Italy Area
Australia Area 7 United Kingdom Arecibo
United Kingdom Arena United States Aretha Franklin
United States Aretha Franklin With The Ray Bryant Combo United States Aretha Franklin With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
Brazil Argemiro Patrocínio United Kingdom Argent
Germany Argos United States Argus
United States Ari Hest United States Ari Hoenig
Russia Ariadna Rybakova / Moscow Patriarchal Choir United States Ariana Grande
Canada Ariane Moffatt United States Arica
Belgium Arid United States The Arid Sea
France Ariel Kalma Argentina Ariel Minimal
United States Ariel Pink United States Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore
United States Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Mixed Nationality Ariel's Attic
Spain Aries Austria Arik Brauer
Israel Arik Einstein & Shalom Hanoch Iran Aril Brikha
Norway Arild Andersen Brazil Arion
United States The Aristocrats Spain Arizona Baby
Netherlands Arjen Anthony Lucassen Netherlands Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One
Norway Ark Sweden The Ark
United Kingdom Arkarna Canada Arkells
Spain Arlette Sibon-Simonovitch United States Arlie
Netherlands Arling And Cameron United States Arlo Guthrie
Poland Arlon France Arlt
United Kingdom Armageddon United States Armageddon (US)
France Arman Méliès France Armand Amar
United States Armand Hammer United States Armand Van Helden
United Kingdom Armchair Committee United States The Armed
Poland Armia Iran Armik
Netherlands Armin Van Buuren United States Armor For Sleep
United States Armored Saint United States Armory
United Kingdom The Armoury Show United States Arms
United States Arms And Sleepers United States Army Of Anyone
Sweden Army Of Lovers United States Army Of The Pharaohs
Brazil Arnaldo Antunes Brazil Arnaldo Baptista
France Arnaud Fleurent-Didier France Arnaud Rebotini & Christian Zanési
Sweden Arne Domnérus Norway Arne Nordheim
Belgium Arno Germany Arovane
Norway Arp United States Arpebu
United States Arpline France Arrakeen
United States Arrange United States Arrested Development
Brazil Arrigo Barnabé United States Arrington De Dionyso
United States Arrington De Dionyso & The Old Time Relijun United States Arrington De Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa
Poland ARRM / Lonker See United States The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
Spain Arrotzak Japan Ars Nova (JP)
Croatia (Hrvatska) Arsen Dedić Belgium Arsenal
Cuba Arsenio Rodriguez United States Arsis
United States Arsonists United States Arsonists Get All The Girls
United Kingdom Art United Kingdom Art & Language
United Kingdom Art Bears Canada Art Bergmann
United States Art Blakey United States Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
United States Art Blakey Quartet United States Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers With Thelonious Monk
Mixed Nationality Art Brut Canada Art D'Ecco
Canada Art Department United States Art Ensemble Of Chicago
United States Art Farmer United States Art Farmer / Benny Golson
United States Art Farmer / Benny Golson United States Art Farmer / Benny Golson Jazztet
United States The Art Farmer Quartet United States Art Farmer Quintet
United States Art Garfunkel United States Art Hodes' Back-Room Boys
United States Art Lande United States Art Lande And Rubisa Patrol
Burkina Faso Art Melody United States Art Of Anarchy
United Kingdom Art Of Burning Water Canada Art Of Dying
Australia Art Of Fighting United Kingdom Art Of Noise
United Kingdom Art Of The Memory Palace United States Art Pepper
United States Art Phag Brazil Art Popular
Japan Art School United States Art Tatum
United States Art Tatum - Ben Webster Quartet United States The Art Tatum-Ben Webster Quartet
Norway The Art Van Damme Quintet Australia Art Vs Science
France Art Zoyd Bangladesh Artcell
France Artefact Germany Artemis Quartet
Austria Artemis Quartet Italy Artemoltobuffa
United Kingdom Artery United Kingdom Artful Dodger
United States Artful Dodger (US) Italy Arthemis
United States Arthur Netherlands Arthur Adam
United States Arthur Alexander United Kingdom Arthur Beatrice
United States Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup United States Arthur Blythe
United Kingdom Arthur Brown United Kingdom Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come
United States Arthur Conley United States Arthur Doyle
United States Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops Orchestra France Arthur H
United States Arthur Lee Brazil Arthur Nogueira
United States Arthur Prysock United States Arthur Russell
Brazil Arthur Verocai Italy Arti & Mestieri
United States Articles Of Faith Italy Articolo 31
United States The Artifacts United States Artificial Brain
United Kingdom Artificial Intelligence Featuring MC Stamina United States Artificial Language
Denmark Artillery United States Artimus Pyle Band
Mixed Nationality Artists United Against Apartheid United States Arto Lindsay
United States Arto Lindsay Trio Turkey Arto Tunçboyacıyan
Poland Artur Rubinstein Lithuania Arturas Bumšteinas
Italy Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli Mexico Arturo Meza
Peru Arturo Ruiz Del Pozo Cuba Arturo Sandoval
Mixed Nationality Arturo Tamayo / BBC Symphony Orchestra Mixed Nationality Arturo Tamayo / Orchestre Philharmonique Du Luxembourg
United States Arturo Toscanini / NBC Symphony Orchestra Mixed Nationality Arturo Toscanini / NBC Symphony Orchestra & Chorus
United Kingdom The Artwoods Armenia Artyom Manukyan
Norway Arve Henriksen Russia Arven
Estonia Arvo Pärt United Kingdom Arvo Party
Brazil Ary Barroso Brazil Ary Barroso & Dorival Caymmi
United Kingdom Arzachel Brazil As Bahias E A Cozinha Mineira
Brazil As Cangaceiras United States As Cities Burn
United States As I Lay Dying United Kingdom As It Is
United Kingdom As One United States As Tall As Lions
Denmark As We Fight Nigeria Asa
Japan Asa-Chang & Junray Israel Asaf Avidan
Israel Asaf Avidan & The Mojos United Kingdom ASC
United States The Ascent Of Everest United Kingdom The Aschere Project
Norway Åse Og Børt-Erik Thoresen Chile Ases Falsos
Korea, South Aseul Spain Asfalto
United States ASG United Kingdom Asgærd
Italy Asgard (IT) Iceland Ásgeir Trausti
Denmark Asger Techau United Kingdom Ash
United States Ash Borer Australia Ash Grunwald
Iran Ash Koosha Germany Ash Ra Tempel
Australia Ash Wednesday India Asha Puthli
United States Ashanti Ghana Ashanti Tribe Of Ghana / Ewe Tribe Of Ghana
Belgium Ashbury Faith Mixed Nationality Asher D & Daddy Freddy
United Kingdom Asher Quinn United States Asher Roth
United States Ashes Divide United States Ashford & Simpson
United States Ashland United States Ashlee Simpson
United States Ashley Cleveland Canada Ashley MacIsaac
United States Ashley McBryde United States Ashley Monroe
United States Ashley Paul Germany Ashra
Italy Ashtech United States Ashton Shepherd
Australia Ashtray Boy United Kingdom Asia
Italy Asia Argento Turkey Asia Minor
United Kingdom Asian Dub Foundation Japan Asian Kung-Fu Generation
United Kingdom Asira United States Ask For Joy
United Kingdom Asking Alexandria United States Asleep At The Wheel
Eritrea Asmara All Stars Norway Ásmegin
Germany Asmus Tietchens United States Asobi Seksu
Sweden Asoka Australia Asphixiation
Singapore Aspidistrafly Sweden Ass
United States Ass Ponys Benin Assa-Cica Et L' Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou
Israel Assaf Amdursky South Africa Assagai
United States Assemblage 23 United Kingdom Associates
United States The Association United States Assück
Germany Asterix United States The Asteroid No. 4
Denmark The Asteroids Galaxy Tour United States Asthma Castle
Australia The Aston Shuffle France Astonvilla
Australia Astor Argentina Astor Piazzolla
Argentina Astor Piazzolla & Octeto Buenos Aires Mixed Nationality Astor Piazzolla And Gary Burton
Argentina Astor Piazzolla Conjunto 9 Argentina Astor Piazzolla Quinteto
United States Astra United States Astral
United States Astral Drive Brazil Astralplane
France Astrïd Germany Astrid North
Denmark Astrid Sonne United Kingdom Astrid Williamson
Chile Astro France The Astro Zombies
Portugal The Astroboy United States Astrobrite
Norway Astroburger United States Astronautalis
United States Astronauts, Etc. United Kingdom The Astronauts
United States Astronoid Australia Astronomy Class
Spain Astrud & Col·lectiu Brossa Brazil Astrud Gilberto
Brazil Astrud Gilberto/Walter Wanderley Japan Asturias
United States Asva United Kingdom Aswad
United Kingdom Asylum France Asylum Party
United Kingdom At Swim Two Birds United States At The Drive-In
Sweden At The Gates Germany At Vance
Ghana Ata Kak Argentina Atahualpa Yupanqui
Ghana Atakora Manu And His Sound Engineers Italy Ataraxia
Canada Ataraxia (CA) France Ataraxie
Germany Atari Teenage Riot United States The Ataris
France Atarpop 73 Et Collectif Le Temps Des Cerises Brazil Ataulfo Alves
Mixed Nationality Atavist / Nadja United Kingdom Atavistic
United States Ataxia Germany ATB
Mixed Nationality ATC Sweden Atelje
Colombia Aterciopelados United States Atheist
Turkey Athena United Kingdom Athlete
United Kingdom Athletico Spizz 80 Spain Atila
United States Atlanta Rhythm Section Norway Atlanter
Australia The Atlantics Germany Atlantis
Australia Atlas Australia Atlas Genius
United States The Atlas Moth United States Atlas Sound
Canada ATM United States Atmosphere
France Atmosphery France Atoll
United States Atom And His Package United States Atom Heart Mothers
United Kingdom Atom Seed Poland Atom String Quartet
Germany Atom ™™ Sweden Atoma
United States The Atomic Bitchwax United Kingdom Atomic Kitten
United Kingdom Atomic Rooster Sweden Atomic Swing
Belgium Atomique Deluxe Australia Atomizer
United Kingdom Atomkraft United States Atoms & Lil Peep
Mixed Nationality Atoms For Peace Croatia (Hrvatska) Atomsko Sklonište
United States Atomsmasher Brazil Atønito
Italy Atrax Morgue United States Atreyu
Japan Atsumasa Nakabayashi Trio Japan Atsushi Sakurai
United States Attack Attack! Canada Attack In Black
United Kingdom The Attack (UK) United Kingdom Attack! Attack! (UK)
Norway Attan Argentina Attaque 77
United States Attic Abasement United Kingdom Attica Blues
United States Attila United States Attilio Mineo
Austria Attwenger France Au P'tit Bonheur
United Kingdom Au Pairs United States Au Revoir Simone
United States Aubrie Sellers United States Auburn Lull
United Kingdom Auction For The Promise Club United Kingdom Audience
United States Audio Adrenaline United States Audio Two
Germany Audio88 & Yassin United Kingdom Audiobooks
United States Audion United States Audioslave
United States Audiotopsy Netherlands Audiotransparent
United Kingdom Audioweb United States The Audition
United States Audra United States Audra Mae And The Almighty Sound
Sweden Audrey United States Audrey Assad
United States Audrey Auld-Mezera Latvia Audrey Fall
Norway Audrey Horne Australia The Audreys
United States Audrye Sessions Italy Aufklärung
Australia Augie March United States August Alsina
United States August Burns Red United States Augustana
Mixed Nationality Augustin Dumay / Maria-João Pires United States Augustines
Venezuela Augusto Bracho Jamaica Augustus Pablo
United States Aunt Martha Norway Aunt Mary
Japan Aunt Sally Denmark Aura
United States Aura Blaze Norway Aura Noir
United States Aural Blasphemy United States Aural Exciters
Finland Aural Holograms Japan Aural Vampire
Honduras Aurelio United States Aurelio Voltaire
Japan Aureole Norway AURORA (NO)
Netherlands The Aurora Project Germany Aurora Sutra
Germany Auryn Quartet Germany Auryn Quartett
Germany Ausbruch United States Auscultation
Australia Ausmuteants United States Austin Collins
United States Austin Findley Mexico Austin TV
United States Austin Wintory United Kingdom A-Austr
Canada Austra Spain Australian Blonde
Australia Australian Crawl United States Australis
Austria Austria 3 United States Austrian Death Machine
United Kingdom Autechre United Kingdom The Auteurs
United States Author & Punisher United States Authority Zero
Austria Autistic Daughters United States Autoclave
United States Autodrone Mixed Nationality Autofac
United States Autograph United Kingdom Autoheart
United States Autoliner United States Autolux
Germany Automat United States Automatic Loveletter
United Kingdom The Automatic United States Automato
United States Autonomics United States Autopsy
Norway Autopulver Brazil Autoramas
Bolivia Autorev Mixed Nationality AutorYno, John Zorn
United States Autosalvage France Autour De Lucie
United States Autre Ne Veut United States Autumn
United States The Autumn Defense Netherlands An Autumn For Crippled Children
Canada Autumn Kings United States Autumn's Grey Solace
Germany Autumnal Blossom United States The Autumns
United States Aux 88 Netherlands Aux Raus
United States Ava Luna Brazil Ava Rocha
United States Avail Australia The Avalanches
United States Avalon Argentina Avant Press
Germany Avantasia New Zealand Avantdale Bowling Club
Sweden Avatarium Argentina Ave Rock
Brazil Ave Sangria Canada Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche
Canada Avec Pas D'casque France The Avener
United States Avenged Sevenfold Germany Avenger
United Kingdom Avenger (UK) United States Avengers
New Zealand The Avengers United States Aventura
United Kingdom Average White Band United States Averi
United States Aves United States The Avett Brothers
United States Avey Tare Mixed Nationality Avey Tare & Kría Brekkan
United States Avey Tare & Panda Bear United States Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks
United States Avey Tare, Panda Bear & Geologist United States Avi Buffalo
Spain Aviador Dro India Avial
United States Aviators Sweden Avicii
Australia Avion Italy Avion Travel
Israel Avishai Cohen (Bassist) Israel Avishai Cohen Trio
Israel Avishai Cohen (Trumpeter) United States Avoid One Thing
Canada Avril Lavigne Mali Awa Poulo
United States Awakebutstillinbed Australia Awaken I Am
United States Awaken The Empire United States Awesome Dre' and the Hard Core Committee
Congo Awilo Longomba Mixed Nationality Awkward Geisha / Nifty Nebula
United States Awolnation Germany Ax Genrich
United States Axa Hour Of Dora Bleu United States Axcraft
United Kingdom Axe Mixed Nationality Axel Dörner & Kevin Drumm
Germany Axel Rudi Pell Germany Axel Zwingenberger And The Friends Of Boogie Woogie
Belgium Axelle Red Sweden Axenstar
Mixed Nationality AxeWound Australia Axiom Federation
France Axolotl Germany Axxis
Poland Aya RL Peru Ayahuasca Dark Trip
Germany Ayak Ethiopia Ayalew Mesfin
United States Aye Nako Australia Ayers Rock
Mixed Nationality Ayers, Cale, Nico, Eno United Kingdom The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation
Nigeria Ayo Netherlands Ayreon
China Ayrtbh Kenya Ayub Ogada
Japan Ayumi Hamasaki Japan Ayuse Kozue
United States AZ Mozambique Azagaia
United States Azalia Snail Canada Azari & III
United States Azealia Banks Canada Azeda Booth
United Kingdom Azimuth Morocco Aziz Sahmaoui
United States Aziza Western Sahara Aziza Brahim
Azerbaijan Aziza Mustafa Zadeh Croatia (Hrvatska) Azra
United Kingdom Aztec Camera Spain Azul Y Negro
Japan The Azuma Kabuki Musicians Sweden Azure Blue
United States Azure Ray United States Azuresands大麻
Mixed Nationality Azusa United States The Azusa Plane
Brazil Azymuth
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