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Welcome to BestEverAlbums.com!

What is the greatest music album of all time? If you ask a hundred different people to name the best album of all time, the chances are that you will not get a unanimous answer!

This web site's purpose is to achieve a means of establishing the greatest music albums of all time by using legitimate critical sources and calculating a ranking based on the rank and number of times an album has appeared in a 'greatest album' chart and then ranking the albums according to their aggregate performance.

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Songs About Fucking by Big Black ( 7 comments)
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Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous by Big L
From Trendall on 2 minutes ago
Be Here Now by Oasis
From pago82 on 5 minutes ago
Train Of Thought by Reflection Eternal
From Trendall on 10 minutes ago
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Site news and announcements

November 2014 site update
From albummaster on Monday 3 November 2014
Main improvements
  • Added a graph to the album pages to show the spread of tracks ratings - to show if one or two tracks are carrying the whole album & make it easier to pick out the top-rated tracks
  • Added a new page to show upcoming concerts & enable people to buy tickets (& also added concert listings to artist & album pages)
  • Added a new releases chart & a link to the latest releases on home page (for albums released one month in arrears & one month in the future)
  • Added ability to configure the maximum rank for the random album feature e.g. set it so that random albums need to have a maximum overall rank of XXXX (can be saved as a preference from your profile page)
  • Added the ability for data moderator gurus to perma-lock albums or artists. There have been a few items where album art has been incorrectly overridden, corrected, and then overridden again which is time-consuming to keep on top of and with so many users making edits it's difficult to keep track of. Users can still submit corrections for perma-locked items, but they can't overwrite the existing data.
  • Added the ability to view the full chart history for your own charts (premium members are able to view the full history for any individual chart on the site - http://www.besteveralbums.com/phpBB2/vi...146#128146 )
  • Reduced to 1 point per comment or on-topic forum post to counteract comment & forum spam (people using comments to bump up their totals)

Charts & chart editor
  • Fixed private decade, year or overall charts appearing on my charts page (only private custom charts were hidden)
  • Fixed pick lists should be sorted by sort name and not display name
  • If this is your own chart, don't show the same chart in the list for comparing
  • Only allow registered members to use custom chart (protects site against flooding)
  • Moved the 'My Charts' option into the user navigation - http://www.besteveralbums.com/phpBB2/vi...php?t=8778
  • Added a 'compilation' descriptor to charts across the site
  • Added a 'date added' sort option to individual charts so that charts can be sorted to show when an album was first added to a chart
  • Fixed private charts wrongly appearing in the 'random chart' feature

Album & track pages
  • Album pages now indicate the rank of an album within an artist's bestography
  • Now show which users have an album in their collection
  • Added the ability to sort the album rankings table by 'source' (makes it easier to check who has included a particular album in their charts)
  • Added next/previous track navigation to the track pages to enable people to navigate through the tracks on an album more easily.

Collector's summary
  • Added progress bar for collection/listened on collector's summary
  • Fixed issue where if a chart is currently filtered by a chart composition element, the collector's summary page did not show the filtered albums - reported by swedenman ( http://www.besteveralbums.com/phpBB2/vi...php?t=9103 )

  • Track search suggestions now include album titles to help distinguish between different versions of the same track e.g. Money Money Money by ABBA (from The Visitors)
  • Added the ability to search by item ID within the site masthead & insert BEA link (on the forums)

User data

  • Fixed issue with single character posts not allowed on the forums e.g. in response to polls etc
  • Changed colour of stickied posts when there's a new reply - http://www.besteveralbums.com/phpBB2/vi...php?t=9875
  • Added BEA secondary navigation to forums & merged the phpBB forum navigation into the primary navigation
  • Added sub-forum breadcrumb on forum and topic pages

Data admin
  • Added an extra 'data moderator admin' level for users with over 100,000 mod points. This new level provides access to additional functionality.
  • Allow data moderator admins to add new artists to BEA (e.g. if an album is credited to a wrong artist & the correct artist doesn't yet exist on BEA.)
  • Flagging an album as suspect no longer resets year or image data
  • If editing an album released in or after 2004, it will not be flagged as fully validated unless there is a full release date.
  • Fix release date shouldn't be editable if year is older than 2004
  • Added 'bootleg' help text to admin album screen.
  • Added help text for classical album titles
  • Added 'artist' help text to admin album screen (including for parent/child acts).
  • Added 'duplicate/merge' help text to admin album & admin artist screens.
  • Country flag now shown for parent/child artists
  • Transliterated name now automatically updated when the display name is changed
  • Added 'invalid release date' filter to newly added albums page
  • 'Release date' now displayed on admin album 'read-only' layout
  • When updating an artist, now verify parent or child artists share the same nationality
  • Added ability to filter newly added albums & artists pages by the person that added them (e.g. see all albums/artists you've added) - idea from benpaco http://www.besteveralbums.com/phpBB2/vi...php?t=8920
  • Added help pages for the admin_band and admin_album pages to display the help text for all fields on a single page
  • Fixed issue with auto-capitalisation for hyphenated words & words containing accented characters
  • Fixed issue with auto-capitalisation of Roman numerals & acronyms (any existing upper-case words now remain) e.g. IV, A.S.A.P.
  • Added a flag to the admin album pages so that if the album art is not family safe, the image can be hidden. Users can choose to hide all such images by toggling a switch on the user profile pages (the default for existing users is to view all content, so the site carries on as normal for these people) but for search engines and anybody not logged into BEA, the default is to hide these images. Any 'family unsafe' images should be flagged from the admin album pages as a data correction.

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