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Click on an artist name to see where they rank in the greatest album charts! If an artist is not listed in this index, it doesn't yet feature in any of the greatest album charts listed on this site.

United States P United States P A T H S パス
Portugal P. Adrix United States P. Diddy
United States P Funk All Stars United States P. J. Proby
Germany P. Laoss United States P-Lo
Japan P-Model United States P. Morris
United Kingdom P. Willsher & K. Chesher United Kingdom P. Wilsher & K. Chesher / J. Hawksworth
United States P!nk Germany P₂O₅
Germany P4 Australia P76
Finland Pää Kii Norway Paal Nilssen-Love
Sweden Paatos Sweden Paavo
Mixed Nationality Paavo Berglund / Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra Mixed Nationality Paavo Järvi / Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
France Paavo Järvi / Orchestre De Paris Finland Paavoharju
Brazil Pabllo Vittar Spain Pablo Abraira
Spain Pablo Bolivar Spain Pablo Casals
United States The Pablo Collective United States Pablo Cruise
Argentina Pablo "El Enterrador" United Kingdom Pablo Gad
Democratic Republic of Congo Pablo Lubadika Peru Pablo Maldonado / Delinas Salas
Cuba Pablo Milanés Jamaica Pablo Moses
Uruguay Pablo Pereyra Spain Pablo Und Destruktion
Jamaica Pablov Black United States Pac Div
Sweden Pace United States Pacer
Netherlands Paceshifters Mixed Nationality Pachanga Boys
Dominican Republic Pacheco Y Su Charanga United States Pachyman
United Kingdom Pacific Drift New Zealand Pacific Eardrum
United States Pacific Gas & Electric New Zealand Pacific Heights
United Kingdom Pacific Radio Switzerland Pacific Sound
United States Pacific Theater United States Pacific UV
Argentina Pacífico New Zealand Pacifier
Germany PACK Canada The Pack A.D.
United States The Pack United States Packway Handle Band
Spain Paco De Lucía Spain Paco De Lucía & Ricardo Modrego
Spain Paco De Lucía Y Ramón De Algeciras Spain Paco Ibáñez
Mixed Nationality Paco Sala France PacoVolume
United States Pad Chennington United Kingdom Padang Food Tigers
United Kingdom Padded Cell Hungary Paddy And The Rats
Ireland Paddy Casey Ireland Paddy Hanna
Ireland Paddy Keenan United Kingdom Paddy McAloon
Ireland Paddy Reilly Ireland Paddy Tunney & Arthur Kearney
United States Padomine United States Paekong Mae's Integer & Real Fathom Band
Japan The Paellas Australia Pagan
United Kingdom Pagan Altar United States Pagan Babies
United States Pagan Myth Norway Pagan's Mind
United States Pagans United States Page France
United States Page Kennedy United States Page McConnell
Jamaica Page One Japan Pageant
United States Pageninetynine United States Pageninetynine & Majorityrule
United States Pages United States Pagoda
United States The Pahinui Bros. United Kingdom Paice Ashton Lord
United States Paik United States Pailhead
France Pain-Noir Sweden Pain Of Salvation
United States Pain Teens United States Painkiller
United States The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart United States Paint
Singapore Paint The Sky Red Japan Paintbox
United States Painted Palms United States Painted Willie
Australia Painters And Dockers Portugal Paisiel
Japan Paisley Parks United States The Paisleys
New Zealand Pajama Club United States Pajo
France Pakito Netherlands Pako & Frederick
Poland Paktofonika Germany P·A·L
United States Pal Shazar Norway Pål Thowsen
United Kingdom Palace United States Palace Brothers
United States Palace Music Norway Palace Of Pleasure
United States Palace Songs Denmark Palace Winter
United Kingdom Paladin Germany Palais Schaumburg
United States The Palatines United States Palaye Royale
Canada Palaye Royale United States Palberta
Germany Pale 3 Japan Pale Cocoon
United States Pale Dian United Kingdom The Pale Fountains
Australia Pale Horse United States A Pale Horse Named Death
Canada Pale North United Kingdom Pale Saints
United Kingdom Pale Waves United States Pale Young Gentlemen
United Kingdom Palehorse United States Palehound
United States Palisades Australia Palladium
United Kingdom Pallas United States Pallbearer
Iran Pallett Band United States Palm
United Kingdom Palm Reader United Kingdom Palma Violets
Netherlands Palmbomen II United Kingdom Palmistry
Turkey Palmiyeler United States Palms
United States Paloalto United Kingdom Paloma Faith
United States Pam Tillis United States Pam Windo And The Shades
Denmark Pan Spain Pan & Regaliz
Ghana The Pan African Orchestra United States Pan American
United States Pan Amsterdam China Pan Daijing
Finland Pan Sonic United States Panabrite
United States Panacea United Kingdom Panama Limited
United Kingdom Panama Limited Jug Band Indonesia Panber's
Hong Kong The Pancakes Argentina Panchasila
United Kingdom Panchiko France Pancrace
Mexico Panda Australia The Panda Band
United States Panda Bear France Panda Dub
United States Panda Riot Denmark Pandemonica
India Pandit Pran Nath Germany Pandora
Italy Pandora (IT) United States Pandora's Box
United States The Pandoras Australia Pangaea
United Kingdom Panhandle United States The Panic Channel
United States Panic Is Perfect United Kingdom Panic Room
United States Panic! At The Disco Ecuador Pánico
Chile Panico (CL) Australia The Panics
United Kingdom Panjabi MC Italy Pankow
Slovenia Pankrti Italy Panna Fredda
United States Panopticon United Kingdom Panoram
United States Pansy Division Germany Panta Rhei
United Kingdom Pantaleimon Mexico Panteón Rococó
United States Pantera Germany Pantha Du Prince
Germany Pantha Du Prince & The Bell Laboratory Netherlands Pantheon
Germany Panther United States Pants Yell!
United States Panucci's Pizza Germany Panzerballet
Brazil Pão Com Manteiga Ecuador Paola Navarrete
Brazil Paola Rodrigues Italy Paolo Benvegnù
Italy Paolo Conte Italy Paolo Fresu
Mixed Nationality Paolo Fresu & Uri Caine Mixed Nationality Paolo Fresu / Richard Galliano / Jan Lundgren
Italy Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet United Kingdom Paolo Nutini
Poland Papa Dance United States Papa John Creach
United States Papa M Democratic Republic of Congo Papa Noel
United States Papa Roach Australia Papa Vs. Pretty
Democratic Republic of Congo Papa Wemba United States Papadosio
United States The Paparazzi United States Papas Fritas
United States Paper Airplane Pilots United States Paper Bag:
United States Paper Bird (US) United Kingdom Paper Bubble
United States The Paper Chase United States Paper Diamond
United Kingdom Paper Dollhouse United States The Paper Garden
Australia The Paper Kites United Kingdom Paper Lace
United States Paper Rival United States Paper Route
Australia The Paper Scissors United States The Paper Sons
United States Paper Tongues United States The Paper Tulips
Canada The Paperboys United States Paperclip People
United States Papercuts United States Paperhaus
Spain Paperhouse Finland Paperi T
Canada Papermaps Austria Papermoon
United Kingdom Papernut Cambridge United States The Paperviews
Brazil Papete Denmark Papir
Mixed Nationality Papir Meets Electric Moon United States Papoose
France Papooz Argentina Pappo
Argentina Pappo's Blues Slovakia Papyllon
Sweden Par Lindh And Björn Johansson Sweden Par Lindh Project
Slovakia Para France Para One
Canada Parabelle France Parabellum (FR)
United States Parachute Canada The Parachute Club
United Kingdom The Parachute Men United States Parade Of Lights
Australia Parades Japan Paradigm Shift
France Paradis Mixed Nationality The Paradise Band / Barbara Dennerlein / Horace Silver
Thailand The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band United States Paradise Camp 23
Germany A Paradise Is Born United States Paradise Island
United Kingdom Paradise Lost Japan Paradise Lunch
Australia The Paradise Motel Sweden Paradise Of Yesterday
Germany Paradox (DE) Croatia (Hrvatska) Paraf
United States Paragons And Jesters Jamaica The Paragons
Spain Parálisis Permanente Sweden Paralydium
United Kingdom Parameter Argentina Páramo
United States Paramore Belgium Paranoiacs
Germany Paranoid United Kingdom Paranoid London
United States The Paranoid Style Ireland Paranoid Visions
United States Paranom United States The Paranoyds
United States Parasites United States The Parasites Of The Western World
Australia Parcels Germany Parchment Prayer
United States Pardoner United States Parenthetical Girls
Iran Pari Zangeneh United States Paria
United Kingdom Pariah (2010s) Italy Paride Peddio / Jonathan Della Marianna
Finland Pariisin Kevät United States Paris
United Kingdom Paris Angels France Paris Combo
United States Paris Hilton United States The Paris Sisters
France Paris Violence Australia Paris Wells
United States Parish Hall United States Park
United States Park Ave. Korea, South Park Hye Jin
Korea, South Park Ji-hoon United Kingdom Parke
United States Parker Millsap Russia Parks, Squares And Alleys
Australia Parkway Drive United States Parlet
United States Parliament United States Parlor James
United States The Parlor Mob United States Parlor Walls
South Africa The Parlotones United Kingdom The Parlour Band
Finland Paroni Paakkunainen Austria Parov Stelar
United States Parquet Courts Germany Parra For Cuva
Australia Parralox United States Parris Chariz
United Kingdom Parsley Sound Australia Parsnip
United States The Parson Red Heads Sweden Pärson Sound
United Kingdom Part Chimp United States Part Time
United States Part Time Christians United Kingdom Part Time Heroes
United States Parthenon Huxley United States Partial
Serbia Partibrejkers Australia The Particles
United Kingdom Partikel United Kingdom The Partisans
Canada Partner United States The Partridge Family
United States Parts & Labor United Kingdom Party Day
Canada PartyNextDoor United Kingdom Parva
Germany Parzival Belgium Pas De Deux
France Pas De Printemps Pour Marnie United Kingdom The Pasadenas
Mixed Nationality Pascal Bournet / Enrique Alberti France Pascal Comelade
Mixed Nationality Pascal Comelade / Pierre Bastien / Jac Berrocal / Jaki Liebezeit France Pascal Comelade, Pierre Bastien, Jac Berrocal, Jaki Liebezeit
France Pascal Lefeuvre & Erik Baron France Pascal Obispo
Iceland Pascal Pinon France Pascal Rogé
Canada Pascale Picard Band Japan Pascals
Germany Pascow Moldova Pasha Parfeny
Italy Pasquale Mirra Italy Pasquale Taraffo
United States The Pass United States Passage
United Kingdom The Passage United Kingdom Passenger (1970s)
United Kingdom Passenger (2010s) Australia Passenger Of Shit
Mixed Nationality Passengers Canada A Passing Fancy
Mixed Nationality Passion Fodder Germany Passion Noire
United States Passion Pit United Kingdom The Passions
Brazil Passo Torto Brazil Passo Torto E Ná Ozzetti
Germany Passport Bolivia Passto
United States Past Lives United Kingdom Pasta Hull
Mixed Nationality Pastacas & Tenniscoats Japan Pasteboard
Japan Pastel Blue United Kingdom The Pastels
Mixed Nationality Pastels/Tenniscoats United States Pastilla
Ecuador Pastizales United States Pastor T.L. Barrett And The Youth For Christ Choir
Spain Pastora Spain Pastora Soler
Argentina Pastoral United States Pat Alger
United States Pat Ament Germany Pat Appleton
United States Pat Benatar United States Pat Boone
Australia Pat Chow Netherlands Pat Cool
United Kingdom Pat D & Lady Paradox United States Pat DiNizio
United States Pat Green Chile Pat Henry Y Los Diablos Azules
Canada Pat Jordache Jamaica Pat Kelly
United States Pat Kilroy Ireland Pat Lagoon
United States Pat MacDonald United States Pat Martino
United States Pat McGee United States Pat McGee Band
United States Pat Metheny United States Pat Metheny & Brad Mehldau
United States Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays Mixed Nationality Pat Metheny / Christian McBride / Antonio Sanchez
Mixed Nationality Pat Metheny / Jan Garbarek / Gary Burton United States Pat Metheny / Ornette Coleman
United States Pat Metheny Group United States Pat Metheny Unity Group
United States Pat Metheny W/ Charlie Haden & Billy Higgins United States Pat Monahan
United States The Pat Moran Quartet United States Pat Moran Trio
United States Pat Suzuki United States Pat The Bunny
Ghana Pat Thomas Ghana Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band
Canada Pat Travers Canada Pat Travers Band
United States Pat Van Dyke Spain Pata Negra
France Pataphonie Cuba Patato & Totico
United Kingdom Patchworks Galactic Project United Kingdom Patchy Fogg
New Zealand Patea Maori Club Switzerland Patent Ochsner
United States Patent Pending Austria Paternoster
United States The Pathetx Poland Pati Yang
United Kingdom Patience Brazil Patife Band
Costa Rica Patiño United States Patio
Chile Patio Solar United Kingdom Pato Banton
Brazil Pato Fu Germany Patrice
United Kingdom Patrice & Friends Germany Patrice Baumel
Canada Patrice Michaud United States Patrice Pike & The Black Box Rebellion
United States Patrice Rushen United States Patricia
United States Patricia Barber Brazil Patrícia Bastos
France Patricia Kaas Moldova Patricia Kopatchinskaja
Mixed Nationality Patricia Kopatchinskaja / Teodor Currentzis / Musicaeterna Brazil Patricia Marx
France Patricia Petibon Mixed Nationality Patricia Rozario / English Chamber Choir / Guy Protheroe / Alexander Lingas
United States Patricia Taxxon United States Patricia Vonne
Chile Patricio Manns Argentina Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota
United Kingdom Patrick & Eugene France Patrick Bruel
United States Patrick Burke United States Patrick Cowley
United Kingdom Patrick Doyle United Kingdom Patrick Duff
France Patrick Gauthier Canada Patrick Groulx
France Patrick Hernandez United States Patrick Joseph
Switzerland Patrick Juvet Switzerland Patrick Moraz
United States Patrick O'Hearn France Patrick Rondat
Germany Patrick Siegfried Zimmer United States Patrick Sky
United States Patrick Stump United States Patrick Sweany
France Patrick Vian Canada Patrick Watson
United Kingdom Patrick Wolf United Kingdom Patrick Woodroffe/Dave Greenslade
United Kingdom Patrik Fitzgerald United States Patron Saint Of Bridge Burners
United States The Patron Saints Poland Patrycja Markowska
United States Patsy Cline United States Patsy Moore
United Kingdom Patsy Reid United Kingdom patten
United Kingdom Pattern Man United States Pattern-Seeking Animals
United States The Pattern United Kingdom Patterns
United States Patterson & Pults United States Patterson Hood
United States Patti Austin United States Patti LaBelle
United States Patti Page United States Patti Rothberg
United States Patti Scialfa United States Patti Smith
United States Patti Smith & Kevin Shields United States Patti Smith Group
United States Pattie Brooks United Kingdom Patto
United States Patton Oswalt United States Patty Griffin
United States Patty Larkin United States Patty Loveless
Italy Patty Pravo United States Patty Smyth
United States Patty Waters Spain Pau Riba & Om (ES)
Mixed Nationality Paul & Linda McCartney Belgium Paul A. R. Timmermans
United States Paul Alan Canada Paul Anka
United Kingdom Paul Banks United States Paul Baribeau
Haiti Paul Beaubrun Canada Paul Bley
United States Paul Bley / Annette Peacock Mixed Nationality Paul Bley / Gary Peacock
Mixed Nationality Paul Bley / Jimmy Giuffre / Steve Swallow Canada Paul Bley Trio
Mixed Nationality Paul Bley, Gary Peacock, Tony Oxley, John Surman France Paul Boisselet
United Kingdom Paul Brady Canada Paul Brandt
United Kingdom Paul Brett United Kingdom Paul Brett's Sage
United States Paul Brown United Kingdom Paul Buchanan
United States Paul Burch United States Paul Butterfield
United States The Paul Butterfield Blues Band United Kingdom Paul Carrack
United States Paul Cary United States Paul Cauthen
United States Paul Chambers United States Paul Chambers Sextet ‎
United States Paul Clayton United States Paul Clayton And The Foc’sle Singers
United States Paul Curreri United Kingdom Paul Cusick
United Kingdom Paul Daniel / Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra United States Paul Davis
Netherlands Paul De Jong Australia Paul Dempsey
United States Paul Desmond United States Paul Desmond / Gerry Mulligan
United States Paul Desmond Featuring Jim Hall Canada Paul Dolden
United Kingdom Paul Draper United States Paul Dresher
United States Paul Dresher & Ned Rothenberg United Kingdom Paul Dunmall Octet
United States Paul Flaherty United States Paul Gilbert
Mixed Nationality Paul Glass / The Zombies Mixed Nationality Paul Gonsalves / Tubby Hayes
United Kingdom Paul Goodwin / Academy Of Ancient Music United Kingdom Paul Haig
United Kingdom Paul Hardcastle United Kingdom Paul Hartnoll
Austria Paul Haslinger United Kingdom Paul Heaton
United Kingdom Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott Mixed Nationality Paul Hillier / The Newberry Consort / His Majestie's Clerkes / Mary Springfels
United States Paul Hillier / The Steve Reich Ensemble Mixed Nationality Paul Hindemith / Frank Martin / Ernst Toch
United States Paul Horn United States Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai
United States Paul Jacobs Sri Lanka Paul Jebanasam
United States Paul Johnson United States Paul K And The Weathermen
Germany Paul Kalkbrenner United States Paul Kantner & Grace Slick
United States Paul Kantner & Jefferson Starship United States Paul Kantner, Grace Slick & David Freiberg
Australia Paul Kelly Australia Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls
Australia Paul Kelly & The Stormwater Boys Australia Paul Kelly And The Messengers
United Kingdom Paul Kent United Kingdom Paul Kossoff
United States Paul Lamont Canada Paul Langlois
United States Paul Lansky United States Paul Leary
United States Paul Lemos & Joe Papa United States Paul Levinson With Ed Fox & Peter Rosenthal
United Kingdom Paul Lewis United Kingdom Paul Liddell
Mixed Nationality Paul Lytton / Nate Wooley + Ikue Mori / Ken Vandermark Australia Paul Mac
France Paul Mauriat United Kingdom Paul McCartney
United Kingdom Paul McCartney & Carl Davis United Kingdom Paul McCartney & Wings
United Kingdom Paul Mealor United States Paul Metzger
United States Paul Motian United States Paul Motian Band
United Kingdom Paul Nagle Zambia Paul Ngozi
United Kingdom Paul Nova United States Paul O'Dette / Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra & Chorus
United Kingdom Paul Oakenfold Finland Paul Oxley's Unit
United States Paul Parrish United States Paul Pena
France Paul Personne Canada Paul Piché
United Kingdom Paul Potts United Kingdom Paul Quinn & The Independent Group
United States Paul Revere And The Raiders United States Paul Robeson
United Kingdom Paul Rodgers United Kingdom Paul Roland
United Kingdom Paul Rutherford United States Paul Salamunovich / Los Angeles Master Chorale
Australia Paul Schütze Austria Paul SG
Canada Paul Shaffer United States Paul Shanklin
United States Paul Siebel United States Paul Simon
United Kingdom Paul Smith And The Imitations Mixed Nationality Paul St Hilaire / Rhauder
United States Paul Stanley United Kingdom Paul Steel
United States Paul Travis Germany Paul Van Dyk
Belgium Paul Van Nevel / Huelgas Ensemble United States Paul Wall
United Kingdom Paul Weller United States Paul Westerberg
United States Paul Weston United States Paul Weston And His Orchestra
United Kingdom Paul White United States Paul Whiteman
United States Paul Whiteman And His Concert Orchestra United States Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra
United States Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra / Bix Beiderbecke And His Orchestra / Hoagy Carmichael And His Orchestra United States Paul Whiteman's Orchestra Featuring Bix Beiderbecke With Bing Crosby And The Rhythm Boys And Frank Trumbauer
United States Paul Williams United Kingdom Paul Williams
United States Paul Winter United Kingdom Paul Woolford
United Kingdom Paul Young United States Paula Abdul
Colombia Paula Arenas United States Paula Castle
United States Paula Cole United States Paula Frazer
United States Paula Gills United States Paula Kelley
Brazil Paula Lima Portugal Paula Ribas
United Kingdom Paula Temple Brazil Paula Toller
Finland Pauliina Syrjälä Mexico Paulina Rubio
United States Pauline Anna Strom France Pauline Croze
United Kingdom Pauline Murray And The Invisible Girls United States Pauline Oliveros
United States Pauline Oliveros And Ione United States Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster And Panaiotis
United States Pauline Reese Brazil Paulinho Da Viola
Brazil Paulinho Da Viola & Elton Medeiros Brazil Paulinho Nogueira
Brazil Paulo Bagunça Brazil Paulo Bellinati & Mônica Salmaso
Brazil Paulo César Pinheiro Brazil Paulo Moura
Brazil Paulo Moura & Raphael Rabello Brazil Paulo Tapajós
Brazil Paulo Vanzolini Austria Pauls Jets
Spain The Pauls United States Pauly Shore
Canada The Paupers Portugal Paus
Sweden Paus United Kingdom Pausal
Netherlands PAUW United States Pavement
Brazil Pavilhão 9 France Pavillon 7b
Greece Pavlo V United States Pavlov's Dog
United States Pavo Pavo Slovakia Pavol Hammel & Marián Varga
Slovakia Pavol Hammel / Marián Varga / Kamil Peteraj Slovakia Pavol Hammel / Marián Varga / Kamil Peteraj / Ján Štrasser
Slovakia Pavol Hammel, Marián Varga, Radim Hladík United States Paw
Canada Pawa Up First Poland Paweł Kaczmarczyk Audiofeeling Trio
United Kingdom PAWS Peru Pax
United States Pax 217 Ghana Pax Nicholas And The Nettey Family
Canada Payolas United States Payroll Giovanni
United States Payroll Giovanni & Cardo Switzerland Paysage d'Hiver
Brazil Pazes Belgium Pazop
Nigeria Pazy & The Black Hippies Japan Pazzo Fanfano Di Musica
United Kingdom P.C. Kent United States PCPC
Brazil Pé Ante Pé United States Peabo Bryson
United Kingdom Peace United States Peace Corpse
Austria Peace Orchestra Zambia The Peace
United States Peacepipe United States Peacers
Canada Peach Kelli Pop Canada Peach Pit
Canada Peaches United States Peaches & Herb
Switzerland The Peacocks Ireland Peadar Ó Riada
United States Peaer United States Peaking Lights
United States Peals United States The Peanut Butter Conspiracy
United States Peanut Butter Wolf United States Pearl And The Beard
United States Pearl Bailey United States Pearl Charles
United States Pearl Django United States Pearl Harbor And The Explosions
United States Pearl Harbour United States Pearl Jam
United States Pearlene United Kingdom The Pearlfishers
Australia Pearls United States Pearls And Brass
United States Pearls Before Swine Brazil Pearls Negras
United States Pearly Gate Music United States Pears
United Kingdom Pearson Sound United Kingdom Peatbog Faeries
France Peau Italy The Peawees
United States Pebbles Norway Peccatum
Mexico Peck-Smyth & Off United Kingdom The Peddlers & London Philharmonic Orchestra
United Kingdom The Peddlers Sweden Peder Mannerfelt
United States Pedestrian United States Pedestrian Deposit
Portugal Pedro Abrunhosa & Os Bandemónio Brazil Pedro Amorim
Spain Pedro Iturralde Spain Pedro LaDroga & $kyhook
Brazil Pedro Martins Brazil Pedro Santos
Mixed Nationality Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus Peru Pedro Suárez Vértiz
United States Pedro The Lion Argentina Pedro Y Pablo
Chile Pedropiedra United States P.E.E.
United States Pee Wee King United States Peel Dream Magazine
Japan Peelander-Z United States Peeling Grey
Switzerland Peeni Waali United Kingdom The Peep Show
Australia The Peep Tempel United States Peeping Tom
United States Peetie Wheatstraw Australia Peg
Spain Pegasvs United States Pegboy
Italy Peggio Punx Korea, South Peggy Gou
United States Peggy Lee United States Peggy Lee with George Shearing
United States Peggy Seeger United Kingdom Peggy Sue
Ireland Peggy's Leg Portugal Peixe: Avião
Serbia Pekinška Patka Finland Pekka Airaksinen
Finland Pekka Kuusisto & Iiro Rantala Finland Pekka Pohjola
Finland Pekka Streng Finland Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L
Australia Pel Mel United States Pela
United States Pele United States Pelican
Argentina Peligrosos Gorriones United States Pell Mell
Germany Pell Mell (DE) Sweden Pelle Carlberg
Norway Pelle Joner Finland Pelle Miljoona & 1980
Finland Pelle Miljoona Oy Greece Peloma Bokiou
United States Pelt United Kingdom Peluché
Italy Peluqueria Hernandez Brazil Pena Branca & Xavantinho
United States Penance United States Pencil
United States Pendant United States Pendejo
France Pendentif Canada Pender Street Steppers
Mixed Nationality Penderecki - Don Cherry & New Eternal Rhythm Orchestra Germany Pendikel
United Kingdom Pendragon Australia Pendulum
United States Penelope Gazin United States Penelope Houston
United Kingdom Penelope Isles Australia Penelope Trappes
United Kingdom Penetration United States The Penetrators
United States Penfold United Kingdom Penguin Cafe
United Kingdom Penguin Cafe Orchestra United States The Penguins (1950s)
United States The Penguins (1990s) Germany Penjaga Insaf
United States Penn Jillette Sweden Pennebaker
Finland Penniless United States Penny And Sparrow
Australia Penny Davies & Roger Ilott Austria Penny Mclean
South Africa Penny Penny United States Pennywise
France Pentacle United States Pentagram
Chile Pentagram (CL) Mixed Nationality Pentakill
United Kingdom Pentangle United States Pentatonix
United Kingdom Penthouse United Kingdom Penthouse Apartment
United States Pentimento United Kingdom The People Band
United Kingdom People In Planes United Kingdom People Like Us
United States People Like Us & Wobbly United States People Like Us & Wobbly & Matmos
United States People Like You United States People Seen In Cars
United States People Under The Stairs United Kingdom The People's Band
United States The People's Temple Spain Pep Laguarda & Tapineria
Democratic Republic of Congo Pepe - Kalle Spain Pepe Badajoz
France Pépé Bradock & The Grand Brûlé's Choir Finland Pepe Deluxé
Democratic Republic of Congo Pepe Kalle & Nyboma Brazil Pepeu Gomes
United Kingdom Peppa Pig United States Pepper
United States Pepper Adams United States Pepper Adams / Donald Byrd
United States Pepper Adams Donald Byrd Quintet United States Pepper Adams Quintet
Canada Pepper Tree United States Peppermint Trolley Company
Italy Peppino D'Agostino Sweden Peps Blodsband
Sweden Peps Persson Argentina Pequeña Orquesta Reincidentes
Norway Per Bergersen Denmark Per Frost
Sweden Per Gessle Germany Per-Sonat
Sweden Per Svensson Sweden Per Tjernberg
United States Peratus United Kingdom Perc
United States Percee P Trinidad and Tobago The Percentie Brothers
United States The Perceptionists Germany Percewood's Onagram
Netherlands Percussion Group The Hague United Kingdom Percussions
Canada Percy Faith And His Orchestra United Kingdom Percy Howard, Charles Hayward, Fred Frith, Bill Laswell
United States Percy Sledge United Kingdom Percy Thrillington
United States Pere Ubu Colombia Peregoyo Y Su Combo Vacaná
United Kingdom Peregrine United Kingdom Pererin
Argentina Pérez France Perez
Cuba Pérez Prado Mixed Nationality Perez Prado & Shorty Rogers
Cuba Perez Prado And His Orchestra Spain Pereza
United States Perfect Beings United States A Perfect Circle
Italy A Perfect Day United Kingdom The Perfect Disaster
Poland Perfect (PL) Sweden Perfect Plan
United States Perfect Pussy Poland Perfect Son
Australia Perfect Tripod United States Perfect (US)
United Kingdom Performance Japan Perfume
United Kingdom Perfume Advert Brazil Perfume Azul Do Sol
United States Perfume Genius Brazil Péricles Cavalcanti
Spain Perico Sambeat Italy Periferia Del Mondo
Italy Perigeo Mixed Nationality Peril
United States Periphery United States Perispirit
United States Periwinkle United States Perky Quinby & Gavin Gervis
Finland Permanent Clear Light United States Pernice Brothers
Argentina Perras On The Beach Mixed Nationality Perrey & Kingsley
France Perrine Mansuy Spain Perro
Ireland Perry Blake United States Perry Como
United States Perry Farrell United States Perry Leopold
Andorra Persefone Sweden Pershagen
United States Persia United Kingdom Persian Risk
United States Person Of Interest Brazil Persona
France Persona Non Grata Canada Personality Crisis
United States Personality Cult United States Perspective
United States Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold Sweden Persuader
United States The Persuasions Canada Perth County Conspiracy
France Perturbator Italy Perturbazione
Canada Pervers Polymorphe Spain Pervy Perkin
Brazil Pery Ribeiro Germany Perzonal War
Argentina Pescado Rabioso United Kingdom Peshay & Slipmaster J
United Kingdom Pesky Gee United Kingdom Pessimist
Brazil Pessoal Do Ceará Portugal Peste & Sida
France Peste Noire Netherlands Pestilence
United States Pet Lions United Kingdom Pet Shop Boys
Canada Pet Sun United States Pet Symmetry
United States Petal Croatia (Hrvatska) Petar Dundov
United Kingdom PETBRICK Greece Pete And Royce
United Kingdom Pete And The Pirates United Kingdom Pete Astor
United Kingdom Pete Atkin United Kingdom Pete Ballam
United Kingdom Pete Bardens' Mirage United Kingdom Pete Best
United Kingdom Pete Best Band United Kingdom Pete Brown & Phil Ryan
United Kingdom Pete Brown & Piblokto United Kingdom Pete Brown And His Battered Ornaments
United Kingdom Pete Cannon & Dr Syntax United Kingdom Pete Coe
United States Pete Davidson United Kingdom Pete Dello
United States Pete Droge United States Pete Escovedo
United Kingdom Pete Fij / Terry Bickers United States Pete Fine
United States Pete Fountain United Kingdom Pete Greenwood
United Kingdom Pete Ham United Kingdom Pete Haycock
United States Pete Holmes United States Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons
United States Pete Krebs United States Pete Krebs & The Gossamer Wings
United States Pete La Roca United Kingdom Pete Miller
United Kingdom Pete Molinari Australia Pete Murray
Germany Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze Mixed Nationality Pete Namlook & Tetsu Inoue
United Kingdom Pete Oxley & Nicolas Meier United States Pete Rock
United States Pete Rock & Camp Lo United States Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth
Puerto Rico Pete Rodriguez United States Pete Schlegel
United States Pete Seeger United States Pete Seeger & Chorus / The Almanac Singers
United States Pete Seeger & Ed Renehan United Kingdom Pete Shelley
United States Pete Swanson United Kingdom Pete Tong With The Heritage Orchestra Conducted By Jules Buckley
United Kingdom Pete Townshend United Kingdom Pete Townshend And Ronnie Lane
United States Pete Yorn United States Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson
Austria Peter Alexander United Kingdom Peter And Gordon
United Kingdom Peter And The Test Tube Babies United States Peter And The Wolf
Australia Peter Andre United Kingdom Peter Astor
United States Peter Bailey & Richie Santana United Kingdom Peter Banks
United Kingdom Peter Bardens Germany Peter Baumann
United Kingdom Peter Bellamy United States Peter Bernstein
United States Peter Bernstein Quartet Norway Peter Berry & The Shake Set
Australia Peter Bibby Sweden Peter Bjorn And John
Australia Peter Blakeley United States Peter Blegvad
Mixed Nationality Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge United States Peter Bradley Adams
Mixed Nationality Peter Breiner / Razumovsky Sinfonia United States Peter Broderick
Netherlands Peter Broderick & Machinefabriek Germany Peter Brötzmann
Mixed Nationality Peter Brötzmann & Heather Leigh Germany Peter Brötzmann & ICI Ensemble
Mixed Nationality Peter Brotzmann & Sonny Sharrock Mixed Nationality Peter Brötzmann / Keiji Haino / Jim O'Rourke
United Kingdom Peter Bruntnell United Kingdom The Peter Bruntnell Combination
United States Peter Buck United States Peter Case
India Peter Cat Recording Co. United States Peter Cetera
United Kingdom Peter Cook & Dudley Moore United States Peter Cooper
Austria Peter Cornelius United States Peter Criss
United Kingdom Peter Cusack United States Peter Davison
Mixed Nationality Peter Dijkstra / Chor Des Bayerischen Rundfunks Netherlands Peter Dijkstra / The Gents
United Kingdom Peter Doherty United Kingdom Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres
United States Peter Erskine United States Peter Erskine New Trio
Australia Peter Escott United States Peter Evans Quintet
Germany Peter Finger Germany Peter Fox
United Kingdom Peter Frampton United Kingdom Peter Frampton Band
Germany Peter Frohmader Australia Peter Furler
United Kingdom Peter Gabriel Australia Peter Garrett
United Kingdom Peter Gee Ecuador Peter Goodend
United Kingdom Peter Green United Kingdom Peter Green Splinter Group
United Kingdom Peter Gregson Mixed Nationality Peter Grenader / Steve Roach / Miles Richmond
United States Peter Grudzien Australia Peter Gundry
United Kingdom Peter Guth / Royal Philharmonic Orchestra United Kingdom Peter Hammill
Mixed Nationality Peter Hammill & Gary Lucas Australia Peter Harris
Canada Peter Henry Phillips Mixed Nationality Peter Herbolzheimer RC & B
United States Peter Himmelman Germany Peter Hirsch / Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin / RIAS Kammerchor
Germany Peter Hofmann United States Peter Holsapple And Chris Stamey
United Kingdom Peter Hook And The Light Austria Peter Horton
United Kingdom Peter Howell & John Ferdinando Austria Peter Igelhoff & Sein Ensemble
United States Peter Ivers Mixed Nationality Peter Ivers' Band With Yolande Bavan
United Kingdom Peter Jacobs New Zealand Peter Jefferies
New Zealand Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie Germany Peter Kater
Mixed Nationality Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai United Kingdom Peter Katin
United States Peter Kelley Nigeria Peter King
United States Peter La Farge United States Peter Lang
Sweden Peter LeMarc Switzerland Peter Maag / Veneto Philharmonic Orchestra
Germany Peter Maffay United States The Peter Malick Group
United States Peter Matthew Bauer United States Peter Maunu
United States Peter McConnell Germany Peter Mergener ◦ Michael Weisser
Germany Peter Michael Hamel Ireland Peter Moore
United States Peter Mulvey United Kingdom Peter Murphy
Germany Peter Namlook United States Peter Nero
United States Peter Paul Kellogg & Arthur A. Allen United Kingdom Peter Perrett
United Kingdom Peter Phillips / The Tallis Scholars United States Peter Principle
Jamaica Peter Ranking & General Lucky United States Peter Rauhofer
United States Peter Rowan United States Peter Rowan & The Rowan Brothers
United Kingdom Peter Sarstedt Germany Peter Schilling
Austria Peter Schleicher United States Peter Silberman
United Kingdom Peter Sinfield United Kingdom Peter Skellern
Denmark Peter Sommer United States Peter Sotos
United States Peter Stampfel And Jeffrey Lewis United States Peter Stark
United States Peter Stenshoel Canada Peter Tessier
Germany Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra United States Peter Tork
Jamaica Peter Tosh Belgium Peter Van Hoesen
Germany Peter Von Poehl United States Peter Walker
United States Peter Wolf United States Peter Wolf Crier
United States Peter Zummo United States Peter, Paul And Mary
United Kingdom Peter, Ross And Oliver Germany PeterLicht
Indonesia Peterpan United States Petey Pablo
France Petit Biscuit France Petit Fantôme
United States Petite League South Africa Petite Noir
Czech Republic Petr Kotvald United States Petra
United States Petra Haden United States Petra Haden / Bill Frisell
Mixed Nationality Petra Lang / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra / Riccardo Chailly United Kingdom Petrels
United Kingdom Petrol Girls Sweden Petter (2000s)
United Kingdom Petula Clark Belgium Peuk
United Kingdom Peverelist Argentina Pez
United States Pezband Poland Pezet-Noon
Canada Pezz United States P.F. Sloan
United States Pfarmers United Kingdom PFM
United States Pg. 99 United States P.G. Six
Sweden pg.lost Italy PGR
United States PH Phactor Germany Phace + Misanthrop
United States Phafner United States Phalanx
Viet Nam Phạm Đức Thành United States Phantasia
Australia Phantastic Ferniture United States Phantogram
United States Phantom 309 Germany Phantom Band
United Kingdom The Phantom Band United States The Phantom Blues Band
United States Phantom Buffalo Netherlands Phantom Four
United States Phantom Opera Germany The Phantom Payn
United States Phantom Planet United States The Phantom Surfers
United States Phantom Tollbooth United States Phantom's Divine Comedy
Poland The Phantom Germany Phantom/Ghost
Italy Phantoms Vs Fire United States Pharaoh
United States The Pharaohs United States The Pharcyde
United Kingdom The Pharmacists Band United States The Pharmacy
United States Pharmakon United States Pharoah Sanders
United States Pharoah Sanders & Graham Haynes United States Pharoahe Monch
United States Pharrell Williams United States Phases
United Kingdom Ph.D. United Kingdom PHD & DRS
Canada Phèdre United States Pheeroan Aklaff
Sweden Pheeyownah Mali Pheno S.
United Kingdom Phenomena United States The Phenomenal Handclap Band
United States The Phenomenauts Japan Phew
United Kingdom Phi-Life Cypher United States Phideaux
United States Phife Dawg United States Phil Alvin
United States Phil Beaudreau United Kingdom Phil Burdett
United Kingdom Phil Campbell United Kingdom Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons
United Kingdom Phil Collins Mixed Nationality Phil Collins / Mark Mancina
United States Phil Cook Mixed Nationality Phil Durrant, Thomas Lehn & Radu Malfatti
United Kingdom Phil France United States Phil Keaggy
United States Phil Keaggy, Wes King, Scott Denté United Kingdom Phil Lanzon
United States Phil Lesh And Friends Ireland Phil Lynott
Ireland Phil Lynott's Grand Slam United Kingdom Phil Manzanera
United Kingdom Phil Manzanera & 801 Mixed Nationality Phil Manzanera & Corroncho
Mixed Nationality Phil Manzanera & Sergio Dias United Kingdom Phil May & The Fallen Angels
United Kingdom Phil Minton & ICI Ensemble United States Phil Ochs
United States Phil Ranelin United Kingdom Phil Robson
Australia Phil Sawyer United States Phil Seymour
United Kingdom Phil Shöenfelt United States Phil Spector
United Kingdom Phil Thornton United Kingdom Phil Thornton & Mandragora
United States Phil Upchurch United States Phil Vassar
United States Phil Wickham United States Phil Woods
United States Phil Woods & Donald Byrd United States Phil Woods Quartet
United States Phil Yost United States The Philadelphia Experiment
Australia Philadelphia Grand Jury United States Philary
United Kingdom Phildel Germany Philharmonia Quartett Berlin
France Philharmonie United Kingdom Phili 'n' Dotz
United States Philip Aaberg United States Philip Bailey
United States Philip Brunelle / Plymouth Music Series Orchestra Belgium Philip Catherine
Mixed Nationality Philip Catherine / Larry Coryell United States Philip Cohran And The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
United States Philip Glass United States Philip Glass Ensemble
United States Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals United Kingdom Philip Jeck
Mixed Nationality Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder United Kingdom Philip Pickett / New London Consort
France Philip Sainton Australia Philip Samartzis
United Kingdom Philip Sayce United Kingdom Philip Selway
Canada Philip Thomson Russia Philipp Gorbachev & The Naked Man
Germany Philipp Gropper’s Philm Switzerland Philipp Zürcher & Tripod
Canada Philippe B France Philippe Besombes
Canada Philippe Brach France Philippe Guerre
Belgium Philippe Herreweghe / Collegium Vocale Gent Mixed Nationality Philippe Herreweghe / Collegium Vocale Gent / Ian Bostridge / Franz-Josef Selig / Sibylla Rubens / Andreas Scholl / Werner Güra
Mixed Nationality Philippe Herreweghe / Ensemble Musique Oblique / Albert Giraud / Marianne Pousseur Mixed Nationality Philippe Herreweghe / Ensemble Vocal Européen De La Chapelle Royale
France Philippe Laurent France Philippe Léotard
France Philippe Mate / Jef Gilson Mixed Nationality Philippe Quint / Marin Alsop / Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra
Belgium Philippe Robrecht Canada Philippe Woolgar
Australia The Philisteins United States The Philistines Jr.
United States Phill Niblock Jamaica Phill Pratt & Bobby Kalphat
Germany Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub Jamaica Phillip Fullwood & Winston McKenzie
United Kingdom Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin United States Phillip Johnston's Big Trouble
United States Phillip Mitchell United States Phillip Phillips
United States Phillip Roebuck Brazil Phillipi & Rodrigo
United States Phillips & Jensen United States Phillips/MacLeod
United States Philly Joe Jones United States Philly's Most Wanted
United States Philmont Canada Philosopher Kings
United Kingdom Philosopher's Stone United States The Philosophers
United States Philosophical Zombie United States Philthy Rich
United States Phineas Newborn Jr. United States Phineas Newborn Trio
United States Phish Denmark Phlake
Netherlands Phlebotomized United States Phleg Camp
Malaysia Phlox United States Phluph
United States Pho United States Phoebe Bridgers
Mixed Nationality Phoebe Killdeer & The Shift With Maria De Medeiros Australia Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws
United States Phoebe Snow Romania Phoenix
Italy Phoenix Again New Zealand The Phoenix Foundation
France Phoenix (FR) United Kingdom Phoenix (UK)
Canada Phone Jerks Germany Phoneheads
United Kingdom Phonem Germany Phonique
United States Phonte United States Phonte & Eric Roberson
United States Phony Ppl Hong Kong Phoon
United Kingdom Phoria United States Phosphorescent
United States Photay United Kingdom Photek
United States Photographers United Kingdom The Photos
United States Photoside Cafe United States Phox
United States Phranc Australia Phrase
United Kingdom Phronesis United States Phthalocyanine
Russia Phurpa United States Phuture 303
Jamaica Phyllis Dillon United States Phyllis Hyman
United States Phyllis Moss United Kingdom The Physics House Band
Denmark Phønix United States Pi Corp
France Pi Ja Ma United States Pi'erre Bourne
Estonia Pia Fraus Japan Piana
United Kingdom Piano Circus United States The Piano Guys
United Kingdom Piano Magic United States Pianos Become The Teeth
United States Pianosaurus Russia Piatnitsky Chorus
Spain Pic-Nic United States The Pica Beats
United Kingdom Picadilly Line Argentina Picaporters
Brazil Picassos Falsos Canada Picastro
Canada Picastro / Nadja Italy Picchio Dal Pozzo
Italy Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel United States Pickwick
Japan Picky Picnic United Kingdom Pictish Trail
Netherlands Picture United States Picture Atlantic
Japan A Picture Of Her Ireland Picture This
United States Pictureplane United States Pictures Of Vernon
United States Pidgeon United States Pidgeon (1960s)
New Zealand Pie Warmer United States Piebald
Italy A Piedi Nudi Argentina Piel De Pueblo
Italy Pierangelo Bertoli United States Pierce Pettis
United States Pierce The Veil United States Pierced Arrows
United States The Pierces Italy Piero Bellugi / Orchestra Sinfonica Di Sanremo
Italy Piero Ciampi Italy Piero Piccioni
Italy Piero Umiliani Italy Pierpaolo Bibbò
Gabon Pierre Akendengué Russia Pierre And Vladimir Svetlanoff With The Sania Poustylnikoff Orchestra
Ivory Coast Pierre Antoine France Pierre Bachelet
France Pierre Barouh France Pierre Bartholomée / Orchestre Philharmonique De Liège
France Pierre Bastien Algeria Pierre Bensusan
France Pierre Boulez Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / BBC Symphony Orchestra / Ensemble InterContemporain
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / BBC Symphony Orchestra / London Symphony Orchestra Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / BBC Symphony Orchestra / Strings Of The New Philharmonia Orchestra
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Berliner Philharmoniker France Pierre Boulez / Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Chicago Symphony Orchestra / Anatol Ugorski Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Cleveland Orchestra
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Cleveland Orchestra / Françoise Pollet / Pierre-Laurent Aimard / Joela Jones Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Cleveland Orchestra / London Symphony Orchestra / Krystian Zimerman
France Pierre Boulez / Ensemble InterContemporain Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Ensemble Intercontemporain / Jean-Guihen Queyras / Saschko Gawriloff / Pierre-Laurent Aimard
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Ensemble InterContemporain / New York Philharmonic France Pierre Boulez / Ensemble InterContemporain / Pierre-Laurent Aimard
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Hilary Summers / Ensemble Intercontemporain Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Le Domaine Musical / Helga Pilarczyk
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / London Symphony Orchestra / Emilio Pomàrico / Klangforum Wien Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / New York Philharmonic
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / New York Philharmonic / Cleveland Orchestra France Pierre Boulez / Orchestre Du Domaine Musical
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Orchestre Et Choeur De L'Opéra De Paris France Pierre Boulez / Orchestre National De France, The New Swingle Singers
Mixed Nationality Pierre Boulez / Wiener Philharmoniker France Pierre Brasseur ‎
Switzerland Pierre Cavalli, Léon Francioli & Tony D'Adario France Pierre Daven-Keller
France Pierre Dervaux / Orchestre Et Choeur Du Théâtre National De L'Opéra-Comique Mixed Nationality Pierre Favre Ensemble
France Pierre Fournier France Pierre Henry
France Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier France Pierre Henry / Pierre Schaeffer / Philippe Arthuys
Mixed Nationality Pierre Kwenders Canada Pierre Lapointe
France Pierre-Laurent Aimard France Pierre Michelot
Mixed Nationality Pierre Moerlen's Gong Mixed Nationality Pierre Monteux / Boston Symphony Orchestra
France Pierre Monteux / Choeurs Et Orchestre Du Théâtre National De L'Opéra-Comique Mixed Nationality Pierre Monteux / London Symphony Orchestra
France Pierre Monteux / San Francisco Symphony Orchestra France Pierre Schaeffer
France Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry Italy Pierrot Lunaire (IT)
United Kingdom Piers Faccini Mixed Nationality Piers Faccini & Vincent Ségal
Poland Piersi Brazil Pietá
United States Pieta Brown United States The Pietasters
Belgium Pieter-Jan De Smet Mixed Nationality Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook
United Kingdom Pig United States Pig Destroyer
Sweden Pig Eyes Venezuela Pig Farm On The Moon
United Kingdom Pig Rider United Kingdom Pig With The Face Of A Boy
France Pigalle United Kingdom Pigbag
United Kingdom The Pigeon Detectives United States Pigeon John
United States Pigeonhed United States Pigeons Playing Ping Pong
United States Pigface United States Piglet
United States Pigmeat Markham United Kingdom Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
United Kingdom The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra Finland Piirpauke
Indonesia Pijar United Kingdom Pijn
United Kingdom Pijn & Conjurer Russia Pikapika Teart
Iceland Pikknikk United Kingdom PIL
Canada Pilate Zambia PilAto
United States Pile Norway Piledriver
Finland Pilgrim South Africa Piliso
United States Pill United States Pill Friends
United States Pillar United States The Pillbugs
Belgium Pillion United States Pillorian
Italy Pillot - Farmer Quartet Ireland Pillow Queens
Japan The Pillows United Kingdom Pilot
Canada Pilot Speed United Kingdom Pilote
Brazil Pin Ups United Kingdom Pinact
United States Piñata Protest United States Pinback
United States Pinc Louds United Kingdom Pinch
United Kingdom Pinch & Mumdance United Kingdom Pinch & Shackleton
Australia Pinch Points United States The Pine Hill Haints
United States The Pine Valley Cosmonauts United States Pineal Ventana
United Kingdom The Pineapple Thief Sweden Pineforest Crunch
United States Pinegrove United States The Pines
United States Pinetop Perkins United States Pinetop Perkins And Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
United States Pinetop Seven Norway Ping
Israel Pingpong Germany Pinguin
United States Pinhead Gunpowder France PinioL
Slovenia Pinja Džazna United States Pink And Brown
United States Pink Anderson United Kingdom Pink Cigs
Germany Pink Cream 69 United Kingdom Pink Fairies
United Kingdom Pink Floyd United States Pink Floyd Floydhead
Poland Pink Freud Mixed Nationality Pink Guy
United Kingdom Pink Industry United States Pink Lincolns
United States Pink Martini Mixed Nationality Pink Martini & Saori Yuki
United States Pink Martini & The Von Trapps United Kingdom Pink Military
Canada Pink Mountaintops United States Pink Navel
United States Pink Noise Test United States Pink Reason
United States Pink Section United States Pink Siifu
United States The Pink Spiders Germany Pink Turns Blue
United Kingdom The Pinkees United Kingdom Pinkerton's Assorted Colours & The Flying Machine
Korea, South Pinkfong United States Pinkly Smooth
Russia Pinkshinyultrablast Denmark Pinkunoizu
United Kingdom Pinnacle Italy Pino Daniele
Italy Pino Donaggio United Kingdom Pins
Finland Pintandwefall Italy Piombo A Tempo
France Pion Jamaica The Pioneers
Poland Piotr Bukartyk Poland Piotr Rubik
Norway Pip Netherlands Pip Blom
United Kingdom Pip Pyle United Kingdom Pipas
United States The Pipe Dream Australia Pipe-eye
Czech Republic Pipes And Pints United States Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't
United Kingdom The Pipettes Brazil Pipo Pegoraro
Brazil Pipodélica United States The Piranhas
Spain Piratas United Kingdom The Pirates
Brazil Piri United Kingdom Piroshka
France The Pirouettes United States Pisces
United Kingdom Pisces (UK) Norway Pish
Germany Pisse United States Pissed Happy Children
United States Pissed Jeans United States Pissgrave
United States Pissing Razors Australia Pist Idiots
United States The Pist United States Pistol Annies
Japan Pistol Valve United States Pistoleros
United States Pist.on Spain Pistones
Germany Pit Baumgartner United Kingdom Pita
United States Pitbull New Zealand Pitch Black
United States Pitch Black Forecast United States PitchBlak Brass Band
United States Pitchblende United States Pitchfork
United Kingdom Pitchshifter Germany Pitchtuner
Mexico Pito Perez United States Pitom
Mixed Nationality Pitts Minnemann Project Brazil Pitty
Italy Pitura Freska United States Pity Sex
Brazil Piveti E Branco Australia Pivixki
United States Pivot Gang United Kingdom Pixie Lott
United States Pixies United States The Pixies Three
Brazil Pixinguinha Brazil Pixinguinha / Clementina De Jesus / João Da Baiana
France Pixvae United Kingdom Pixx
United Kingdom Pizza Delivery Guys United States The Pizza Underground
United Kingdom pizzagirl United Kingdom Pizzatramp
Japan Pizzicato Five United Kingdom PJ Harvey
United States PJ Morton United States P.J. Orion And The Magnate$
China P.K. 14 China P.K. 14
Canada Pkew Pkew Pkew United States Place Of Skulls
United States A Place To Bury Strangers Germany Place Vendome
United Kingdom Placebo Belgium Placebo (ΒΕ)
Canada Placebo (CA) Germany Placebo Effect
United States Places To Hide Spain Placido Domingo
Netherlands Plackband New Zealand Plagal Grind
United States Plague Vendor United States The Plague
United Kingdom Plaid United States Plaid Retina
United States Plain Jane United States Plain White T's
United States Plain Wrap United States PlainFire
United States Plains Druid United Kingdom Plainsong
Serbia Plamen Večnosti United States Plan 9
United Kingdom Plan B Germany Plan B (DE)
Mixed Nationality Plan V Sweden The Plan
United States Planes Mistaken For Stars France Planet 1999
Austria Planet E Italy Planet Funk
Brazil Planet Hemp United States Planet Loser
United States Planet P Project Canada The Planet Smashers
United States Planet X Chile Planeta No
Italy Planetarium United States Planetary
Australia Planetshakers United Kingdom Plank!
United States Plankeye Germany Planlos
United States Planning For Burial Germany Planningtorock
United States Plant And See Albania Plantlife
United Kingdom Plantman Canada Plants And Animals
Ireland Planxty Italy Plasma Expander
United States Plasmatics Italy Plaster
United States Plaster Caster Blues Band Belgium Plastic Bertrand
Canada The Plastic Cloud United States The Plastic Constellations
United States Plastic Crimewave Sound Germany Plastic Noise Experience
Mixed Nationality The Plastic Ono Band United Kingdom Plastic Penny
Netherlands Plastic People Czech Republic The Plastic People Of The Universe
Japan Plastic Tree United States Plasticland
Mexico The Plastics Revolution Canada Plastikman
Germany Plastikstrom Mexico Plastilina Mosh
Brazil Plastique Noir France Plastiscines
France Plat Du Jour Spain Platero Y Tú
Canada Platinum Blonde United States Platinum Hook
Germany Plattenpapst Jöak Und Freunde United States The Platters
United States Platypus Bosnia and Herzegovina Plavi Orkestar
United Kingdom Play Dead Chile Playa Gótica
United States Playboi Carti United States Player
United States Player United States Player 1 & Bloody Bones
United States The Players Association United Kingdom Playgroup
United States PlayRadioPlay! United Kingdom The Playwrights
United States Pleasance House United States Pleasant Gehman
United Kingdom Please United States Pleasure
United States The Pleasure Fair Spain The Pleasure Fuckers
United States Pleasure Leftists United Kingdom Pleasure Model
New Zealand The Pleazers Brazil Plebe Rude
Cuba Plena Del Sol Japan Plenty
Slovenia Plesni Orkester Radiotelevizije Ljubljana / RTV Ljubljana Big Band/ Jože Privšek United States Plexi
United Kingdom Plexus France Pleymo
United Kingdom The Plight United States The Plimsouls
Australia Plini Brazil Plínio Marcos: Em Prosa E Samba
Iceland Plïnkï Plønkï United Kingdom Plinth
Greece P.L.J. Band United States Pllush
Russia Ploho United Kingdom Plone
United States The Plot In You United States The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower
United States PLS PLS United Kingdom Plug
United States The Plugz United States Plum Nelly
United States Plumb Canada Plume & Cassonade
Canada Plume Latraverse United Kingdom Plummet Airlines
United Kingdom Plump DJs Canada Plumtree
Canada Plunderphonic Germany Pluramon
United Kingdom Plus Japan Plus-Tech Squeeze Box
United States Plush Norway Pluto (NO)
New Zealand Pluto (NZ) Portugal Pluto (PT)
United Kingdom Pluto (UK) United Kingdom PM
United States P.M. Dawn United States PM Today
United States PMD Australia Pnau
France PNL France P.O. Box
United States Po' Girl Denmark Pocket-Size
United Kingdom Pocket Sun Denmark Pockets
United States Poco United States P.O.D.
United States Podunk United States Poe
Germany Poems For Laila Canada Poemss
Belgium Poésie Noire Mixed Nationality Poet & The Roots
United States Poets & Pornstars Germany The Poets Of Rhythm
Finland Poets Of The Fall Denmark The Poets
Australia Pogo Poland Pogodno
Lithuania Pogrom United Kingdom The Pogues
United States Poi Dog Pondering France PoiL
United States Point Blank (1970s) United States Point Blank (1990s)
United Kingdom Point Break United States Point Of Grace
Canada Pointed Sticks United States Pointer Sisters
United Kingdom Poisk United States Poison
United States Poison 13 United States Poison Clan
Germany Poison (DE) Japan Poison Girl Friend
United Kingdom Poison Girls United States Poison Idea
United States Poison The Well Finland Poisonblack
United Kingdom Poisoned Electrick Head Germany Poker
United States Pokey LaFarge United Kingdom Polak
Switzerland Polar United Kingdom Polar Bear
United States Polar Bear Club United States Polar Bear (US)
United States Polara United States Polaris
Australia Polaris (AU) Germany Polarkreis 18
Germany Pole France Pôle
United Kingdom Polecats Slovakia Polemic
Argentina Poli Y Prietto United States Poliça
Mixed Nationality Poliça & Stargaze United Kingdom The Police
United States Policy Of 3 Argentina Polifemo
Italy Polifonica Ambrosiana United Kingdom Poliphony
Australia Polish Club Poland Polish Jazz Quartet
Poland Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra / Maksymiuk / Semkov / Wit United States Polkadot Cadaver
United Kingdom Polkaworks Austria Polkov
Greece Poll United States The Poll Winners
Canada Pollen United States Polly Bradfield
United Kingdom Polly Paulusma United Kingdom Polly Scattergood
United States Pollyn Canada Polmo Polpo
France Polo & Pan United States Polo G
Russia Poloniumcubes Poland Poluzjanci
United States Polvo United Kingdom Poly Styrene
United States Polyenso United Kingdom Polygon Window
United States Polykroma United States Polyphia
United States The Polyphonic Spree United States Polyphony
United States Polyrhythm Addicts United States Polyrhythmics
United States Polyrock Japan Polysics
Germany Polytoxicomane Philharmonie Ireland Polytunnel
Norway Pom Poko Germany Pom Pom
United States Pom Pom Squad United States The Pom-Poms
United Kingdom Pombagira France Pomme
United States Pomplamoose Ukraine Pomsta
Mixed Nationality Poncho Sanchez Canada Ponctuation
Australia Pond Germany Pond (DE)
United States Pond (US) United States Ponderosa Twins Plus One
France Poni Hoax United States The Pontiac Brothers
United States Pontiak United States Pontoons
Sweden Pontus & Amerikanerna Spain Pony Bravo
Ireland Pony Club Germany A Pony Named Olga
United States Pony Poindexter France Pony Pony Run Run
United States The Ponys United States Ponytail
United States Poobah United Kingdom The Pooches
United Kingdom The Pooh Sticks United Kingdom Pooka
Canada Pool Boy United States Pool Kids
United States Poolside Finland Pooma
United States Poon Patrol United States Poopy Lungstuffing
United States Poor Alfred United States Poor Lily
United States Poor Man’s Whiskey United States Poor Richard
United States Poor Righteous Teachers Australia The Poor
Greece Poordream United Kingdom The Poozies
United States Pop. 1280 Portugal Pop Dell'Arte
United States POP ETC United States Pop Evil
United Kingdom The Pop Group United Kingdom Pop Levi
Serbia Pop Mašina United States Pop-O-Pies
United Kingdom The Pop Rivets United States Pop Smoke
United Kingdom Pop Will Eat Itself Canada The Pop Winds
United States The Pop United States Popa Chubby
Jamaica Popcaan United States Popcorn Blizzard
India Popcorn Kid United Kingdom Pope Joan
Serbia Popečitelji France Popera Cosmic
United Kingdom The Popguns United Kingdom The Popinjays
Canada Poplar Street Germany Popnoname
Germany Popol Vuh United States Poppy
Canada The Poppy Family France Poppys
United States Pops Staples Sweden Popsicle
New Zealand Popstrangers Italy Populous
Mixed Nationality Populous With Short Stories Australia Porcelain Bus
Italy Porcelain Raft United States Porches
United Kingdom Porcupine Tree Mixed Nationality Pork Pie
United States Porn Orchard United States Porno For Pyros
Japan Porno Graffitti Poland Pornografia
United Kingdom Porridge Radio Argentina Porsuigieco
United States Port Blue United States Port O'Brien
United States Port O'brien Italy Port-Royal
Italy Port-Royal / Absent Without Leave United States Port Said
United States Port St. Willow Australia Portal
United States Portastatic Turkey Portecho
Mexico Porter Poland Porter Band
United States Porter Ray Germany Porter Ricks
Germany Porter Ricks : Techno Animal United States Porter Robinson
United States Porter Wagoner United States Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton
United States Porter Wagoner And Skeeter Davis Germany The Porters
United Kingdom Portico Quartet United Kingdom Portion Control
United Kingdom Portion Reform United Kingdom Portishead
Belgium Portland United States Portland Cello Project
Croatia (Hrvatska) Porto Morto United States Portraits Of Past
United States Portrayal Of Guilt United States Ports Of Call
United States Portugal. The Man Iran Porya Hatami
United States P.O.S. Brazil Posada E O Clã
United States The Posies United Kingdom Position Normal
United States Positive Force United Kingdom Positive Noise
United States Pospulenn United States Posse
United States Possessed United States Possessed By Paul James
United Kingdom Possessed (UK) United States Possession
Australia Possible Humans United States Possum Dixon
United States Possum In My Room United States Possum Moods
United States Post Animal Czech Republic Post-it
United States Post Malone United States Post Mortem
United States Post Pink Poland Post Regiment
United States The Postal Service Lebanon Postcards
United States Poster Children Sweden Postiljonen
Netherlands Postmen United Kingdom Posture & The Grizzly
United States Pot Valiant Germany Potsch Potschka
United States Potter St. Cloud Canada Pottery
Brazil Pouca Vogal United States Pound
United States Pounding Serfs Sweden Pouppee Fabrikk
United States Poussez! United States Pouya
United States Pouya & Fat Nick Sweden Povel Ramel
Germany Poverty’s No Crime Denmark Povl Dissing & Burnin Red Ivanhoe
France Pow Wow Canada Pow Wows
Russia Powder! Go Away Australia Powderfinger
United Kingdom Powell Australia Power Glove
Ireland Power Of Dreams United States Power Of The Spoken Word
United States Power Of Zeus United Kingdom Power Quest
Mixed Nationality The Power Station United Kingdom Power Steppers
United States Power Tools United States Power Trip
United Kingdom Powerdance United States Powermad
United States Powerman 5000 United Kingdom Powerplant
United States Powers Pleasant Germany Powerwolf
United Kingdom Pozi United States P.P. Arnold
Russia PPK United States PPP
United States Pr0files United States Prabhu Nam Kaur / Snatam Kaur
Belgium Praga Khan Czech Republic Prager Streichquartett
Czech Republic Prague Madrigal Singers United Kingdom pragVEC
United Kingdom Pram United States Prants
United States Pras United States Prawn
United States Praxis Australia Pray TV
Ireland The Prayer Boat United States Prayer Chain
United States The Prayer Chain United States Prayers
United Kingdom Praying Mantis Czech Republic Pražský Výběr
Slovakia Prazsky Vyber II United States Pre
United Kingdom The Pre New United Kingdom Preacher
Australia The Preatures United States Precious Bryant
United States Precious Death United Kingdom Prefab Sprout
United States Prefuse 73 United States A Pregnant Light
Hungary Pregnant Whale Pain United Kingdom Prelude
Brazil Premeditando O Breque Italy Premiata Forneria Marconi
United States Prentice & Tuttle Canada Preoccupations
Australia Prepared Like A Bride United States Preschool Tea Party Massacre
United States Prescott Curlywolf Belgium Present
United Kingdom Presents For Sally United States Preservation
United States Preservation Hall Jazz Band United States Preservation Hall Jazz Band And The Del McCoury Band
Australia The Presets Iceland President Bongo & Óttar S
United States President T United States "The President's Own" United States Marine Band & Col. Timothy W. Foley
United States The President United States The Presidents Of The United States Of America
Australia Press Club United States Pressed Down, Shaken Together And Running Over
United Kingdom Pressure Drop United States The Prestige All Stars
United States Presto Ballet United States Preston Love
United States Preston Reed United States Preston School Of Industry
Spain Presuntos Implicados United States Pretend
Mixed Nationality Pretenders United States Pre)Thing
United States The Prettiots United States Pretty & Twisted
United Kingdom Pretty Addicted United States Pretty Boy Floyd
United States Pretty Girls Make Graves United States Pretty Lights
United States Pretty Little Flower United States Pretty Little Goat String Band
Denmark Pretty Maids United States The Pretty Reckless
United States Pretty Ricky Germany Pretty Sneaky
United Kingdom The Pretty Things United States The Prevaricators
Germany Prezident United States PRhyme
France Priam United States The Price Of Sanity
United States Prick Canada The Priddle Concern
United States Pride United States Pride & Glory
Croatia (Hrvatska) Pridjevi United States The Prids
United States Priest Canada Priestess
United States Priests United States The Prima Donnas
Norway Prima Vera Germany Primal Fear
United Kingdom Primal Scream United Kingdom The Primary 5
United Kingdom A Primary Industry Mexico Primavera Club
South Africa Prime Circle Germany Prime Minister Of Doom
United States Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich United States Primevil
Australia Primitive Calculators United Kingdom Primitive Instinct
United Kingdom Primitive Knot United States Primitive Man
United States Primitive Radio Gods United Kingdom The Primitives (1960s)
United Kingdom The Primitives Australia Primo!
Ireland Primordial United States Primordial Undermind
Canada Primrods United States Primus
United States Prince United States Prince & 3rdEyeGirl
United States Prince & Bria Valente United States Prince & The New Power Generation
Jamaica Prince Alla United States Prince And The Revolution
Jamaica Prince Buster United States Prince Charles & The City Beat Band
United States Prince Daddy & The Hyena Jamaica Prince Douglas
Cameroon Prince Eyango Jamaica Prince Far I
Jamaica Prince Far I & The Arabs Jamaica Prince Hammer
Jamaica Prince Jammy Jamaica Prince Jazzbo
Kenya Prince Khonjo 99 United States Prince Lasha
United States Prince Lasha / Sonny Simmons / Clifford Jordan / Don Cherry United States Prince Lasha Quintet / Sonny Simmons
Nigeria Prince Nico Mbarga Iraq Prince Of Assyria
Germany Prince Of Denmark United States The Prince Of Space
Germany Prince Of The Blood United States Prince Paul
United States Prince Po United States Prince Rama
New Zealand Prince Tui Teka New Zealand Princess Chelsea
United States Princess Nokia United States Princess Superstar
United Kingdom Principal Edwards Magic Theatre Sweden Prins Emanuel
Norway Prins Thomas United Kingdom Prinzhorn Dance School
United States Priscilla Ahn Brazil Priscilla Ermel
Canada Prism United States Prism Tats
United States PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises United States Prison
United States Prison Religion United States Prisoners At The Ramsey And Retrieve State Farms, Texas
United Kingdom The Prisoners United States Prisonshake
Norway Pristine United Kingdom The Pristines
India Pritam France Pritchard & Lo
Denmark Private United States Prix
United States The Prize Fighter Inferno United States Prizehog
Croatia (Hrvatska) Prljavo Kazalište Bosnia and Herzegovina Pro Arte
United States The Pro Arte Singers United Kingdom Pro Cantione Antiqua / Bruno Turner
United States Pro-Pain Poland Pro8l3m
Sweden Problem United States Problem Child (US)
United States Probot United Kingdom Proc Fiskal
Australia Process Portugal Process Of Guilt
Chile Procession Italy Procession (IT)
United Kingdom The Proclaimers United Kingdom Procol Harum
United Kingdom The Proctors United States The Procussions
United States The Prodigals United States Prodigy
United States Prodigy & Boogz Boogetz United States Prodigy & The Alchemist
United Kingdom The Prodigy United Kingdom Producers
United States Prof Germany Prof. Wolff
United States Professional Murder Music United Kingdom The Professionals
United Kingdom Professor Elemental United Kingdom Professor Green
United States Professor Longhair Australia Professor Ratbaggy
Canada Proffessor Undressor Germany Profil
Brazil Profissão De Urubu United States Profligate
United States Prog Collective United Kingdom Prognosis
France Programme Czech Republic Progres 2
Romania Progresiv TM Czech Republic The Progress Organization
United States Prohibituary France Prohom
United States Project 86 Brazil Project Black Pantera
Australia Project D Canada Project Pablo
United States Project Pat Germany Project Pitchfork
United States Project Trio United States Project X
Mixed Nationality ProjeKct Four Mixed Nationality ProjeKct One
Mixed Nationality ProjeKct Two United Kingdom ProjeKct X
United Kingdom Prolapse United States The Proletariat
Poland Proletaryat Canada Prom Nite
United States The Promise Ring United States Promised Land Sound
United States Prong United States Proof (2000s)
United States Proof (70s) United States The Proof
Germany Propaganda United States Propaganda (US)
Canada Propagandhi United Kingdom Propellerheads
United Kingdom The Proper Ornaments United Kingdom Prophecy Of Doom
United States Prophet Posse United States Prophets Of Rage
United States Prosaics United States Prostitutes
United Kingdom Prosumer United States Protect-U
Canada Protest The Hero United States Proteus
United Kingdom Protex United States Proto-Kaw
Ireland Protobaby Jamaica Protoje
United States Protomartyr United States The Protomen
Denmark Proton Kinoun United Kingdom Protos
United States Prototype Sweden The Provenance
Italy Prozac+ Canada Prozzäk
Norway Prudence United Kingdom The Prudes
Slovakia Prúdy United Kingdom Prunella Scales
Ireland The Prunes United States Prurient
United States Pruven France Pryapisme
United States Prydein United States P.S. Eliot
Canada PS I Love You United States Psalm One
United States Psalters United Kingdom Psapp
Australia Pseudo Echo United States Pseudonym
United States Psi Com Czech Republic Psí Vojáci ‎
Brazil Psilosamples Israel Psoy
Israel Psoy & The Israelifts Israel Psoy And Oy Division
Israel Psoy Korolenko & Igor Krutogolov Norway Psudoku
Korea, South Psy Canada Psyche
Denmark Psyched Up Janis United States The Psychedelic Ensemble
United Kingdom The Psychedelic Furs United States Psychedelic Horseshit
Australia Psychedelic Porn Crumpets United Kingdom Psychedelic Warriors
United States Psychic Ills United States Psychic LCD
United States The Psychic Paramount United States Psychic Teens
United States Psychic Temple United Kingdom Psychic TV
United States Psychic Twin United Kingdom Psychick TV & White Stains
Netherlands Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia United Kingdom Psycho Motel
United States Psycho Realm United Kingdom Psychogeographical Commission
Belgium Psychonaut United Kingdom Psychonauts
United Kingdom Psychophysicist United States Psychostick
France The Psychotic Monks United States Psychotic Waltz
United States Psyclon Nine United States Psyclones
Mixed Nationality Psyco On Da Bus Sweden Psycore
United States Psycotic Pineapple Israel PsyCraft ‎
Denmark The Psyke Project France Psykopat
United States Psykosonik Russia Psykovsky
United States Psyopus Poland Ptaki
Poland Ptaky Canada Ptarmigan
United States P.T.L Klub France Ptôse
Russia PTU United Kingdom Pub
United States The Pubcrawlers United States Public Access T.V.
United States Public Affection United States Public Enemy
United States Public Enemy Featuring Paris United Kingdom Public Foot The Roman
United Kingdom Public Image Ltd. United States Public Memory
United States Public Nuisance United States Public Practice
United Kingdom Public Service Broadcasting United Kingdom Publicist UK
Denmark Puce Mary United States Puddle Of Mudd
United States Puddle Splasher New Zealand The Puddle
United States Puff Daddy United States Puff Pieces
Japan Puffy Japan Puffy AmiYumi
Mixed Nationality Puggy Sweden Pugh Rogefeldt
Sweden Pugh Rogefeldt & Rainrock Netherlands Pugh's Place
United Kingdom Pugma-Ho! Japan Pugs
United States Pugsley Munion Ireland Pugwash
Germany Puhdys Sweden Puke
Canada Pukka Orchestra United States Pulcra Pareidolia
United Kingdom Pulkas United Kingdom Pulled Apart By Horses
United States Pullman United Kingdom Pulp
France Pulsar United States Pulsars
United States Pulse (1960s) Germany Pulse (1990s)
Canada Pulse Ultra United States Pulseprogramming
United Kingdom Puma Blue United Kingdom Pumajaw
United Kingdom Pumarosa Germany P.U.M.P.
United States Pumpkinhead Spain Pumuky
Finland PunainenLanka United States Punch Brothers
Canada Puncturevine Austria Pungent Stench
United Kingdom Punishment Of Luxury Germany Punkenstein
Italy Punkreas United States Punks On Mars
Canada Punky Brüster Hungary Punnany Massif
Canada PUP United Kingdom The Pupils
Germany Puppetmastaz United Kingdom The Puppini Sisters
United Kingdom Puppy Germany Pur
Finland Pure Canada Pure
United States Pure Bathing Culture United States Pure Hell ‎
United States Pure Joy Mixed Nationality Pure Love
United States Pure Prairie League United Kingdom Pure Reason Revolution
United States Pure X United Kingdom Puressence
United Kingdom The Purist Canada Purity Ring
United States Purling Hiss United States Puro Instinct
United States Purple Germany Purple Disco Machine
United Kingdom Purple Hearts United States Purple Image
United States Purple Mountains United States The Purple Outside
Greece Purple Overdose New Zealand Purple Pilgrims
Japan Purple Project United States Purr Machine
Iceland Purrkur Pillnikk United Kingdom Purson
Canada The Pursuit Of Happiness Indonesia Pusaka Bangun Jaya
United States Puscifer Denmark Push
Belgium Push (BE) United States Push Button Press
United States The Push Kings United States Pusha T
Sweden Pusrad United States Puss N Boots
United Kingdom Pussy United Kingdom Pussy (1970s)
United States Pussy Galore United States The Pussycat Dolls
Norway The Pussycats United States The Pussywillows
Poland Pustki France Putride Déglutition / Lobotom
Italy Putridity Puerto Rico Puya
United States Puzzle United States Puzzle (1960s)
Japan Puzzle Punks Germany PVC
United States Pvris Australia PVT
United States P.W. Long's Reelfoot United States PWR BTTM
United Kingdom Pye Corner Audio United Kingdom Pye Corner Audio & Not Waving
United Kingdom Pye Hastings United States Pygmy Lush
Korea, South Pyha United States Pylon
United States Pynkie Mixed Nationality Pyramaze
Germany Pyramid Peak United Kingdom Pyramid (UK)
United States Pyramid (US) United States Pyramids
Mixed Nationality Pyramids / Nadja United States The Pyramids (1970s)
United States The Pyramids Mixed Nationality Pyranha
United Kingdom Pyrates! Germany Pyrolator
United States Pyrrhon Netherlands Pythagoras
United Kingdom Pythia Australia Python Lee Jackson
Germany Pzychobitch
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Best Artists of 1975
1. Pink Floyd
2. Bob Dylan
3. Bruce Springsteen
4. Queen
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Brian Eno
7. Patti Smith
8. Neil Young
9. Fleetwood Mac
10. Aerosmith
11. Parliament
12. Elton John
13. Joni Mitchell
14. Keith Jarrett
15. David Bowie
16. Bob Dylan & The Band
17. Black Sabbath
18. Fela Kuti
19. Fela Kuti & Africa 70
20. Neil Young & Crazy Horse
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