Top-rated albums of 1937

Listed below are the top-rated albums of 1937 as rated by members!
(To qualify for this chart, an album must have had at least 10 member ratings .)

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The average rating is a Bayesian average, calculated as follows:
Average Rating = (n ÷ (n + m)) × av + (m ÷ (n + m)) × AV

av = mean average rating an album has currently received.
n = number of ratings an album has currently received.
m = minimum number of ratings required for an album to appear in the 'top-rated' chart (currently 10).
AV = the site mean average rating for an album (currently 73/100).

Member  Levels
rockbluesfolkjaz Level 7
wizardalien Level 6
IlMala Level 5
bloosy Level 4
Toffuey Level 4
WJA Level 4
doombringer Level 3
lillejeff Level 3
progtastic Level 3
Ize Level 2
NebrotObarb Level 2
novilaca5 Level 2
rmalle04 Level 2
Tomee Level 2
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