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November 2011 site update: Decade charts now released!

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#1 | Posted: 12/04/2011 15:21 | Post subject: November 2011 site update: Decade charts now released! Reply with quote
Decade charts
A big milestone has been achieved this month with the ability for members to add multiple charts to BEA. This improvement has been about a year in the making (for those that have been keeping an eye on progress!), and has been tested over the past month by a handful of users. The first release of multiple charts will allow Level 5+ members to create a 'decade' chart for each and every decade since the 1950s. The ability to add 'year' charts is likely to follow in the next month or so.

At the outset, 'decade' charts will contribute 20% of a chart's normal weight towards the overall rankings. A discussion on the scoring system can be found here.

The mechanism for adding decade charts will be familiar to existing members because it is based on the mechanism for 'overall' lists. The main difference is that, in decade charts, you can only pick from albums released in the relevant decade. You can still add albums to your list that are not already on the site, but if they are subsequently found to be released in the 'wrong' decade, they will not contribute towards the rankings. (N.B. BEA uses the original year of release for each album, so you need to be aware that any albums that you add to your decade charts are not re-releases of older albums, and the BEA year of release will be final (if BEA have this wrong, let us know and it will be corrected).

Members can expect a few tweaks along the way to help the new functionality settle in, and I look forward to any feedback that you might have, or suggestions for improvement. The new functionality greatly expands the scope of the site, and there is the potential for further types of chart to be added in the future.

Newly added albums
Additional filters have been added to the newly added albums page to help identify 'suspect' albums, and albums with missing track listings.

Wish list
We've now added the ability to sort your wish list by priority.

Link to us
A new section has been added to the resources page which includes a selection of banners that you can use to link to BEA from other websites. If anybody else wants to contribute additional BEA banner artwork, let me know as it would be great to have a few more designs, Maybe we could have some sort of competition and vote the best ones, with the winner getting a small prize?

Chart composition
You can now drill into the composition for any chart to view the albums from a particular artist, country or time period.

Faster search suggestions!
Big performance improvements have been made to search suggestions - they are now nearly instantaneous from the search box (top-right of each page). User names have also been added to the search box, so that you can jump to the profile page of another user by clicking on their name within the search suggestions. (You can also find any album, band or track from the search box, and go straight to the relevant page on BEA using the same method).

Support us
If you'd like to support BEA, you can do so in any of the following ways:

  • Link to BEA from other websites. Talk about us on other websites, create a buzz and get people to check us out (but be careful not to do this in a spammy way!)
  • Buy your music via BEA. If you discover a new album or track, with help from BEA, use the iTunes, Amazon and eBay buttons on this site to buy it from your favourite store. BEA gets a small commission (pennies), and it helps to pay our hosting fees.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. Keep up to date with the latest site news by subscribing to our FREE newsletter.
  • Use our chart widget. Share your chart on Facebook (or any other website)! You can find our chart widget on the resources page.
  • 'Like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Liking us on Facebook is a great way to promote BEA! If some of your friends see that you 'like' us, they might check us out too!

Enjoy the site and more soon...

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