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  • Posted: 06/08/2021 22:11
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gorgeous and deceptively deep record. on first listen I thought it was a little samey and kinda blended together but subsequent listens revealed a much more subtle and nuanced construction than I initially realized. the same basic pieces go in to each song but a unique arrangement is explored every time (almost like some kind of variations on a theme or w/e). The glue holding it all together for me is Parks' lyricism, which hits that rare and perfect sweet spot of universal empathy through extremely specific and personal vignette, where the meanings of names and places are inferred via their emotional setting in the song rather than any objective description. It manages to be earnest in a sort of personal diary sense while still just being really good prose. granted some of the subject matter hit fairly close to home for me so I might be biased but hey who says engaging with one's own biases is a wrong way to enjoy music. Idk I really liked this even if some albums cut from a similar "bedroom pop" cloth have fallen very flat for me in the past, and granted this one is still not entirely immune to some of the failings inherent in that cloth (i.e. occasionally veering just a bit too close to "Now That's What I Call Starbucks Music"), the album has been on frequent and consistently enjoyable repeat since I first heard it

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