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What is the greatest music album of all time? If you ask a hundred different people to name the best album of all time, the chances are that you will not get a unanimous answer!

This web site's purpose is to achieve a means of establishing the greatest music albums of all time by using legitimate critical sources and calculating a ranking based on the rank and number of times an album has appeared in a 'greatest album' chart and then ranking the albums according to their aggregate performance.

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Kid A by Radiohead ( 380 comments)
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Fear Of A Black Planet by Public Enemy
From arthurbittencourt on 24 minutes ago
Piece Of Mind by Iron Maiden
From colonelchibbers on 44 minutes ago
Apathetic EP by Relient K
From AwaitingAndrew on 45 minutes ago
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August 2016 site update
From albummaster on Friday 29 July 2016
Hi all, and apologies for the lack of communication recently. Things have been pretty hectic for me offline, and I thought it was high time to let everyone know more formally what is happening with the site.

The reason for the lack of updates over the past year or so is because, in the background, I've been undertaking the massive task of redesigning the whole site, making it mobile friendly and modernising the design. As I've also got a 'day job', this work is having to be done in my spare time (which sometimes there isn't enough of). I had to abandon the first attempt last year because the technology at the time wasn't mature enough and I wasn't totally happy with the new design.

However, now is a better time. Things are more mature and the technology now makes it that much easier to develop a responsive design & I'm beginning to see real progress. To this end, I'm hoping that the site can be relaunched by the end of this year.

Functionally, the new site will be much the same (but with new forums) & the new BEA platform will make it easier to push through many of the changes that have been lingering around on the 'to do' list for far too long (and these will be implemented after the site has been relaunched). In the meantime, thank you to everyone for your patience, and good things come to those who wait Mr. Green


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