"This is the way, Step inside"

- Joy Division

Overall chart history

Listed below are the rankings for each album in the overall chart for the past five years.

TodayLast WeekEnd Of 2018Last MonthThree Months AgoSix Months AgoTwelve Months AgoEnd Of 2017End Of 2016End Of 2015End Of 2014
  Rank at 2019-01-22   Rank at 2019-01-15   Rank at 2018-12-31   Rank at 2018-12-23   Rank at 2018-10-24   Rank at 2018-07-26   Rank at 2018-01-22   Rank at 2017-12-31   Rank at 2016-12-31   Rank at 2015-12-31   Rank at 2014-12-31
  Overall chart history Quadrophenia by The Who121121121121119120119119119113116
  Overall chart history If You're Feeling Sinister by Belle And Sebastian122123123123122118118116116116118
  Overall chart history Demon Days by Gorillaz123122122122125128132132140139141
  Overall chart history John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band by John Lennon124125125125121121122121117115110
  Overall chart history Hail To The Thief by Radiohead125124124124124122123122115114115
  Overall chart history Graceland by Paul Simon126126126126126125126127123124117
  Overall chart history Songs For The Deaf by Queens Of The Stone Age127127127127128126125124124122124
  Overall chart history Innervisions by Stevie Wonder128128128128127129129129131134129
  Overall chart history Madvillainy by Madvillain129131131132132136140139167185214
  Overall chart history Beggars Banquet by The Rolling Stones130130132131130130127126118117111
  Overall chart history Violator by Depeche Mode131129129129129127130131137133133
  Overall chart history Homogenic by Bj√∂rk132132130130131134137137150164151
  Overall chart history Hot Fuss by The Killers133134134135137133134133135129127
  Overall chart history Boxer by The National134133133133133131128128129125123
  Overall chart history Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder135136136134134135138140136138140
  Overall chart history American Idiot by Green Day136135137137135132139138127123119
  Overall chart history Selling England By The Pound by Genesis137137135136136138131130134142147
  Overall chart history Led Zeppelin III by Led Zeppelin138138138138138139133135126112113
  Overall chart history The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus139139141141140141141143146153169
  Overall chart history Origin Of Symmetry by Muse140141140139139137135134132121125
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