Top-ranked artists from Russia

The top-ranked artists from Russia that appear most prominently in over 45,000 greatest album charts on are listed below:

N.B. Artist from before the mid-1960s may not be as well represented in this chart, because this chart only takes into account their albums. (Before that time, singles were far more prevalent than albums).

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Rank Artist Albums The number of albums by this artist featuring in the greatest album charts. Top Ranked Album The top ranked album by this artist and where it ranks in the overall chart. Score Total rank score for this artist (made up of the total rank score from all of their albums)
Russia1Motorama7Alps (4,885th)669
Russia2Кино [Kino]8Группа крови [Gruppa Krovi] (5,322nd)521
Russia3Аквариум [Aquarium]12Радио Африка [Radio Africa] (9,029th)331
Russia4АукцЫон [Auktyon]10Ptiza (Bird) (8,968th)313
Russia5Пикник [Piknik]9Иероглиф [Iyeroglif] (16,319th)255
Russia6Iamthemorning5~ (8,990th)228
Russia7Егор И Опизденевшие [Egor And Opizdenevshiye]2Сто лет одиночества [One Hundred Years Of Solitude] (7,379th)221
Russia8Huun-Huur-Tu4The Orphan's Lament (12,208th)196
Russia9Nikolai Golovanov / The Great Symphony Orchestra Of The All-Union Radio And Central TV5Scriabin: Second Symphony In C Minor, Op. 29, 1901 (12,743rd)194
Russia10Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun2Divine Music From A Jail (6,581st)193
Russia11Theodor Bastard6Vetvi (12,384th)191
Russia12IC3PEAK4До свидания [Goodbye] (11,856th)182
Russia13Гражданская Оборона [Grazhdanskaya Oborona]7Зачем снятся сны? (18,054th)175
Russia14Владимир Высоцкий ‎(Vladimir Vysotsky)7Wir Drehen Die Erde (10,785th)153
Russia15Yevgeny Mravinsky / Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra11Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 "Pathétique" (11,567th)153
Russia16Владимир Кузьмин [Vladimir Kuzmin]4Чудо - Сновидения (18,707th)147
Russia17Gorky Park4Moscow Calling (13,084th)146
Russia18Леонид Фёдоров [Leonid Fedorov]4Лиловый день (9,316th)139
Russia19April Rain3One Is Glad To Be Of Service (15,316th)137
Russia20t.A.T.u.3Dangerous And Moving (18,544th)135
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