"The glove compartment is inaccurately named, and everybody knows it"

- Death Cab For Cutie

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The Essential Heart by Heart ( 2 comments)
"The Wilson sisters have been among Rock & Roll's longest female practitioners of the form, and stan..."
From TheDude85 on 3 days ago
Anthology by Four Tops ( 1 comment)
"The Quintessential Motown Vocal Group!!!! Yes, I Put Them ABOVE The Temptations, The Supremes, and ..."
From TheDude85 on 3 days ago
Everywhere At The End Of Time by The Caretaker ( 5 comments)
"The opening of his breakthrough album, 2011’s An Empty Bliss Beyond This World, displays the uneas..."
From sidneyfranklyn on 3 days ago
Another Place And Time by Donna Summer ( 1 comment)
"Donna Summer hooks up with the production team who brought us Rick Astley and rides the same wave to..."
From TheDude85 on 3 days ago
Black Hours by Hamilton Leithauser ( 1 comment)
"Um canto clássico sobre melodias modernas...."
From VictorVale on 3 days ago
Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey ( 19 comments)
"This is still one of my favorite records to listen to in the summertime. Slow, sexy, beautiful. ..."
From rogue on 3 days ago
Anodyne by Uncle Tupelo ( 7 comments)
"A legendary alt-country release. Unfortunately not my cup of tea. I guess the musicianship is stella..."
From TheDude85 on 3 days ago
Off The Ground by Paul McCartney ( 9 comments)
"A decent McCartney offering. Nothing objectionable and nothing memorable either. My personal favori..."
From TheDude85 on 3 days ago
Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino by Arctic Monkeys ( 55 comments)
"The problem is, not only this album doesn't fit in Artic Monkeys in anyway, sounding way more like a..."
From JimagineL on 3 days ago
Little Dark Age by MGMT ( 55 comments)
"Every single song that I liked has grown on me since I First heard It. "Little Dark Age" especially ..."
From JimagineL on 3 days ago
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