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Best Albums of 1950
1. The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert by Benny Goodman
2. Voice Of The Xtabay by Yma Sumac
3. Talking Dust Bowl by Woody Guthrie
4. Charlie Parker With Strings by Charlie Parker
5. Ella Sings Gershwin by Ella Fitzgerald
6. The New Sound by Les Paul
7. Billie Holiday Sings (1950) by Billie Holiday
8. Innovations In Modern Music by Stan Kenton And His Orchestra
9. Sones Of Mexico by Trio Aguilillas
10. Nat King Cole At The Piano by Nat King Cole
11. Darling Corey by Pete Seeger
12. Young Man With A Horn by Doris Day
13. Debut Surbahar Recital by Annapurna Devi
14. Music For Peace Of Mind by Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman
15. Noel Rosa Vol. 1 by Aracy De Almeida
16. Tea For Two by Doris Day
17. Dexter Gordon by Dexter Gordon
18. Historical America In Song by Burl Ives
19. Night In Manhattan by Lee Wiley
20. Spanish Guitar Solos by Carlos Montoya
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