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December 2012 site update

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#1 | Posted: 11/27/2012 10:19 | Post subject: December 2012 site update Reply with quote
December is usually the busiest time of year for BEA, as people hunt for end of year lists, so this update is a little bit early to ensure everything has settled in before the crowds arrive. (There'll be another (smaller) update before Christmas to wrap up 2012).

Server upgrade
BEA's hosting was upgraded (again) at the start of November, and was the third upgrade this year! The latest upgrade will provide BEA with performance improvements at peak times, and add a bit of head-room over the busy end of year period. Traffic volumes are already at record levels, and everything is bearing up fairly well so far.

End of year lists
We're approaching the time of year when end of years lists will start to crop up everywhere, and we have the possibility of combining those lists into the 2012 chart here. The proposed method of submitting these lists is via custom charts. If a custom chart is a copy from a recognised source, you can apply to get this chart seen as 'recognised' and it will then count towards the overall rankings. To do this, visit the admin page for the chart, and submit a data correction. Charts from recognised sources must not themselves be aggregate lists. Any chart that is promoted, will no longer appear as being from your account, but will be credited as being from the original source.

Year and decade chart composition
Inspired by the best year tournament, a summary has been added to each decade page which lists the top-ranked album & total rank points for each year, and a chart composition has also been added. 1967 is currently ranked the best year on BEA, and 1981 the worst. The best ranked decade on BEA is a closely fought contest between 1970s, 1990s and 2000s (with the 1970s slightly edging it). Original thread (from cartoken).

Customising the overall chart
You can now create a customised version of the overall chart using a choice of four different metrics. You are able to include charts based on member level, or charts having a minimum average rating. Original thread (from lethalnezzle).

MP3 previews
You now see MP3 previews in each chart without being logged out of the site. This setting is turned off by default for existing users, but it can be switched on from your profile page. Original thread (from RFNAPLES).

Other changes
  • To help highlight the best charts of each type, you can now sort the list of charts by their average rating.
  • You can now sort each track list by the number of ratings that each track has received. Original thread (from thejoj96).
  • Now show rating and comment stats for each chart on the My Charts page. Original thread (from DLGGLD).
  • Fixed an issue with the latest forum posts RSS feed character encoding
  • Fixed an issue where a collection composition could still be visible even if the collection was marked as private.
  • Fixed an issue where chart comments were incorrectly hidden for a subset of users.
  • Fixed an issue displaying historical charts for users with a year/month/day date format preference.
  • Fixed an issue on the search page where no search results were displayed for search terms containing apostrophes or foreign characters.
  • Now show whether an album is a compilation on each album page (and on the Newly Added Albums screen).
  • Fixed top-rated songs/bands/charts URLs not landing correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with the band statistics pagination not keeping the child acts filter.
  • Fixed an issue where moderator deletes were incorrectly indicated with a cross.
  • Added help text to the admin album screen for the compilation field.
  • Added a decade composition for custom charts. Original thread (from RFNAPLES).
  • Fixed an issue where albums could be listed as being in your favourites if they appeared in your chart(s) (the behaviour was changed a couple of months ago, but parts of the site were still using the old code).
  • Fixed a bug where rank movements were not shown if you sorted the overall chart with an active historical date filter.
  • Fixed a bug where albums containing slash characters could not be added to member charts (reported by email).
  • Added a tweak to disallow YouTube videos and oversized images in forum signatures - these slow down the loading of pages and make the forums more difficult to read (especially on mobile devices) (the maximum size for images is now 400x150 pixels).
  • 'Ignored' forum posts & comments are now a little more discrete (reported by PM).
  • ...Lots more smaller fixes and improvements!

Support us
If you'd like to support BEA, you can do so in any of the following ways:

  • Link to BEA from other websites. Talk about us on other websites, create a buzz and get people to check us out (but be careful not to do this in a spammy way!)
  • Buy your music via BEA. If you discover a new album or track, with help from BEA, use the iTunes, Amazon and eBay buttons on this site to buy it from your favourite store. BEA gets a small commission (pennies), and it helps to pay our hosting fees.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter. Keep up to date with the latest site news by subscribing to our FREE newsletter.
  • Use our chart widget. Share your chart on Facebook (or any other website)! You can find our chart widget on the resources page.
  • 'Like' us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Liking us on Facebook is a great way to promote BEA! If some of your friends see that you 'like' us, they might check us out too!

Enjoy the site and more soon...

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