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Best Album of 1955 by platus (2019)

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Chart updated: 02/17/2019 14:15 (Created: 02/17/2019 14:02). Chart size: 1 albums.

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1. New entry

Study In BrownUnited States Clifford Brown & Max Roach
Year of Release:1955Appears in:35 charts
Rank in 1955:7Rank Score:297
Rank in 1950s122Overall Rank:5,639
Average Rating:  79/100 (36 votes)
Comments: 1 comment
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Best Album of 1955 composition

Artist Albums %

Clifford Brown & Max Roach 1 100%
Country Albums %

United States 1 100%

Best Album of 1955 chart changes

New entries
newentries Study In Brown
by Clifford Brown & Max Roach

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