"It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you, Without a strong rhyme to step to"

- Eric B. & Rakim

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Click on an artist name to see where they rank in the greatest album charts! If an artist is not listed in this index, it doesn't yet feature in any of the greatest album charts listed on this site.

United States The U-Men Jamaica U-Roy
India U. Srinivas Mixed Nationality U. Srinivas & Michael Brook
United States U Totem United Kingdom U-Z Project
United Kingdom µ-Ziq Sweden U137
Ireland U2 Germany U96
United States Uada Brazil Uakti
Chile Uaral United Kingdom UB40
Canada Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker Australia Uboa
Germany U.D.O. Austria Udo Jürgens
Germany Udo Lindenberg Denmark Uffe
Denmark Uffe Most / Academic Choir Of Aarhus United States Uffie
United Kingdom UFO Italy Ufomammut
United States UGK United States Ugly Beauty
United States Ugly Casanova United States Ugly Duckling
Mexico Ugly Fools United States Ugly God
United States Ugly Heroes United States Ugly Kid Joe
United States Uh Huh Baby Yeah United States Ui
Mixed Nationality Uilab United Kingdom U.K.
United Kingdom UK Decay United Kingdom U.K. Subs
Bolivia Ukamau United States UKZ
United States Ulaan Passerine France Ulan Bator
New Zealand Ulcerate Germany Ulf Lohmann
Sweden Ulf Lundell Sweden Ulf Wakenius
Germany Uli Jon Roth Denmark Ulige Numre
Germany Ulla Meinecke Mixed Nationality Ulrich Drechsler Quartet Featuring Tord Gustavsen
Germany Ulrich Krieger Germany Ulrich Roski
Germany Ulrich Schnauss Mixed Nationality Ulrich Schnauss & Mark Peters
United Kingdom Ulrika Spacek Germany Ultha
United States Ulthar United States Ultimate Fakebook
United Kingdom Ultimate Painting United States Ultimate Spinach
United States Ultra Finland Ultra Bra
United States Ultra Cindy United States Ultra Nate
United States Ultra Vivid Scene United States Ultrababyfat
United States Ultracherry Violet United States Ultrademon + DJ Kiff
Brazil Ultraje A Rigor Norway Ultralyd
United States Ultramagnetic MCs United Kingdom Ultramarine
United Kingdom Ultrasound United Kingdom Ultraviolence
United States Ultraviolet Eye United Kingdom Ultravox
Norway Ulver Norway Ulver With Tromsø Chamber Orchestra
Germany Ulysses Netherlands Ulysses (NL)
Kazakhstan Ulytau United States Umajets
Mixed Nationality Umalali Turkey Umay Umay
Italy Umberto Palazzo United States Ume
United States Umfang United States Umphrey's McGee
United States UN United Kingdom Unbelievable Truth
Hungary The Unbending Trees United States Unbroken
United States Unbunny Australia Uncanny X-men
United Kingdom Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats United States Uncle Kracker
United States Uncle Tupelo United Kingdom Unclubbed
United States The Uncluded United States Uncommon Nasa
Australia Undecisive God Netherlands Undeclinable
Netherlands Undeclinable Ambuscade Denmark Under Byen
Canada Under Electric Light Indonesia Under The Big Bright Yellow Sun
United States Under The Influence Of Giants United States Under The Sun
United States The Underachievers New Zealand The Underdogs Blues Band
Australia Underground Lovers France Underground Railroad
United States Underground Resistance United Kingdom The Underground Youth
United Kingdom Underground Zero United States Underhill Rose
United States Underoath United Kingdom The Undertones
United Kingdom Underworld United States The Undisputed Truth
Portugal Undogmatic United States Unearth
France Uneven Structure Canada UneXpect
Sweden Unge Ferrari Switzerland Ungfell
Germany Unheilig Canada Unhuman
Canada The Unicorns United States Unicycle Loves You
United States Unida United States Unified Theory
United States Uniform United States Uniform Choice
United States Uniiqu3 United States Uninhabitable Mansions
United States Union Sweden Union Carbide Productions
United States The Union Trade United States The Union Underground
Slovakia The Uniques Germany Unisonic
United Kingdom Unit 4 + 2 Mixed Nationality United Bible Studies & Jozef Van Wissem
United States United Nations Australia United Pogressive Fraternity
United States United Pursuit United States The United States Of America
Australia Unitopia United States The Units
Belgium Univers Zero United States Universal Congress Of
United States Universal Hall Pass Greece Universal Hippies
Mixed Nationality Universal Indians W/ Joe McPhee United States Universal Order Of Armageddon
Italy Universal Totem Orchestra United Kingdom UNKLE
United Kingdom Unknown Doujin Mixed Nationality Unknown Mortal Orchestra
United Kingdom Unkommuniti Canada Unleash The Archers
Sweden Unleashed United States Unloved
Australia The Unnameable United States UnoTheActivist
United Kingdom U.N.P.O.C. Italy Unreal City
United States Unrest United States Unruly Child
United States Unsane United Kingdom Unseen Terror
United States The Unseen Netherlands Unterwelten
United Kingdom The Unthanks With Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band United Kingdom The Unthanks
United Kingdom Until The Ribbon Breaks United Kingdom Untold
United States Unwed Sailor United States Unwoman
United States Unwound United States Unwritten Law
Italy Uochi Toki United Kingdom Up Bustle & Out
United Kingdom Upcdownc Mexico Upgrayedd Smurphy
United States Upon A Burning Body United Kingdom Upp
United States The Upper Crust New Zealand Upper Hutt Posse
United Kingdom The Upper Room Germany Upright Citizens
United States Uprising Worship Australia Ups & Downs
United States Upset Jamaica The Upsetter
Jamaica The Upsetters United States Upsilon Acrux
United States Ural Thomas & The Pain Italy Urali
Croatia (Hrvatska) Urban & 4 Netherlands Urban Dance Squad
United Kingdom Urban Dogs France Urban Sax
United States Urban Surf Kings United States Urban Verbs
United Kingdom Urban Voodoo Machine Belgium Urbanus
Netherlands Urfaust Sweden Urga
United States Urge Overkill United States The Urge
United States The Urgency United States Uri Caine
Israel Uri Gurvich United Kingdom Uriah Heep
United States Urinals United States Ursa Major
United States Ursula Rucker Finland Ursula's Cartridges
Poland Urszula Australia Urthboy
United Kingdom Urusei Yatsura United States US 69
United States U.S. Christmas Mixed Nationality U.S. Girls
United States U.S. Maple United States U.S. Royalty
United States U.S. Saucer United Kingdom Us3
United States USA-European Connection United States USA For Africa
Canada USA Out Of Vietnam United States USA/MEXICO
United States The Used Israel Useless ID
United States Usher Iceland Úsland Recording Artists
United States Ustad Argentina Usted Señalemelo
Italy Üstmamò United States UT
Japan Utada Kikaru Denmark Utah
United States Utah Phillips United Kingdom Utah Saints
Germany Ute Lemper United States U.T.F.O.
United States Uther Pendragon United States Utopia
Germany Utopia (DE) Finland Utopianisti
United Kingdom UUUU United Kingdom U.V. PØP
Germany Uve Schikora Und Seine Gruppe Japan UVERworld
South Africa Uwandile United Kingdom UXB
Czech Republic Už Jsme Doma Italy Uzeda
United States Uzi & Ari Finland Uzva
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