"And now I wanna be your dog"

- The Stooges

Overall chart history

Listed below are the rankings for each album in the overall chart for the past five years.

TodayLast WeekLast MonthEnd Of 2018Three Months AgoSix Months AgoTwelve Months AgoEnd Of 2017End Of 2016End Of 2015End Of 2014
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  Overall chart history Scary World Theory by Lali Puna9,9819,9819,9509,8089,7679,5109,4428,9028,0317,4727,589
  Overall chart history How I Long To Feel That Summer In My Heart by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci9,9829,9829,6369,4369,3848,8168,6048,6777,2838,3558,059
  Overall chart history Elements Of Life by Tiësto9,9839,9839,8879,8219,7819,6229,3739,1178,2187,4406,808
  Overall chart history Überjam Deux by John Scofield9,9849,9859,9559,7529,8759,7449,4789,2109,85610,3130
  Overall chart history In C by Terry Riley9,9859,9879,95710,78610,7429,11414,09112,49014,61014,55915,337
  Overall chart history Warszawa by Holy Toy9,9869,9899,9589,8229,7827,0086,7456,5565,9845,3724,928
  Overall chart history Greed by Swans9,9879,98810,17710,0419,9929,82723,73423,05521,28124,78019,468
  Overall chart history A Night At The Opera by Blind Guardian9,9889,9909,9739,8749,8299,6699,42010,90122,38520,09316,687
  Overall chart history Cão! by Ornatos Violeta9,9899,9919,9539,8199,7789,6186,5076,3395,8075,1834,788
  Overall chart history Revolver by Walter Franco9,9909,9929,9609,9199,86510,14310,74912,74013,32616,88821,951
  Overall chart history I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die by Country Joe And The Fish9,9919,9939,9549,8949,8539,6679,3979,2429,0188,3255,993
  Overall chart history Is There Love In Space? by Joe Satriani9,9929,99410,0209,8929,8439,39016,44716,33815,54514,31013,011
  Overall chart history Pocket Symphony by Air9,9939,99510,18010,31310,25110,0029,8819,8898,0637,1936,879
  Overall chart history Our Man In Paris by Dexter Gordon9,99410,17210,1289,96710,08710,43610,09010,14710,7959,8997,962
  Overall chart history The Way I See It by Raphael Saadiq9,9959,99610,0249,8559,8119,6909,5699,2948,3488,1677,813
  Overall chart history Bundles by Soft Machine9,9969,9989,9639,8249,7839,6259,42613,40212,71311,60810,825
  Overall chart history Bastard by Tyler, The Creator9,9979,9978,8828,7488,7168,2678,0398,7959,5348,2609,140
  Overall chart history Nomads Indians Saints by Indigo Girls9,9989,9999,96210,0089,95410,54212,38111,92611,99811,83911,032
  Overall chart history Lore by Clannad9,99910,0009,9649,9039,8569,7189,4609,2198,4097,6447,016
  Overall chart history Dangerous Rhythm by Dangerous Rhythm9,99910,0009,9649,8259,7859,6289,3839,1278,2297,4546,815
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