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August 2011 site update

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#1 | Posted: 09/05/2011 09:58 | Post subject: August 2011 site update Reply with quote
August's changes strayed away from the roadmap a little bit and focused on 'bedding in' the bigger charts and moderator functionality to enable the site to scale, without too many growing pains, when we implement the next few parts of the 2011 roadmap.

Over the next few months, BEA will be moving to a new member ranking system. At the moment, BEA bases its member ranks on the number of forum posts a person has made, but we will shortly be moving to a new system based on total contribution across the whole site which will be fairer for users who do not use the forums.

This month's changes:

My Chart
  • Added moderator icons to the My Chart page and now flag if unmoderated items are in your chart.
  • Show a message if a 'suspect' album is in your chart.
  • Tidied up the album/band suggestions which are displayed when choosing an album for your chart.
  • Fixed a bug which sometimes allowed blank album titles to be allowed into people's charts.
  • Added a 'move to x rank' facility to make it easier for you to arrange albums in your chart.

  • Added the ability for people to add multiple tracks at once on the album admin page.
  • Show who added each track on the admin album page.
  • Now correctly roll back album title or band name updates if a user deletes an edit.
  • Fix an issue with edited track numbers not saving correctly.
  • Now flag if an object is not moderated on the relevant album or band page
  • Allow some users to approve/reject other people's edits and to edit 'locked' items (N.B. you need to earn 1,000 mod points to be able to do this).
  • Show an 'is suspect' image on added albums and admin album page for those albums that can't be identified
  • Now only allow the person who added an album or band to edit it within the first hour (a 'new' icon is shown on the added albums/bands pages for albums less than one hour old.)
  • Added filters to the newly added albums/bands pages to identify items with missing data.

  • Added an 'Insert BEA link' option when composing a forum post to make it easy for people to link to any item on BEA from the forums.
  • Tidied up the presentation of polls on the forums.
  • Added a 'smiley limit' per post (as some people were adding too many smilies into their posts which was breaking page layouts).
  • Added the option to abstain from voting in polls.
  • Show the post number in each topic to make it easy to link to a particular post.
  • Allow people to view all forum posts made since a custom date.

Other parts of the site:
  • Display the rank of the items which not in your collection/listened in the collector's summary for each chart.
  • Changed the filter on the top-rated page to allow filtering of items with up to 25 ratings (instead of just 10) - the calculation is still the same, just less items will be displayed as the filter can be more strict.
  • Added a 'bestology' to the album pages to provide a navigation path through all albums by a band.
  • Lots of other smaller changes.

Support us
If you'd like to support BEA, you can do so in any of the following ways:

  • Link to BEA from other websites. Talk about us on other websites, create a buzz and get people to check us out (but be careful not to do this in a spammy way!)
  • Buy your music via BEA. If you discover a new album or track, with help from BEA, use the iTunes, Amazon and eBay buttons on this site to buy it from your favourite store. BEA gets a small commission (pennies), and it helps to pay our hosting fees.
  • Use our chart widget. Share your chart on Facebook (or any other website)! You can find our chart widget on the resources page.
  • 'Like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Liking us on Facebook is a great way to promote BEA! If some of your friends see that you 'like' us, they might check us out too!

Anyway, enjoy the site and more soon...

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