2021-2022 NHL Season

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I'm kind of like a prettier Abraham

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  • Posted: 10/12/2021 22:41
  • Post subject: 2021-2022 NHL Season
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Alright, the new NHL season is upon us (doesn't it seem like the last one just ended? oh well?) Anyways it's been fun to get back into hockey, watching a lot of old games and getting used to the old/new rules, and really should be an exciting season not only with the Kraken but with fans coming back.. well, maybe. Again hope to be able to get some games, trying to see the Kraken in Colombus this year and the Islanders & Canadians down in Nashville, but it should be a fun year especially as there was a lot of turnover. Anyways here's a very newb predictions for the teams this year, hope Juno and HockeyBoi come in with more veteran insights. Will be watching the Kraken-Vegas game though to kick off the season and y'all should too.


1. Colorado
Pretty much kept the status quo and are still the team to beat in the league. A savvy, opportunistic scoring team but who really will beat teams behind the blue line. Just need that extra edge in the playoffs and they’re the clear favorites.
2 Las Vegas
Gravity’s probably coming for them soon, but they were successful in finding the right pieces to fix their FA-exit holes and should still be contenders, though seem vulnerable at times on defense
3 Winnipeg
Are the jets the team to break the canadian Stanley Cup drought? Maybe not this year, but this group is one of the most well-rounded in the league who are now solid enough on their forward lines to take the pressure off their stellar defense. Could be a dark horse especially as it gets murkier after this spot.
4 Edmonton
Can the GM position be voted in/out? Probably would be welcomed in North Alberta, as despite having two generational forwards that seemingly all you need is a couple of tough blue-line enforcers and half-way competent role players on the second and third lines, management seems to find new and creative ways to thin out their ranks. Will still score enough goals to beat up a weak pacific division, but a long stanley cup run doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.
5 Minnesota
Re-signing Kaprizov was huge and should look formidable for the first time since, well, the North Stars days with a potent power-play game and tougher-than-most defense. Will there be regressions in last year’s spikes, or become vulnerable when their top six as depth this year could be a bit of an issue.
6 St. Louis
Sun seems to be setting on their championship core, but still have enough drive left for at least one more playoff run.
7 Calgary
Just enough talent that you don’t really blow up the team and rebuild, but don’t see a contender now or anytime soon. Gonna have to make that decision soon, but a solid bet to win enough games to make the playoffs- though won’t make much noise when they do either.
8 Nashville
My sleeper pick, maybe a little bit biased, but there’s so much young talent that have a chance to be effective in a lot of different ways… but could also be dwelling in the cellar by groundhog day.
9 Chicago
Could scold them as a franchise that everybody now has a good reason to root against, but I’ll stumble off that high horse after the shit Montreal pulled. For the team anyways it’s kind of disjointed, they improved their leaky and ineffective defense and Fleury, although having so much mileage on him at 36, will be a big upgrade at the goal simply by default. Their forward situation though is still kind of a mess (even with the Seth Jones addition) and I see a really streaky team that will probably lose a lot of games they shouldn’t, but just because there’s a big dropoff after the top 7 teams they still have a good shot at sneaking the playoffs.
10 San Jose
If they stay healthy, they could get in, but they never seem to have a coherent plan. The evander kane situation is a Pete Rose-esque dumpster fire that will be an unwanted distraction as they really have no margin of error to be relevant this year.
11 Dallas
The ‘20 stanley cup run already seems like a distant memory, as they have a lot of holes especially on defense that perhaps explains all the cheap, oft power-play goals they give up. There is talent, and maybe they can prove last year was a bad fluke, but the rebuilding train is probably leaving early
12 LA Kings
A poor man’s Nashville, as a lot of intriguing ready-to-bloom guys and sharp goaltending (if weaker blue-line defense) signifies that they could win enough games in that lowly pacific division to sneak into the playoffs, but that’s still a big if as scoring could still be a big issue.
13 Seattle
I definitely see a much slower, steadier path to relevance than the Golden Knights, and perhaps have their eye on accruing more young forward talent at next year’s draft. I think they’ll definitely prevent enough goals this year to at least keep them in most games, though, and should avoid a terrible inaugural season, at the very least.
14 Vancouver
Made some win-now trades that sacrificed a lot of young depth, and yet they don’t seem anywhere remotely near a contention point. Playoffs also seem a real long shot. Probably need some management reshuffling soon, but they’re not terrible so this year that might help them stumble into the 8th seed
15 Arizona
A team that mgmt has seemingly just left on the train tracks, hoping to run away with the insurance check when their booted out of their current home. They managed to get a solid slew of young prospects by auctioning off overrated veterans, but the roster that stands is a pulled-goalie. For the love of god don't relocate to Houston.
16 Anaheim
Have a lot of unknowns, enough young talent that they will have a lot of fun experimenting with different lineups, wins seem like a distant concern for the future.


1 Tampa Bay
Lost little and should still pulverize most teams even in the Atlantic Division. Cap’s gonna come for them hard sooner rather than later, but as their team currently stands are in that rarefied air that they can legitimately compete for a three-peat this year.
2 Toronto
Yeah assimilating back into being an Islanders fan, ofc by booing John Tavares for petty reasons. Anyhoo, Brought in all the right pieces and have many scoring weapons up and down the roster, looks great on paper and should dominate most teams during the regular season we all know what happens during the playoffs
3 Florida
Are the Panthers true contenders? Their goaltending is so strong that a player like Dreidger can be expendable, and they’ll beat up enough teams on the blue-line night in, night out. Can they score enough goals to make a long run, though? They’re dark horse favorites if their forward lines fill out.
4 Carolina
I’m not buying them as contenders, great on paper but they already seem like easy pushovers when faced against better teams. That said, they’re the best of the much weaker metropolitan division.
5 Boston
Bloated roster, but still pretty damn effective. Not as good as a few years ago, but still should be a tough team to beat that needs to get over that recent semi-finals aenima.
6 NY Islanders
Can’t say I’ma little disappointed they didn’t do more this offseason, as they only seemed to just barely regain the point production that was lost to FA/Expansion draft. They’re such a savvy, well-coached team that just seem tailor-made for a long stanley cup run, but probably missing that one extra force up the middle to really get over that Stanley Cup hurdle.
7 NY Rangers
A sleeper team in the more competitive east, they looked really good last year that underachieved a bit in the win column, a Kakko definitely looks like a young star and potential franchise guy. Still a tough team to read, though, as they made a lot of changes and their defense could suffer a bit in comparison to the last year.
8 Washington
Twilihght setting in for the longtime group that’s now four years apart from a stanley cup, but should have one more playoff run for Ovechkin and everybody who have stuck around for so long.
9 Montreal
They sure don’t make it easy to be a fan, do they? Based solely on the potential of the team, Price being injured will hurt and Weber likely gone for good will hurt more, but they made some solid moves to fill their defensive holes. Playoffs are 50-50 in the very competitive east, but either way it will be fun to watch a Cole Caufield breakout season.
10 Pittsburgh
Will Sidney Crosby finish his career in Pittsburgh? Does he want to have another long playoff run to cap off his career.. Because that doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon, as their roster has degraded mightily since their last stanley cup run and they seem overdue for a true rebuild.
11 NJ Devils
Does Jack Hughes finally break out? Do they stop giving up cheap goals during the power play and make better decisions whey they do actually possess the puck? If they can fix the big problems with their gameplay, they have a talented enough team to sneak into the playoffs, but it still seems they need a lot more refining.
12 Philadelphia
It seems weird to call the Flyers the perpetual underachievers, but I also don’t see that changing this year.
13 Detroit
Their rare bout of losing have suddenly seen them accrue a windfall of mega-talented young prospects. They’re going to be a beast very soon, but that very soon isn’t going to be this year.
14 Colombus
The Charlotte Hornets of the NHL, as they were always either scraping the bottom of the average barrel or clawing their way to the top of the mediocre pile. Now they finally decided to blow it up (that Seth Jones trade was a hidden fleece) and might finally have a chance to get the talent necessary to finally compete (and… save hockey in Colombus) and are plausible frontrunners in the Shane Wright sweepstakes.
15 Ottawa
I hear Ottawa has a lot of really nice museums
16 Buffalo
What is this, like, their Third rebuild? Is Jack Eichel gonna pull a Ben Simmons and not even bother showing up, and will anybody care? The Hasek days are lonnnnnnnggggg gone.

And for a no-guts-no-glory, way-too-soon Stanely Cup prediction? Avalanche over Panthers
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Head Bear Master/Galactic Emperor

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  • Posted: 10/13/2021 01:12
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I'm not convinced on the Leafs, but I do think that on paper they have a better arsenal than my Caps for this season.

I'm somewhat glad that the Kraken don't look like a powerhouse, I wasn't a fan of how the NHL handled the Knights' entry into the league.

And if we're going with way-too-early predictions, I'll guess Lightning over Blues.
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I'm kind of like a prettier Abraham

Location: Cincinatti

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  • Posted: 10/13/2021 02:38
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Barely four minutes in and the Kraken already give up a goal, not a good omen when goal prevention was supposed to be their strength.

Ah well, guess we still got the Islanders and damn Habs, and the Predators when I'm feeling frisky (or visiting back home).

Edit: oy vey four minutes later there's another. Luckily I got some of my Tennessee moonshine left as this is gonna be a long night.
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Future Grumpy Old Man

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  • Posted: 10/19/2021 03:42
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I'm really looking forward to this year. Loads of potential storylines, and tonnes of parity.

My misguided predictions:


1. TB - ...but not by a huge margin. They'll get off to a slow start. You can't argue with Point, Kucherov, Hedman, Vasilievskiy, Stamkos, etc...
2. Tor - Great regular season team. Let's see if they can do anything in the playoffs. 60 goals for Matthews?
3. Phi - As long as Hart gets his head back. Too much depth to count out. Everything went wrong last year.
4. Fla - Will put it all together this year.
5. NYR - I think they'll have a solid year, but flame out in the playoffs. Tonnes of young legs.
6. Bos - Can never count out the team with the 'perfection line'.
7. NYI - Ugh. So boring. I guess it works?
8. Car - If they get the goaltending, watch out.

9. Was - Age is finally catching up to them. Chemistry will become an issue with Kuznetsov, Wilson, etc...
10. Ott - Will take a big step forward this year, but fall short.

11. CLB - Not as bad as people might think, but not a contender either.
12. NJ - Blackwood's vaccine issues will hold them back. A shame.
13. Pit - As a Flyers fan, it delights me to say that the door has closed on this team.
14. Mtl - It's midnight for Cinderella.
15. Det - Still not there yet.
16. Buf - Will having Eichel return help or hurt this team?


1. Col - Class of the league. Depth and gamebreakers throughout. Cup favourite.
2. LV - This is their best chance, and they won't get ahead of Colorado.
3. Wpg - Darkhorse. Best goalie in NHL.
4. Edm - Ugh. Hate these guys, but they have superlative talent, and are fixing their depth. Goal is a potential issue with old man Smith. Still have shit management.
5. Cgy - Battle of Alberta is back. Edm should have the edge, but Flames are more balanced.
6. Van - Could be very dangerous.
7. Min - Heading in the right direction, finally.
8. - STL - Still have enough to compete.

9. LA - The Ottawa of the West. Loads of young talent.
10. - Chi - Retooling well.

11. Ana - Will be much better, but still at least 1 year away.
12. Dal - Will struggle to score.
13. Nsh - Will really struggle to score.
14. Sea - LOVE this team brand. I hope Liam Neeson is at the home opener. "RELEASE THE KRAKEN"
15. SJ - Hot mess. Kane is such a tool.
16. Ari - How does this team not move? Must be so hard to be a fan of such unwillingness to compete.
Finnegan was super bad-ass.
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