"And the meteoroid's a bone thrown from the void, That lies quiet in offering to thee"

- Joanna Newsom

Funeral (album) by Arcade Fire 

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Funeral by Arcade Fire (2004)
Release date: 2004-09-14
Overall rank: 8th   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
89/100 (from 2,171 votes)
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Accolades: Best album of 2004 (1st)
Top 10 albums of the 2000s (2nd)
Top 10 albums of all time (8th)

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Arcade Fire bestography

Funeral is ranked as the best album by Arcade Fire.

Arcade Fire album bestography « Higher ranked This album (8th) Lower ranked (38th) »
-FuneralThe Suburbs

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Funeral rankings

Funeral ratings

Average Rating: 
89/100 (from 2,171 votes)
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Funeral comments

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From LimpLimbs 06/18/2016 16:21
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From YikYak 06/18/2016 14:41
I used to be a massive critic of this album and Arcade Fire, specifically due to a lack of commercial success or industry influence. I listened to the album one day and was not impressed and a little disappointed. I didn't listen to it for a while then. A few months later, I listened to Rebellion (Lies) again and was absolutely amazed by the sound. I listened to the whole album again. And again. And I realized why it is so regarded and acclaimed. I love the Suburbs, Neon Bible and Reflektor, but this is the album of theirs that is my personal favorite, and one of my favorite debut albums of all time. I'd specifically recommend tracks 1,2,4,6,7, and especially 9. Please give this a few listens. It is certainly deserving.
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From 32mos42 06/15/2016 21:16
Not unlike that terrible teenage band down the street, Arcade Fire's debut album is all about never growing up. Unlike those angsty teengers, however, Arcade Fire realizes that they can't be young forever, and that is where I see this album coming from. The entire album has this raw, undying energy. Even on subtler ballads like "Une Annee Sans Lumiere" and "Crown of Love", the songs end in a fast, loud, celebratory manner. This energy to me, represents youth, and is created by the quickly strummed guitars, the passion in Will Butler's vocals, and the yells and chanting of the band members. Throughout the course of the album you feel like this energy could last forever, as themes of love, adult life, and society's expectations are explored in the lyrics beautifully and sentimentally. However, as the album slowly builds up more and more of that energy, you come to the tragic closing track, where you realize that it's all suddenly ending. At the end of the song, with one last, climactic push, the energy fizzles out until it is pretty much dead, all in the last 3 minutes of the album or so. This is the bit I love about the album, as it makes me reflect, and it makes me think. This record reminds me that I need to live a life I won't regret, and I need to enjoy my youth while it lasts. Just like in this album, the end tends to come quickly as the years pass by faster and faster, and at that moment where it all ends, I don't want to end up wishing I had enjoyed the ride more than I did, as is often the case with this album. Yea... my bad, that was pretty corny. For real though, I find it pretty unbelievable how they pulled off such ambitious instrumentation and production without sounding the least bit forced. I mean, you got like nine people in the band playing a bunch of instruments and a white Haitian girl playing an accordion (I can see why hipsters dig this so much).
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From exileonthehell 06/05/2016 18:29
I can really see David Bowie trapped inside this album.
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From JLAwesome1 05/10/2016 21:16
As a member of the new generation, I look at those born from the early 60's and when asked about their music taste, David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" will always come up. How it shaped them, grew with them, and taught them.

And while I can look back to the year '72 and love that album, it will never feel like my memories and my generation I am listening to. That's why I'm calling Funeral this generation's Ziggy Stardust. Original, cohesive, and intimate...however it will never seem as great from a different generation looking in.
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From Edwarda85 05/04/2016 14:44
I can't deny their originality and willingness to try new things from album to album. Extremely creative with huge scope and atmosphere.

But that is kind of expected when your band rolls deep. Like 10ish people deep.

Rebellion (Lies) is as good as it gets. The lead track and Crown of Love are really good too.

I don't love it. I don't think the writing is as smart as everyone thinks it is. I don't speak French so throwaway the 3rd song.

I think Millenials want to be able to label a band as their generation's Radiohead. I think Arcade Fire is a bit of a stretch.

Objectively they are really really good.

Personally, I can take or leave this, save Rebellion (Lies)
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From marklg 05/01/2016 17:30
I cannot understand why this album is considered one of the best ones here. It's not so bad, but come on guys... seriously?
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From xMUSICSNOBx 04/21/2016 20:09
With the exception of one or two songs, possibly the least eventful album i've ever heard, not a huge fan still, and I'm still not sure why everyone rates them so high.
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From Simon_bramhall 03/24/2016 21:36
I have really tried. There are bands with a huge popular and critical following that I just do not connect personally. For example the Pixies. With that said I am left trying to understand the critical grandeur of Arcade Fire. This is just not my thing, I am left with the feelings I have heard better and better albums.
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From juro00134 03/16/2016 22:16

THE nostalgia album. When I was younger and being driven to school every morning, I would usually hear "Rebellion" on the radio, not knowing it was by Arcade Fire and not paying it much mind because I was young and young people never pay things much mind. Years later, as I was getting into music, I'd always see this album on best albums lists and decided to give it a listen, really liking it. Then "Rebellion" came on. I remembered it note for note and just sat in awe. I still sit in awe whenever I hear it.
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