"When I'm rushing on my run, And I feel just like Jesus' son"

- The Velvet Underground

Nevermind (album) by Nirvana 

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Nevermind by Nirvana (1991)
Overall rank: 6th   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
86/100 (from 2,337 votes)
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Accolades: Best album of 1991 (1st)
Top 10 albums of the 1990s (2nd)
Top 10 albums of all time (6th)

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Nirvana bestography

Nevermind is ranked as the best album by Nirvana.

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-NevermindIn Utero

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Nevermind ratings

Average Rating: 
86/100 (from 2,337 votes)
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Nevermind comments

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no, I won't stop until the album is recognized as the stolen trash that it is, listen to Killing Joke's "Eighties" already and stop being lazy. you can't deny that it's nearly identical to come as you are, just a bit faster.

look at nirvana's band page on this site, look at the top 3 songs. 2 of them are covers and the melody of teen spirit's riff isn't original, it was done in 81 by Metallica/Slayer/Anthrax/Megadeth's biggest influence - Venom (the first thrash, black, or death metal band).

Oh, and nirvana's 4th best song according to this site is the stolen sound "come as you are." in utero's good at least, put that in #6 on this site and I'd still be like WTF, but I wouldn't be making a huge deal about it. this is stolen and the lyrics are worse than any other album I can name, for real. kurt has an amazing voice and the drums are excellent of course, that doesn't warrant top 10. bass lines aren't special and guitar doesn't even rank for obvious reasons. #6 LOL, gmab....
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From Satie 09/28/2015 14:33
A nostalgia fest for a bunch of Gen Xers who weren't actually around the first time. It's fun to bump in the car, but if it didn't have MUH HISTORICAL STATURE (which it doesn't even have if you care more about underground music than mainstream music) I'm sure I wouldn't be downvoted to oblivion like I'm about to be for giving it an honest rating. Like, did the '80s underground that spawned this record just never happen?
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From rogue 09/26/2015 20:28
Dear Angry Jack Person Hating All Over This Album,

CHILL OUT, dude. You're wasting a crazy amount of time on hating on something. Pretty sure they were looking for people to really despise them and this album, so you're doing them a service, really.

We get it. You don't like this album. Go listen to something you DO like.

Or continually shout into the empty tube of the internet. It probably won't make you feel any better in the long run.
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From vinnid127 09/20/2015 12:29
Quintessential 90's listening
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From jackbrown8786 09/17/2015 15:47
no, nirvana didn't bring it to a worldwide audience, Pearl Jam IS worldwide. they had music videos on MTV and radios wouldn't stop playing them, it doesn't get any more mainstream than PJ. nirvana did absolutely NOTHING new and ppl are always claiming that they've invented a genre, it's BS.

kurt wanted to name the album "sheep," (GUESS WHY) when told he couldn't and asked what he wanted to call it instead he said, "nevermind." he didn't mean to call the album that but didn't object when that was taken for his meaning. of course he didn't care. this album was just a cash grab (hell, look at the album cover if the band really has to spell it out themselves for you).

it's in the lyrics. the meaning of "in bloom" is 'you're morons, but you're going to sing along anyway so here's your pop trash.'

he's the one who likes all our pretty songs
and he likes to sing along
and he likes to shoot his gun
but he knows not what it means when I say, "yeah"

lol. I'd be completely disillusioned as well if I made a bad/generic album (nevermind) in response to a "meh" reception of something I worked really hard on (bleach) only to see the nonsensical/lazy thing (nevermind) become known as one of the greatest albums ever. especially if after that I tried really hard again (in utero) but couldn't reach the success of my garbage. maybe even disillusioned enough to just put a shotgun in my mouth like he did. he HATED his fans.
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From Metalforall 09/14/2015 19:59
With Nevermind, Nirvana released what came to be their Magnum Opus and one of the 90's most influential records, if not THE most influential... Altough with a softer sound that it's predecessor Bleach and specially it's sucessor In Utero (Which personally I think is Nirvana's best). Still, this album from beginning to end has amazing tracks, with no exception... A classic.

Best Track(s): In Bloom
Worst Track: Polly... If I had to choose
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From AAL2014 09/14/2015 16:12
Dude, chill, there is no reason to give this album a 0. Even if you have all these facts supporting your case why it's overrated.

When it comes to killing hair metal, you can argue Guns N Roses started the kiling with their first album. But as for Pearl Jam/Nirvana, Pearl Jam's may have come out first, but Nevermind's impact was felt on a wider scale. And almost every hair metal act have been quoted as saying something along the lines of "Nirvana killed us."

And of course Nirvana/Cobain didn't invent grunge. They simply brought it to a worldwide audience. That's a fact. And they did so with this album. The Pixies and Soundgarden were two of Kurt's biggest influences, especially for this record. Chris Cornell told Guitar World magazine that when he met Kurt in like 1990, Kurt said "Consider yourselves out biggest influences."

I don't know why you have to be so mad about it, dude. Bands take influence and inspiration in a direct way all the time. Doesn't mean they are stealing or ripping another artist off. That's just music. Nirvana did it, and they did it the right way. Nobody is oblivious to the fact that they like the Pixies.. Dave Grohl said "If you listen to Teen Spirit, that's a Pixies rip!"
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From jackbrown8786 09/14/2015 11:27
Dear Robert Christgau (again),

I have to add: WTF are you talking about, "this is hard rock as the term was understood b4 metal moved in"?!?!?! THIS IS ALMOST A FULL DECADE AFTER MASTER OF PUPPETS YOU DEMENTED OLD BAT! You know, it's just the most famous extreme metal record of all time.... Assuming you're talking about extreme metal of course, but metal in general has been around over a decade b4 even that.

You're so out of it, stop posting. For anyone who doesn't know, he's pretty much the biggest name in music critique (and this is actually him, everything he says here can be found elsewhere with his name on it). What a joke, seriously. I have one for you Bobby: What's old, demented, and really old/demented?
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From jackbrown8786 09/14/2015 09:56
This comment is beneath your viewing threshold.
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From AAL2014 09/10/2015 20:46
If for nothing else, we can praise this record for having a big part in killing hair metal. Groundbreaking, powerful, and not full of itself.
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