"And now I wanna be your dog"

- The Stooges

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Click on an artist name to see where they rank in the greatest album charts! If an artist is not listed in this index, it doesn't yet feature in any of the greatest album charts listed on this site.

Somalia Waaberi Sweden Wachenfeldt
Poland Wacław Zimpel Poland Wacław Zimpel & Kuba Ziołek
Poland Wacław Zimpel To Tu Orchestra United States Waco Brothers
United States Waco Brothers & Paul Burch United States Wadada Leo Smith
United States Wade United States Wade Bowen
Canada Wade Hemsworth Brazil Wado
United States Wafic United States Wage War
United States The Wages Of Sin Spain Wagner Pá & Brazuca Matraca
United States Wagon United Kingdom Wagon Christ
Australia Wagons United Kingdom Wah!
Australia The Waifs Australia Waikiki
Jamaica The Wailers Canada The Wailin' Jennys
Jamaica Wailing Souls United States The Wailing Wall
Australia Waiter United States The Waitresses
United States Waka Flocka Flame United Kingdom Wake
Canada Wake Owl United States Wake Up Lucid
United Kingdom The Wake United Kingdom Wakeford - Stapleton
United States Wakey!Wakey! Canada The Waking Eyes
United States Waking The Cadaver United States Wakrat
Japan Wakusei Abnormal Austria Waldeck
Angola Waldemar Bastos Brazil Waldick Soriano
Brazil Waldir Azevedo e Seu Conjunto Brazil Waldir Calmon E Angela Maria
Indonesia Waldjinah Denmark Waldo & Marsha
United States Wale Poland Walfad
United States The Walflower Complextion Canada Walk Off The Earth
United States Walk The Moon United States The Walkabouts
United States The Walker Brothers United States Walker Lukens
United States Walking Bicycles United States Walking Papers
United States The Walkmen Austria Walkner.Möstl
United States WALL United States Wall Of Voodoo
United Kingdom The Wall Belgium Wallace Collection
Japan Wallflower United States The Wallflowers
United States Wallpaper United Kingdom Walls
United States Walls Of Jericho France Wally Badarou
Philippines Wally Gonzales Aruba Wally Warning
United States Walpyrgus United States Walt Dickerson Quartet
United States Walt Mink United States Walt Robertson
Finland Waltari United States Walter Becker
United States Walter Becker & Donald Fagen United States Walter Becker & John Beasley
United States Walter Carlos United States Walter Etc.
Brazil Walter Franco France Walter Gieseking
United States Walter Martin United States Walter Meego
United States Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra United Kingdom Walter Pardon
Canada Walter Rossi United States Walter Salas-Humara
Slovakia Walter Schnitzelsson Mixed Nationality Walter Smetak & Conjunto De Microtons
United States Walter Trout United States Walter Trout And The Radicals
United States Walter Trout Band United States The Walter Trout Power Trio
Mixed Nationality Walter TV Brazil Walter Wanderley
Brazil Walter Wanderley Brazil Walter Wanderley E Portinho
Switzerland Walter Wegmüller United States Walter "Wolfman" Washington
United Kingdom Walton United Kingdom The Waltones
United States WaMoo Papez Greece Wampyrinacht
Czech Republic Wanastowi Vjecy United States Wand
Austria Wanda United Kingdom Wanda Group
United States Wanda Jackson Poland Wanda Warska / The Kurylewicz Trio / Andrzej Kurylewicz Quartet
United States Wander Brazil Wander Taffo
United States The Wanderers United Kingdom The Wandering Hearts
United States Wandering Lucy Netherlands Wanderwelle
Austria Wandl Denmark The Wands
United Kingdom Wang Chung China Wang Wen
Germany Wanja Slavin Sweden The Wannadies
Mixed Nationality Wannes Cappelle / Broeder Dieleman / Frans Grapperhaus United Kingdom The Wanted
Germany Wappenbund United States War
United States The War And Treaty United States War Games
United States The War On Drugs United States War On Women
Bolivia Wara United States Warbringer
United Kingdom Ward XVI Norway Wardruna
United States Warehouse Jamaica Wareika Hill Sounds
United Kingdom Warfare Belgium Warhaus
United Kingdom Warhorse Germany Warlock (DE)
United States Warlock Pinchers United States The Warlocks
United States Warlord United States Warm Bodies
United States Warm Drag United Kingdom Warm Dust
Mixed Nationality Warm Graves United Kingdom Warm Jets
Denmark Warm Surplus United Kingdom Warmdüscher
United States The Warmers United States Warn Defever
United States Warne Marsh United States Warne Marsh / Lee Konitz
United Kingdom Warning France Warning (FR)
United States Warp 9 United States Warpaint
Norway Warpicks Canada Warpig
United States Warrant Germany Warrant
United States Warrel Dane United States The Warren Brothers
United States Warren Defever United States Warren G
United States Warren Haynes United States Warren Haynes Band
United Kingdom Warren Mitchell United States Warren Vache & Bill Charlap
United States Warren Zanes United States Warren Zevon
United States Warrior United States Warrior Soul
United Kingdom Wars Germany The Wars
United Kingdom Warsaw Poland Warsaw Village Band
Poland Warszafski Deszcz United States Warzone
Spain WAS United States Was (Not Was)
Sweden Wasa Express United States Washboard Sam
United States Washed Out United States Washer
Australia Washington United States Washington Phillips
United States Washington Squares United States Wasnatch
United States W.A.S.P. Finland Waste Of Space Orchestra
United States The Wasted Creator United States Wasted Youth
Greece Wastefall Sweden Watain
United Kingdom Watch Repair Italy The Watch
Canada The Watchmen United States Watchtower
United Kingdom Water Into Wine Band United States Water Liars
Japan Water Melon Group Ireland The Waterboys
United Kingdom Watercress Germany Watered
Australia Waterhouse United States Waterlillies
Belgium Waterloo United States WATERMEDOWN
United States Watermelon Slim & The Workers Canada Waterpark
United States Waterparks United States Waters
United Kingdom Waterson:Carthy United Kingdom The Watersons
United States Watsky United States The Watson Twins
United States Watter United Kingdom Wauvenfold
United Kingdom Wave Machines United Kingdom The Wave Pictures
United Kingdom The Wave Room United Kingdom Waveform Transmission
United Kingdom Wavemaker Sweden Waveshaper
United States Wavves United States Wavves X Cloud Nothings
United States wavy i.d. Mixed Nationality Wax
United States Wax Fang United States Wax Idols
Canada Wax Mannequin United States Wax (Rapper)
France Wax Tailor United States Waxahatchee
United States The Waxies United States Waxwing
United Kingdom Way Out West Canada The Way Out
United Kingdom The Way We Live / Tractor United Kingdom The Way We Live
United States Waycross United States Wayfarer
United States Waylon Jennings United States Waylon Jennings And Willie Nelson
United States Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Tompall Glaser, Jessi Colter United States Wayman Tisdale
United States Wayne Brady United States Wayne County & The Electric Chairs
United Kingdom Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders United States Wayne Gratz
United States Wayne Hancock United States Wayne Horvitz
United States Wayne Horvitz & Zony Mash Jamaica Wayne Jarrett
United States Wayne Kramer United States Wayne Krantz
United States Wayne Shorter United States Wayne Shorter Quartet
Jamaica Wayne Smith Jamaica Wayne Wade
United Kingdom Waysted United States WC
United States WC And The Maad Circle Portugal W.C. Noise
United States We™ United States We All Inherit The Moon
United States We Are Augustines United States We Are Harlot
United Kingdom We Are Knuckle Dragger Mixed Nationality We Are Loud Whispers
United States We Are Scientists Sweden We Are Serenades
Spain We Are Standard Canada We Are The City
United States We Are The Fallen United States We Are The In Crowd
United Kingdom We Are The Ocean United States We Are Trees
Canada We Are Wolves United States We As Human
Germany We Butter The Bread With Butter United States We Came As Romans
United Kingdom We Fell To Earth United States We Five
United Kingdom We Have Band Australia We Lost The Sea
Canada We Need Secrets United Kingdom We Rock Like Girls Don't
Sweden We Sell The Dead Germany We Smile
United States We The Kings United States We The People
Portugal We Trust United States We Versus The Shark
France We Were Evergreen United Kingdom We Were Promised Jetpacks
United Kingdom We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It United States Weakened Friends
Canada The Weakerthans United States Weakling
United States Weapon Of Choice United States Wear Your Wounds
United Kingdom The Weather Prophets United States Weather Report
Canada The Weather Station United States Weatherbox
United States The Weavers Canada Weaves
United Kingdom The Web United States The Webb Brothers
United States Webb Pierce United Kingdom The Wedding Present
United States The Wedding Australia Weddings Parties Anything
United States Wednesday 13 Poland Wędrujący Wiatr
Germany Weed Canada Weed (CA)
United States Weedeater Poland Weedpecker
United States The Week That Was United States Weekend
United Kingdom Weekend Players United Kingdom Weekend (UK)
Canada The Weeknd United States Ween
United States The Weepies Sweden Weeping Willows
United Kingdom Weevil United States Weezer
France Weidorje United States Weir Robinson Greene Trio
United States "Weird Al" Yankovic United States "Weird Al" Yankovic & Wendy Carlos
United States Weird War United States The Weirdos
United States Weirdoslam United States Welcome
United States The Welcome Wagon United States Weldon Irvine
Jamaica Well Charged United States The Well
Germany Welle: Erdball United States Welles
United Kingdom Wellington Zimbabwe Wells Fargo
United States Welshly Arms United Kingdom Wen
Congo Wendo Kolosoy United States Wendy & Bonnie
United States Wendy & Lisa United States Wendy Carlos
United States Wendy Darling Australia Wendy Matthews
United States Wendy O Williams United States Wendy O. Williams / Plasmatics
United States Wendy O. Williams' Ultrafly And The Hometown Girls United Kingdom The Wendys
Germany Wenzel Austria Werner Dafeldecker
Germany Werwolf United States Wes Hollywood
United States Wes Montgomery Australia Wesley Fuller
United States Wesley Gonzalez United States Wesley Willis
United States The Wesley Willis Fiasco United States The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
Australia West Thebarton Mixed Nationality West, Bruce & Laing
United States Western Centuries Denmark Western Skies Motel
Sweden Westkust Ireland Westlife
United Kingdom Westminster Cathedral Choir United States Westside Connection
United States Westside Gunn United States Westworld
Sweden W.E.T. United States Wet
United States Wet Petals United Kingdom Wet Wet Wet
United States Wet Willie United Kingdom WETDOG
Netherlands Weval United Kingdom Wevie Stonder
United States Weyes Blood Japan Wha-ha-ha
Sweden Whale United States Whale Fall
United States Whalefeathers United Kingdom Wham!
United States What Made Milwaukee Famous United Kingdom What Price, Wonderland?
United States Whatever Brains United States Whatever, Dad
United States The Whatnauts United States Wheat
United States Wheatus United States Wheeler Walker Jr.
Spain The Wheels Norway When
United Kingdom When In Rome Spain When Nalda Became Punk
Denmark When Saints Go Machine United States Where's Moo
United States The Whigs United States While Heaven Wept
United Kingdom While She Sleeps United States Whiplash
Ireland Whipping Boy United States Whirling Road
Australia Whirlywirld United States Whirr
United States Whiskey Falls United States Whiskey Myers
United States Whiskey Shivers United States Whiskeytown
United States A Whisper In The Noise Canada Whisper Room
Belgium Whispering Sons United States The Whispers
United States Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit And Greenhill United States Whit Dickey / Mat Maneri / Matthew Shipp
United Kingdom WHITE Norway The White Birch
United States The White Buffalo Germany White Canvas
United States White Dawg United States White Denim
Taiwan The White Eyes United States White Fence
United States White Flag United States White Flight
United States White Hand United States White Heart
Japan White Heaven United States White Hills
United States White Hinterland United Kingdom White Lies
Mixed Nationality White Lion Canada White Lung
United States White Magic United Kingdom White Noise
United States The White Noise United Kingdom White Plains
Canada White Poppy United States White Rabbits
Poland White Raven United States White Reaper
United Kingdom White Rose Movement Netherlands White Rose Transmission
United States White Sea Italy White Skull
United Kingdom White Spirit United States The White Stripes
United States White Suns Ukraine White Ward
Norway White Willow Canada The White Wires
United States White Zombie United States Whitechapel
United States Whitecross Canada Whitehorse
United Kingdom Whitehouse United Kingdom Whitesnake
Mixed Nationality The Whitest Boy Alive United Kingdom Whitey
Australia The Whitlams Australia Whitley
United States Whitney United States Whitney Ballen
United States Whitney Houston Canada The Whitsundays
Canada The Whittingtons Denmark Who Made Who
Canada Who's Masquerade United Kingdom The Who
United States Whoarei United States Whodini
Norway Wholy Martin Norway Whoredom Rife
France Whourkr United States Why?
United States Whysowhite United Kingdom Whyte Horses
Norway Wibutee United States Wicca Phase Springs Eternal
United States Wick-It The Instigator United Kingdom Wicked Lady
Italy Wicked Minds United Kingdom Wicked Stone
United States Widdly 2 Diddly Canada Wide Mouth Mason
United States Widespread Panic United States Widowspeak
Belgium Wiegedood Austria Wiener Philharmoniker
Mixed Nationality Wiener Philharmoniker / Gustavo Dudamel Austria Wiener Philharmoniker / Karl Böhm
Austria Wiener Tschuschenkapelle United Kingdom Wife
United States Wifisfuneral Norway Wig Wam
Australia The Wiggles Germany Wighnomy Brothers
Finland Wigwam United States Wiki
Canada Wil United Kingdom Wil Malone
United States Wilbur Harden United States Wilburn Burchette
United States Wilco United States Wild Adriatic
United Kingdom Wild Beasts United States Wild Belle
United Kingdom Wild Billy Chyldish And The Spartan Dreggs United States Wild Cherry
United States Wild Child United States Wild Colonials
United States Wild Cub United States The Wild Feathers
United States Wild Flag United Kingdom The Wild Flowers
Spain Wild Honey United States Wild Man Fischer
United States Wild Moth United States Wild Nothing
United States Wild Ones United States Wild Orchid
United States Wild Pink United States The Wild Reeds
United Kingdom The Wild Swans United States The Wild Tchoupitoulas
United Kingdom The Wild Things United States Wild Throne
United States The Wild Sweden Wildbirds And Peacedrums
United Kingdom The Wilde Flowers United States Wilderness
Canada The Wilderness Of Manitoba Slovakia The Wilderness
United States Wilderun United Kingdom Wildest Dreams
United Kingdom Wildfire United States Wildfire (US)
United Kingdom The Wildhearts Canada Wildlife
United States Wildlights United Kingdom Wildplanet™
United Kingdom Wildwood Kin United Kingdom Wiley
Mixed Nationality Wilfrid Pelletier / New York Metropolitan Opera Orchestra & Chorus Austria Wilfried
Germany Wilhelm Furtwängler / Bayreuth Festpiele Orchester Und Chor Germany Wilhelm Furtwängler / Berliner Philharmoniker
Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwängler / Lucerne Festival Orchestra / Wiener Philharmoniker / Yehudi Menuhin Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwängler / Lucerne Festival Orchestra / Yehudi Menuhin
Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwängler / Orchestra Sinfonica E Coro Della Radio Italiana Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwängler / Philharmonia Orchestra
Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwängler / Philharmonia Orchestra / Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwängler / Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus
Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwängler / Vienna Philharmonic / Berlin Philharmonic Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwangler / Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Mixed Nationality Wilhelm Furtwangler / Wiener Philharmoniker / Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra Germany Wilhelm Kempff
United States A Wilhelm Scream United Kingdom Wilkinson
Canada The Wilkinsons United Kingdom Wilko Johnson
United Kingdom Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey United States Will Ackerman
United States A Will Away United States Will Bernard
United States Will Butler United States Will Downing
Australia Will Guthrie United States Will Haven
United States WIll Johnson United States Will Long
United States Will Oldham United States Will Powers
United Kingdom Will Sergeant United States Will Smith
United States Will Stratton United Kingdom Will Varley
United Kingdom Will Young United States Willam Belli
United States Willamette United States Willard Grant Conspiracy
Australia Willaris. K United Kingdom Wille & The Bandits
Sweden Wille Crafoord Netherlands Willem Breuker Kollektief
Mixed Nationality Willem Mengelberg / Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Belgium Willem Vermandere
Jamaica Willi Williams United States William Aura
United States William Basinski United States William Basinski + Richard Chartier
United States William Bell Denmark The William Blakes
United States William Bonney Mixed Nationality William Boughton / English Symphony Orchestra / Daniel Hope
United States William Clarke United States William Control
United Kingdom William D Drake United States William DeVaughn
United States William Elliott Whitmore United States William Ellwood
United States William Finn & James Lapine United States William Fitzsimmons
United States William Galison & Madeleine Peyroux United States William Joseph
Nigeria William Onyeabor United Kingdom William Orbit
United States William Parker United States William Parker & In Order To Survive
United States William Parker Quartet United States William Parker Trio
United States William Ryan Fritch United States William S. Burroughs
United States William S. Fischer Canada William Shatner
United States William Shatner And Leonard Nimoy France William Sheller
United States William T. Stromberg / Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra United States William Tyler
United States Willie Bobo United States Willie Colon
United States Willie Colon & Hector Lavoe Panama Willie Colon And Ruben Blades
United States Willie D United States Willie Dee
United States Willie Dixon United States Willie Green & Nasa aka Adam Warlock
United States Willie Heath Neal United States Willie Hutch
United States Willie Jones III United States Willie Mitchell
United States Willie Nelson United States Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel
United States Willie Nelson & Bobbie Nelson United States Willie Nelson & Family
United States Willie Nelson & Ray Price United States Willie Nelson / Wynton Marsalis
United States Willie Nile United States Willie Smith
United States Willie Sugarcapps United States Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth
United States Willie Watson United States Willie Wisely
United States Willie Wright United States Willis Alan Ramsey
United States Willis Earl Beal United States Willis Jackson
United Kingdom Willow United States Willow Smith
United States Willowed Wit United States Willy DeVille
United States Willy Mason Mixed Nationality Willy Mattes / Munich Radio Orchestra
Belgium Willy Willy & The Voodoo Band Mixed Nationality Wilma Vritra
United States Wilsen United States Wilson
Brazil Wilson Das Neves Brazil Wilson Moreira & Nei Lopes
United States Wilson Phillips United States Wilson Pickett
Brazil Wilson Simonal Australia Wilson Tanner
Australia Wim Belgium Wim De Craene
Belgium Wim Mertens United Kingdom Wimple Winch
United States Wimps United Kingdom Win
United States The Winans United States The Wind And The Wave
United States Wind In Sails Italy Wind Rose
United States The Wind-Up Bird United States The Windbreakers
United States Windflower United States Windhand
Norway Windir United Kingdom Windmill
Norway The Windmill United States Window
Norway Winds United States Windy And Carl
Netherlands Windy Corner United States Wine And Alchemy
United States The Winery Dogs United States The Wingdale Community Singers
United States A Winged Victory For The Sullen Germany Wingenfelder
United States Winger Jamaica Wingless Angels
United States Wingnut Dishwashers Union United Kingdom Wings
United States Wingtip Sloat United Kingdom Winnebago Deal
Estonia Winny Puhh Canada Winona Forever
United States Winston Jazz Routine Jamaica Winston RIley
United States Winston Tong United States Winter
United States Winter ('10s) Greece Winter People
Italy Winter Severity Index United States The Winter Tree
United Kingdom Winterfylleth Germany Wintergarden
Germany Winterkälte United Kingdom Winterlight
United States Winterpills Canada Wintersleep
Finland Wintersun United States Winx
United States Wipers United Kingdom Wir
Germany Wir Sind Helden United Kingdom Wire
United States Wire Train Australia Wireheads
United States Wiretree Germany The Wirtschaftswunder
Germany Wise Guys Mixed Nationality Wiseblood
Mixed Nationality Wiseblood / Steroid Maximus United Kingdom The Wiseguys
United Kingdom Wishbone Ash United States The Wishniaks
Puerto Rico Wisin Puerto Rico Wisin & Yandel
Jamaica Wiss United Kingdom Witch Tripper
United States Witch Hazel United States Witch-Lord
United States Witch Mountain Canada Witch Prophet
United States Witch (US) Zambia Witch (ZM)
Sweden Witchcraft United States Witchdoctor
Sweden Witchers Creed Sweden Witchery
United States Witches Of Malibu United Kingdom Witchfinder General
United Kingdom Witchfynde Australia With Confidence
United States With Honor United States With Love
United Kingdom With The Dead United States With The Punches
United Kingdom Withered Hand Netherlands Within Temptation
United Kingdom A Witness United States The Witnesses
Mixed Nationality Witold Rowicki / Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra; Herbert Von Karajan / Vienna Symphony Orchestra; Sviatoslav Richter Germany Witthuser & Westrupp
United States Wive United States Wiz Khalifa
United States The Wizard Of Loneliness Belgium Wizards Of Ooze
Germany Wizo United Kingdom Wizz Jones
Finland Wizzard United Kingdom Wizzard (UK)
United States W.L.A.K. Poland Włodi
Norway Wobbler United States Wobbly
United Kingdom Wode United States Woe
United States Woe United States Woe, Is Me
Canada Woelv Poland Wojciech Kilar
United Kingdom Wolf Sweden Wolf
Australia Wolf & Cub United Kingdom Wolf Alice
Germany Wolf Biermann United States Wolf Circus
United States Wolf Colonel United States Wolf Eyes
United Kingdom Wolf Gang Germany Wolf Hoffmann
Germany Wolf Maahn Canada Wolf Parade
United Kingdom Wolf People United States Wolf Ram Heart
Germany Wolf Vostell United Kingdom Wolfarena
Germany Wolfchant United States Wolfclub
Austria Wolfgang Ambros Germany Wolfgang Dauner
Mixed Nationality Wolfgang Dauner / Eberhard Weber / Jürgen Karg / Fred Braceful Germany Wolfgang Dauner Quintet
Germany Wolfgang Dauner Trio Germany Wolfgang Flür
United States Wolfgang Gartner Germany Wolfgang Haffner
Mixed Nationality Wolfgang Holzmair / Russell Ryan Austria Wolfgang Muthspiel
Mixed Nationality Wolfgang Muthspiel / Brian Blade Mixed Nationality Wolfgang Muthspiel / Larry Grenadier / Brian Blade
Austria Wolfgang Muthspiel / Marc Johnson / Brian Blade Austria Wolfgang Muthspiel 4tet
Germany Wolfgang Niedecken & Complizen Germany Wolfgang Petry
United Kingdom The Wolfgang Press Germany Wolfgang Riechmann
Germany Wolfgang Sawallisch / Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus Germany Wolfgang Voigt
United Kingdom The Wolfhounds United States Wolfie
Canada Wolfie's Just Fine United States Wolfman Jack & The Wolfpack
Australia Wolfmother United Kingdom Wolfsbane
Germany Wolfsheim Mixed Nationality Wolof
Sweden Wolverine United States Wolves In The Throne Room
United States Womack And Womack United Kingdom Woman's Hour
United Kingdom The Wombats Canada Women
United Kingdom Won Mississippi Japan Wonder City Orchestra
United Kingdom The Wonder Stuff United States The Wonder Years
United States Wondermints Russia Wonders Of Nature
Norway Wongraven United Kingdom Wonky Alice
United Kingdom Woo United States The Wood Brothers
United Kingdom The Woodbine & Ivy Band Australia Woodboot
United States The Wooden Birds United States Wooden Glass
United Kingdom The Wooden O United States Wooden Shjips
Canada The Wooden Sky United States Wooden Wand
United States Wooden Wand And The Vanishing Voice United Kingdom The Woodentops
Belgium Woodface France Woodkid
Australia Woodlock Canada Woodpigeon
United States Woods Ireland The Woods Band
Australia Woods Of Desolation Canada Woods Of Ypres
United States Woodsman United States Woody Allen
United States Woody Guthrie United States Woody Herman
United States Woody Shaw United States Woody Shaw With Anthony Braxton
United States Woody Simmons United Kingdom Wookie
United States Wool United States The Woolen Men
United Kingdom Woolly Wolstenholme Canada Woolworm
Japan Woopheadclrms United States The Word
United States The Word Canada Wordburglar
United States Wordsworth & Donel Smokes United States Work Drugs
Sweden Work Of Art United States The Workhorse Movement
United Kingdom The Workhouse United Kingdom Working For A Nuclear Free City
United Kingdom Working Week United States Works Progress Administration
United States The World / Inferno Friendship Society United States World Burns To Death
United States World Class Wreckin' Cru United States The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die
United Kingdom World Of Oz United States World Of Pooh
United Kingdom World Of Twist United Kingdom World Party
United States World Saxophone Quartet Japan World Standard
United Kingdom World Wide Message Tribe Japan World's End Girlfriend
United States The World United States Worlds Greatest Dad
Singapore Wormrot Canada Wormwitch
United Kingdom Worriedaboutsatan United States Worriers
United Kingdom Worry Dolls Germany Worship
United States Worthwhile United Kingdom Would-Be-Goods
Ireland The Would Be's United States Wovenhand
Poland Wovoka Canada The Wozard Of Iz
United Kingdom Wozniak United Kingdom Wrangler
United States Wrangler Brutes United States Wrathchild America
Portugal Wraygunn United States Wreck And Reference
United States The Wreckers Australia The Wreckery
United Kingdom Wreckless Eric United Kingdom Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
United States Wreckx-N-Effect United States Wrekmeister Harmonies
United Kingdom Wren Japan Wren Dove Lark
United States The Wrens Italy Wretched (IT)
United States Wretched (US) United Kingdom Writing On The Wall
United Kingdom WSTR Germany WTZ
United States Wu-Block United Kingdom WU LYF
United States Wu-Tang Killa Bees United States Wu-Tang Clan
Germany Wucan United States Wugazi
Germany :wumpscut: Norway Wunderkammer
United States Wussy Denmark Wuthering Heights
Germany Wuttke United States WVRM
Mixed Nationality Wyclef Jean United States Wye Oak
United States Wymond Miles United States Wynder K. Frog
United States Wynonie Harris United States Wynonna Judd
United States Wynton Kelly United States Wynton Kelly Trio & Wes Montgomery
United States Wynton Marsalis Mixed Nationality Wynton Marsalis & Eric Clapton
Mixed Nationality Wynton Marsalis / Arturo Sandoval United States The Wynton Marsalis Quartet
United States Wynton Marsalis Septet United Kingdom The Wytches
United States WZRD
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