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What is the greatest music album of all time? If you ask a hundred different people to name the best album of all time, the chances are that you will not get a unanimous answer!

This web site's purpose is to achieve a means of establishing the greatest music albums of all time by using legitimate critical sources and calculating a ranking based on the rank and number of times an album has appeared in a 'greatest album' chart and then ranking the albums according to their aggregate performance.

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2013 end of year lists thread (Forum: Music)
"It was really handy last year, so it'll be handy this year, right?..."
From GeevyDallas on 12/03/2013 09:15
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Solid Gold by Gang Of Four ( 4 comments)
"Not quite as uncompromising as their debut; while Entertainment has a unique punk feel to it, this s..."
From babyBlueSedan on 23 hours ago
Maxinquaye by Tricky ( 6 comments)
"Imagine if Massive attack seriously took to quaaludes. For a year. The next day they swear they are ..."
From RepoMan on 23 hours ago
21st Century Breakdown by Green Day ( 22 comments)
"a favourite of mine when i was 15, not so much these days....."
From vinnid127 on 23 hours ago
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Foghat (Rock And Roll) by Foghat
From gtroda on 27 minutes ago
Tyranny And Mutation by Blue Öyster Cult
From gtroda on 27 minutes ago
Vagabonds Of The Western World by Thin Lizzy
From gtroda on 27 minutes ago
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Amazon Top Songs
Happy From
Happy (From Despicable Me 2)
Pharrell Williams MP3 Music
47 days in the top 100
From the Album: G I R L
4.9 out of 5 stars(345)

Download: $1.29

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Talk Dirty
Talk Dirty (feat. 2 Chainz) [Explicit]
Jason Derulo MP3 Music
23 days in the top 100
From the Album: Talk Dirty [Explicit]
4.6 out of 5 stars(7)

Download: $1.29

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Let It
Let It Go
Idina Menzel MP3 Music
142 days in the top 100
From the Album: Frozen (Deluxe Edition)
4.9 out of 5 stars(347)

Download: $1.29

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All Of
All Of Me (Album Version)
John Legend MP3 Music
83 days in the top 100
From the Album: All Of Me
4.9 out of 5 stars(104)

Download: $1.29

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Dark Horse
Dark Horse [feat. Juicy J]
Katy Perry MP3 Music
178 days in the top 100
From the Album: Prism (Deluxe Version)
4.6 out of 5 stars(137)

Download: $1.29

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