Alice Cooper Albums Ranked by phantom1305 (2020)

For as long as I've been a music fan, I've admired Alice Cooper. I think one of his most impressive feats was just how long he managed to put out consistently good music. From the psychedelic rock in the 60s. To his classics in the 70s. To his stranger stuff in the 80s. And to his hard rock/metal in the 90s. Alice has had an impressively large and varied discography, never really shifting from making good music. As well, his shocking, and often times gothic approach to songwriting has kept me invested and gave Alice an edge over many other artists from his time.

Notable Alice Cooper Performers:

Alice Cooper (1969 - Present): Alice is such a sweet name. Only those in the know will hear the name Alice and immediately think of this man who loves the dead. Alice started as the group's frontman, but in 1975 he split from his bandmates and continued the project, ushering in other members to help either on stage or in the studio. Throughout, Alice has remained the name and face of the band. His albums (while fictional), strangely parallel his life, often casting his fictional character Steven as the point of view character for many of his stories.

Glen Buxton (1969 - 1973): Considered the band's Syd Barrett, Buxton was composer and lead guitarist for the original Alice Cooper line-up.

Michael Bruce (1969 - 1973, 2017): A founding member, Bruce was the band's rhythm guitarist & piano/keyboard player, & lead & backup singer. During the band's early years there are many songs that credit Bruce as either writer or co-writer, easily making him essential to the band's early years. In 1974 the group agreed to take a year off then had planned to each release a solo album in 1975. Alice's Welcome To My Nightmare had the greatest success. In 1976 Bruce founded a group with the rest of the original Alice Cooper band members called Billion Dollar Babies after the 1973 album in hopes of reuniting the band's original lineup, but that didn't happen and the band was forced to split.

Dennis Dunaway (1969 - 1973, 2017): Alice Cooper's original bass guitarist. He is married to Neal Smith's sister, Cindy Dunaway who was also the band's costume designer.

Neal Smith (1969 - 1973, 2017): The Alice Cooper band's drummer. Smith came from a different high school than the rest of his bandmates and his experience is sung by Alice on the song Alma Mater. Many also recognize his drumming on the track Billion Dollar Babies as a standout in the band's discography.

Sheryl Cooper (1974 - 1983, 1989 - 1995): Alice's wife. Sheryl loves to perform & is constantly assisting the band with costumes & props, often dancing & performing herself. For me, this acting is what puts Alice a step above other live acts. After 1983, she divorced Alice because of his alcoholism. The two got back together once Alice became clean. The two are still very in love & while she isn't currently part of Alice's touring performance, she's still heavily involved in the show.

Dick Wagner (1975 - 1978, 1982): Wagner filled in for Buxton for part of School's Out but wasn't officially recognized as part of the band until after Alice's split from the original lineup. He then stayed with the band until From The Inside as the group's guitarist. He's best recognized as the songwriter for Only Women Bleed.

Steve Hunter (1975 - 1977, 2017): Hunter was first introduced to the group during Billion Dollar Babies, but like Wagner, he wasn't officially part of the band until after the split from the group's original members. He has appeared on five albums all of which are produced by Bob Ezrin.

Ryan Roxie (1996 - 2006, 2012 - Present): Lead rhythm guitar & backing vocals for Alice's live shows. His first album appearance was on Brutal Planet & he has become an important member of the team ever since.

Calico Cooper (1996 - 2010): Alice's daughter. Calico took her mother's place as a performer in Alice's live shows at the age of 18. She later left the tour group to pursue further acting credits.

Chuck Garric (2002 - Present): Alice's bassist since 2002. Apart from Alice Cooper, Garric is best known for his work in Turd, The Druts, L.A. Guns, Dio, & Eric Singer Project.

Nita Strauss (2014 - Present): Strauss performs lead & backing guitar & backing vocals during live shows. She is yet to make a studio appearance, but in a short time has managed to build buzz as a phenomenal guitarist. Prior to Alice Cooper, Strauss built a notable following from her work in an all female Iron Maiden tribute band called the Iron Maidens.

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"Here I go again
Up and down alone
All my friends went home
Years ago"

Welcome to My Nightmare focuses on protagonist Steven as he goes through a series of creepy nightmares. I feel it's a theme like this where Alice feels completely in place. He's free to write about any type of horrors he wants from tracks about the man-eating black widow, to the track Department of Youth, to the deceptively quiet yet increasingly dramatic and heart-tugging track Only Women Bleed. On their own, these tracks feel worlds apart, but Welcome To My Nightmare and Years Ago/Steven help unify the album and remind the listener they are in a nightmare. This sense of unity helps set this album apart from similar albums like Love It To Death and Billion Dollar Babies.
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This is a concept album based on Alice's stay at New York Sanitarium due to alcoholism. I believe most of this album's appeal comes from its almost movie-like atmosphere. The listener is introduced to others in the sanitarium (all based on real people) which is fascinating to hear about. This album feels, unlike anything Alice has done before or since... There's just this feel of confinement which is so unlike anything most people have experienced that it's fascinating to listen to. As a whole, this is a solid listen. This was one of Alice's first story-like concept albums. However, unlike Welcome To My Nightmare which had such a freeform structure that allowed Alice to write songs that stand on their own, only a few tracks on From The Inside have the same sort of memorability. This album, like The Last Temptation, Dada, and many others that follow are better known for how they sound as a whole than any individual song can do justice. [First added to this chart: 06/01/2016]
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"I was gone for fourteen days
I coulda been gone for more
Held up in the intensive care ward
Lyin' on the floor
I was gone for all those days
But I, was not all alone
I made friends with a lot of people
In the danger zone"

This collection of songs contains I'm Eighteen, the Alice Cooper band's very first hit which accurately describes the feelings that come with being that age. Tracks like Caught in a Dream and Is It My Body are hard rock tracks with tongue and cheek lyrics. And Black Juju is a loud instrumental piece similar to Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett's Interstellar Overdrive. The Ballad of Dwight Fry gives off the same cinematic feeling as his track Killer from the album of the same name. This album came before Killer and Billion Dollar Babies and as a result feels a lot rougher like the band was still trying to figure out what works. I still consider this a nearly perfect album, but you can tell this one came first.
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"Told her that I came from Detroit City
And I played guitar in a long haired rock and roll band
She asked me why the singer's name was Alice
I said 'listen baby, you really wouldn't understand'"

Probably one of Alice's most compact albums with only 8 tracks, but all 8 of these songs are surprisingly varied, giving you a worthwhile listen all the way through. I feel like this is a perfect gateway album for those that want to know about the Alice Cooper band as it does an excellent job in balancing the creepy, horror side of Alice ("Killer" and "Dead Babies") with playful rock anthems ("Under My Wheels" and "Be My Lover"). I really admire Alice's energy in songs like "You Drive Me Nervous" or "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" even if the lyrics are simple. "Be My Lover" is a fun, classic Alice song. While tracks like "Desperado", "Dead Babies", and "Killer" feel like he's playing a character from a movie and leave me wanting more. It's corny, it's dark for the sake of being dark at points, but it seems to have the perfect balance of all elements to keep you invested.
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"No more mister nice guy
No more mister clean
No more mister nice guy
They say he's sick, he's obscene"

One of the last albums recorded by the Alice Cooper band, this album's title comes from how surprised Alice and the others were that their band became so successful recently through albums like Killer, Love it to Death, and School's Out. The opening track "Hello Hooray" is incredibly self-aware, promising to put on a show for anyone who listens. What follows next are many amazing hits from the songs Elected, to No More Mr. Nice Guy, to I love the Dead, this album is hard hitting with so many classic Alice songs, successfully rekindling that same energy from Love It To Death and Killer. This is a solid album and undoubtedly one of the greatest Alice Cooper albums out there, but I've got to put the originals above this one for just having more of an identity than this one and not retreading on concepts so similar to past albums.
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This album is the fourth album of Steven's story and focuses on Steven and a mysterious showman with supernatural abilities who uses twisted versions of morality plays to convince Steven to join his show where he'll never grow up. What I really like about this album is that despite it coming out so late in Alice's career this is a story, unlike anything Alice has attempted before. When I listen to this story I hear some parallels to the Bible with the devil trying to steer the listener away from God. As a Christian album, this just works, but it's written in such a clever way that you only get what you take from the story. You can ignore all the religious parallels and still be left with an exciting story about Steven and the showman. Somehow Alice brings his faith into his music without isolating any of his old listeners. It's an angle I've never seen Christian artists take before this and honestly I wish there were more albums like this. I loved Alice before I heard this album, but it's creative ideas like this and the fact that he's still willing to experiment in his music that makes him one of my favorite artists. [First added to this chart: 06/01/2016]
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"It's such a brutal planet
It's such a living hell
It was a holy garden
That's right where Adam fell
It's where the bite was taken
It's where we chose to sin
It's where we first were naked
This is where our death begins"

This album is conceptually a lot darker than Alice's previous releases. From the gripping title track you realize this isn't your typical Alice album. Alice takes inspiration from real life events here. For the first time, the described is human nature, not some psycho or horror movie monster. And it's treated in a very serious way.
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"I wanna love you but I better not touch (don't touch)
I wanna hold you, but my senses tell me to stop
I wanna kiss you but I want it too much (too much)
I wanna taste you but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison, running through my veins
You're poison
I don't want to break these chains"

This album feels very '80's to me. Like Alice's earliest albums, it comes off corny but in all the best ways. Many of these songs are about love and sex and songwriting credits from artists like Bon Jovi and Joan Jett as well as performances from Steven Tyler and Kane Roberts (who left Alice's band a year prior). This album along with Constrictor and Raise Your Fist & Yell seemed to start up a new beginning for Alice in exploring metal, which almost seemed to parallel Love It To Death, Killer, and Billion Dollar Babies. But Trash did this best with a solid collection of great metal songs. Honestly, I give Alice credit. 18 years have passed between this album and Love It To Death and somehow, despite many artists from his time beginning to fade into obscurity, he managed to completely redefine himself to fit the changing times, while still keeping much of his style and charm that made him famous, to begin with. I'm going to say in general, Alice's older music was harder hitting, but I can see why so many people think so highly of Alice's music from around this time. It's amazing!
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While Alice Cooper's metal-era is best known for his song "Poison", "Hey Stoopid" is perhaps his best album of the time. "Hey Stoopid" is about as fun as fun and as experimental as much of his earlier stuff, but it keeps much of Alice's style that defined this point in his career. For me, this is the album that really redefined Alice so late in his career. [First added to this chart: 06/01/2016]
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"School's out for summer
School's out forever
School's been blown to pieces"

Best known for its title track which has become a summer anthem for kids everywhere, School's Out takes a look back into the mind of a middle school student. It's strangely refreshing to find a beloved Alice Cooper album that doesn't feature grotesque horror-movie imagery. It's just middle school life, plain and simple.
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Total albums: 27. Page 1 of 3

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Easy Action
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Flush The Fashion
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Special Forces
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