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#21 | Posted: 06/17/2019 09:50 | Post subject: Reply with quote
badseed wrote:
I always thought the dubbing was hella awkward as they got Eastwood and Wallach to dub it 40 years late so you can tell, especially in Wallach's voice, how old he is. Not sure if that's the issue you're talking about with the extended version but yeah, weird.

Yeah, I was talking about issues related to the 2003 dubbing with Eastwood etc. I had to read the below review over several times, but I think I finally understand the issues. As you know, the 2003 redubbing had to be done for the extra material in the extended cut, because that cut was never released in the U.S. Originally, a lot of remixing of the entire track was done in order to blend the old dubbing in with the new. Apparently the Italian restoration company who did the 2014 resto prepared an English track that used the original English mono track for the rest of the film, without the additional manipulation, but still used the new dub for the extra material because it's the only English one that exists. But the 2014 MGM 4K-mastered version didn't use this new English track. Which is too bad for me, since that's the version I have and I'm not planning to buy a third version of the movie for now.

Since I didn't read any criticism, the Kino BD probably has the preferred new English track. So that's two significant improvements the Kino version has: The best audio track and the U.S. cut being in HD.

This is the part of the Bluray.com review of the 2014 version I'm going by:

Blu-ray.com wrote:
The 179-minute version of the film presented here [2014 version] and in 2009 was never released theatrically in America in 1964, so that an English-language version of the additional scenes had to be created from scratch in 2003, when the restoration project was undertaken by MGM. Eastwood and Wallach, among others, redubbed their lines, and substantial audio manipulation had to be applied to minimize synch issues. For the 2009 release, a mixdown was the only existing version of a mono track for those wishing to replicate the original theatrical experience.

In connection with this [2014] restoration, however, the Cineteca di Bologna has reportedly prepared a new mono track that uses the original English language mix for those portions of the film seen in the U.S. in 1964, inserting the "mixdown" only for the newly recorded scenes. For whatever reason, that newly created mono track was not used by MGM on this [2014] disc. Audio purists and cinemaphiles interested in experiencing films in as close to their original form as possible have objected...
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