"Last wish, I wish I had two more wishes"

- Madvillain

top 65r albums (66), #0101-0200* by paladisiac (2019)

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This is an extension of my "top albums" list. I'm ranking all albums I've rated 65 in this list. I'm keeping these albums separate from my "top albums" lists in order to make it easier to add highly rated albums later (meaning, there'd be less pages to update).

Chart updated: 04/09/2019 20:45 (Created: 06/25/2014 22:14). Chart size: 95 albums.

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45. New entry

El QFrance ToTom
Year of Release:2018Appears in:3 charts
Rank in 2018:2,012Rank Score:3
Rank in 2010s18,718Overall Rank:65,762
Average Rating:  71/100 (2 votes)
Comments: 0 comments
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top 65r albums (66), #0101-0200* composition

Decade Albums %

1930s 0 0%
1940s 0 0%
1950s 0 0%
1960s 2 2%
1970s 25 26%
1980s 30 32%
1990s 5 5%
2000s 10 11%
2010s 23 24%
Artist Albums %

Depeche Mode 2 2%
The Undertones 2 2%
Sturgill Simpson 2 2%
King Crimson 1 1%
The Spinners 1 1%
Kevin Paige 1 1%
Kiss 1 1%
Show all
Country Albums %

United States 50 53%
United Kingdom 29 31%
Australia 4 4%
Canada 4 4%
Mixed Nationality 2 2%
France 2 2%
Trinidad and Tobago 1 1%
Show all

top 65r albums (66), #0101-0200* chart changes

Biggest fallers
fallers Down 1 from 45th to 46th
Kevin Paige
by Kevin Paige
fallers Down 1 from 46th to 47th
I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
by Yo La Tengo
fallers Down 1 from 47th to 48th
Songs For Beginners
by Graham Nash
New entries
newentries El Q
by ToTom
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