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2019 roadmap

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#1 | Posted: 01/27/2019 16:17 | Post subject: 2019 roadmap Reply with quote
This is the time of year when I traditionally spend a bit of time reflecting on the previous year and planning ahead for the next twelve months of BEA.

in 2018, visits to BEA were 7% down on the year before (2017: 9% up) and the lack of a modern design is the main factor in growth remaining fairly flat. About 51% of visits to BEA are now from a tablet or from a mobile device (2017: 48%), and this is despite BEA being far from designed for that platform.

The average number of active users decreased by 2% during 2018 (and on the forums decreased by 19%). The site now contains 14% more albums than at the end of 2017 (134,263 albums compared to 117,884 at the end of last year), so the site stagnated in 2018 in terms of visitor numbers.

The re-designed site will address a number of existing deficiencies in BEA, and will lead to a far better mobile experience for site visitors (which will also lead to increased usage and more visitors across different types of device).

The number of outstanding (uncompleted) features on the 'to do' list is about 437 (2017: 420 items). A lot of changes have been made to the site in the background to support the new design (including new servers added a couple of months ago).

Since 2017, I've been working hard in the background to modernise the site. I've suffered various aborted attempts to re-design the site from scratch but simply keeping the existing live site running uses up quite a bit of my spare time with not enough time left over for coding, so I scrapped the idea of writing things from scratch a couple of months ago and am now focused on the idea of re-skinning the existing site and refactoring as I go along in mini releases. The 'design' work of the new site has already been done so it's just a question of merging the templates into the existing site and modifying as necessary to plug into the existing code. This approach has already yielded the deployment of several new features (recognised charts now listed on people's charts pages and a number of smaller improvements which are too trivial to list).

The main work is making the new site mobile friendly and this work continues every spare working hour. I'm hoping in the next two or three months to release a more mobile friendly version of BEA and then continue with micro releases (rather than follow a 'big bang' approach) which means the live site and the development version are in tandem and it's less time-consuming keeping the two branches updated.

On a final note, I'd like to thank here everyone that has helped out in 2018 with the site. So, a big thanks (particularly) to the moderators: Romanelli, Patman360, RockyRaccoon & ShaneSpear. I'd also like to thank the people that are helping in the background to moderate the data, particularly (again) to Romanelli, but also Steppenwolf666, babyBlueSedan, Hayden, sethmadsen, mozzmozz, Cardboardfolder, Leonard & NoisyBeast (top 10 data admins in 2018), and also to everybody else on the site for your continued contributions, there's just not enough space here to mention you all but everybody's input is truly valued.

2019 should be a big year for BEA and it should be exciting. Thank you to everybody for your continued support.

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Best wishes!
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