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A condition of using BestEverAlbums (BEA) is that you abide by the site rules. BEA reserves the right to ban anyone who wilfully violates the rules. These rules are designed to stop the site from being abused and to ensure that everybody has a nice time here, so here they are:

    [1] Please show members a bit of respect when you leave comments. It is fine to have debate, but name-calling and hurling insults just because they have a different point of view is not. Persistent violation of this rule may result in being banned from this site.

    [2] Creation of multiple user accounts is strictly forbidden. Each member is only allowed one user account. Please do not create additional user accounts with the express purpose of mimicking an existing member, manipulating the ratings, or to add additional chart(s) to try to game the system. If multiple user accounts are discovered, they will be deleted.

    [3] Please mind your language. Nobody minds the odd swear word, but whole sentences full of them is not acceptable. It's also not acceptable to use swear words in thread titles, usernames, or in your 'signature'. Swear words (and vulgar language in general) need to be used sparingly, as in real life.

    [4] We do not like spam on BEA. Please do not post links, or content, promoting other websites or unrelated commercial activities (this includes links in your 'signature'). It's certainly OK to link to other websites such as, Wikipedia or your own music blog, but it's not acceptable to post links promoting drugs, or to promote your own activities. If spotted, this type of content will be removed and your user account may be banned.

    [5] Please do not post copyrighted material and/or content from other websites without the appropriate attribution. This includes links to torrent files and file-sharing sites, unless the content being linked is not copyrighted, or is free for general download.

    [6] Please do not write posts, or send PMs, attempting to solicit or recruit BEA members to join other websites.

    [7] Moderators are here to help the forums run smoothly, and may at there own discretion, delete (or edit) any thread, post, user name, signature, and/or avatar that they deem to break any of the site rules listed above. From time to time, a Moderator may get this wrong. When this happens, please do not post within the thread to question a Moderator's decision, send a PM instead. If any such posts are spotted, they will be deleted to keep threads on topic.

    Moderators are volunteers and are not always in a position to deal with your issue. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response before following up with another moderator.

    [8] BestEverAlbums uses a points system to determine the functionality that is available to each member. Forum posts, comments or ratings may be removed if they are deemed to be made to artificially inflate a member's score and/or are not adding to the discussion. Members who are found to be doing this on a frequent basis may be banned from the site.

    [9] Banning members permanently is usually a last resort, and so BEA operates a 'three strikes and you're out' disciplinary system for cases that don't warrant a straight ban. A first ban is for 48 hours, a second ban is for one week, and a third ban is permanent. Prior to any ban, a member is usually issued with a warning to modify their behaviour. Banned members are banned for good reason & are not welcome on the site. Please do not include them in competitions or create posts dedicated to them.

    [10] Please do not use to share false or misleading information about COVID-19 which may lead to harm. Posts and/or comments may be deleted that are found to violate this policy, and users who do this persistently may be banned.

N.B. Any feedback regarding the site rules should be discussed in the suggestions forum.

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