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Metal Hammer is a heavy metal music magazine and website.

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Top 50 albums of 2022Metal Hammer2022 year chart2022United Kingdom
The 50 best Metal albums of 2021Metal Hammer2021 year chart2021United Kingdom
Top 50 albums of 2020Metal Hammer2020 year chart2020United Kingdom
The 50 Best Albums Of 2019Metal Hammer2019 year chart2019United Kingdom
The Best 50 Albums of 2018Metal Hammer2018 year chart2018United Kingdom
Top 100 Albums Of 2017Metal Hammer2017 year chart2017United Kingdom
Top 50 Albums Of 2016Metal Hammer2016 year chart2016United Kingdom
Top 50 Albums Of 2015Metal Hammer2015 year chart2015United Kingdom
Top 50 Albums Of 2014Metal Hammer2014 year chart2014United Kingdom
Top 10 Albums Of 1996Metal Hammer1996 year chart1996United Kingdom
Top 20 Albums Of 1994Metal Hammer1994 year chart1994United Kingdom

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[Metal Hammer was founded in 1983.]

Best Ever Albums
1. OK Computer by Radiohead
2. The Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd
3. Abbey Road by The Beatles
4. Revolver by The Beatles
5. In Rainbows by Radiohead
6. Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
7. Kid A by Radiohead
8. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles
9. The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars by David Bowie
10. The Velvet Underground & Nico by The Velvet Underground & Nico
11. Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys
12. Untitled (Led Zeppelin IV) by Led Zeppelin
13. The Beatles (The White Album) by The Beatles
14. Nevermind by Nirvana
15. Funeral by Arcade Fire
16. In The Aeroplane Over The Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
17. The Queen Is Dead by The Smiths
18. To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar
19. Doolittle by Pixies
20. London Calling by The Clash
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