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United States Q And Not U United States Q Da Fool & Kenny Beats
United Kingdom The Q Men United States Q-Tip
United States Q'uq'umatz Iceland Q4U
United States Q5 Netherlands Q65
Spain Qa'a Iran Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri
United States Qari & GreenSLLIME Mexico Qbo
United Kingdom Qebrus United Kingdom QELD
United Kingdom The Qemists Germany Qluster
Canada Qristina & Quinn Bachand United States QTY
Australia Qua United States Quad City DJ's
United States The Quadrajets Germany Quadro Nuevo
Denmark Quadron United Kingdom Quakers
United Kingdom Quando Quango United States Quannum
United Kingdom Quantic Mixed Nationality Quantic & Alice Russell with The Combo Bárbaro
Colombia Quantic & His Combo Barbaro Belgium Quantum Fantay
United Kingdom Quantum Jump Iceland Quarashi
Germany Quarks United States The Quarter After
United States Quarterbacks United States Quarterflash
Turkey Quartet Muartet Portugal The Quartet Of Woah!
Portugal Quarteto 1111 Brazil Quarteto Em Cy & Tamba Trio
Brazil Quarteto Novo Italy Quartetto Italiano
Brazil Quarto Negro United Kingdom Quartz
United Kingdom Quasar Australia Quasar (AU)
United States Quasi Canada Quasimojo
United States Quasimoto United Kingdom Quatermass
Brazil Quaterna Réquiem United States Quatrain
France Quatuor Arod Austria Quatuor Mosaïques
United States Quavo United States Quazar
United States Qubais Reed Ghazala Poland Quebonafide
United Kingdom Queen United Kingdom Queen + Paul Rodgers
Jamaica Queen Ifrica United States Queen Kwong
United States Queen Latifah United States Queen Naija
United States Queen Of Jeans United States Queen Pen
China Queen Sea Big Shark United Kingdom Queen Zee
United States The Queen's Nectarine Machine United Kingdom Queenadreena
United States Queens Of The Stone Age United States Queensrÿche
United States The Queers Italy Quella Vecchia Locanda
United States Quelle Chris United States Quelle Chris & Chris Keys
Australia Quench Argentina Queridas
Canada Quest For Fire Nigeria Question Mark
United States Question Of Madness Ireland Quetzolcoatl
United States Qui United States Qui W/ Trevor Dunn
Canada The Quick Brown Fox United States The Quick
Sweden Quicksand Dream United Kingdom Quicksand (UK)
United States Quicksand (US) United States Quicksilver Daydream
United States Quicksilver Messenger Service Mixed Nationality Quicksound & Alpha Yaya Diallo
United Kingdom Quickspace Poland Quidam
Australia Quiet Child United States Quiet Company
United States Quiet Hollers United States Quiet Riot
United Kingdom Quiet Sun United Kingdom The Quiet Temple
United Kingdom Quiet Village United Kingdom Quigley
Chile Quilapayún United States Quill (Progressive Rock)
United States Quill (Psychedelic Rock) Sweden The Quill
United States Quilt United States Quincy Jones
United States Quinn Sullivan Brazil Quintal De Clorofila
United Kingdom Quintessence France The Quintet Of The Hot Club Of France
United States The Quintet Of The Hot Club Of San Francisco United States The Quintet
Brazil Quinteto Armorial Brazil Quinteto Em Branco E Preto
Portugal Quinteto Maria João Brazil Quinteto Violado
Austria Quintett.Wien Brazil Quinto Andar
Italy Quintorigo United States Quintron
Spain Quique González United Kingdom The Quireboys
France Quitters United Kingdom Quiver
Hungary Quixotic Japan Qujaku
Canada Quo Vadis Canada Quote The Raven
United States Qwel & Maker
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Best Artists of 1965
1. Bob Dylan
2. The Beatles
3. John Coltrane
4. Otis Redding
5. Nina Simone
6. The Who
7. The Beach Boys
8. The Byrds
9. The Rolling Stones
10. Albert Ayler
11. Albert Ayler Trio
12. Vince Guaraldi
13. The Sonics
14. Jackson C. Frank
15. Herbie Hancock
16. B.B. King
17. Bert Jansch
18. The Kinks
19. Junior Wells' Chicago Blues Band
20. John Fahey
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