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Heaven is a Dutch music magazine founded in 1999.

Official website: https://www.heavenmagazine.nl

Year charts

Beste albums van 2022Heaven Magazine2022 year chart2022Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2021Heaven Magazine2021 year chart2021Netherlands
Beste albums van 2016Heaven Magazine2016 year chart2016Netherlands
Beste albums van 2015Heaven Magazine2015 year chart2015Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2014Heaven Magazine2014 year chart2014Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2013Heaven Magazine2013 year chart2013Netherlands
Beste albums van 2010Heaven Magazine2010 year chart2010Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2007Heaven Magazine2007 year chart2007Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2006Heaven Magazine2006 year chart2006Netherlands
Beste albums van 2005Heaven Magazine2005 year chart2005Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2004Heaven Magazine2004 year chart2004Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2003Heaven Magazine2003 year chart2003Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2002Heaven Magazine2002 year chart2002Netherlands
Beste albums van 2001Heaven Magazine2001 year chart2001Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 2000Heaven Magazine2000 year chart2000Netherlands
Eindlijst Heaven 1999Heaven Magazine1999 year chart1999Netherlands

Decade charts


Overall charts


[Heaven Magazine was founded in 1999.]

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