"I've laid with the devil, Cursed God above, Forsaken heaven, To bring you my love"

- PJ Harvey

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Bonito Generation by Kero Kero Bonito ( 2 comments)
"It's a very nice album to make you feel good! All of the lyrics aren't very hard to understand and S..."
From XxBBroFanxX on 1 hour ago
To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar ( 233 comments)
"This album is truly an amazing work of art and is surely his best album to date. The lyrics really s..."
From XxBBroFanxX on 1 hour ago
Lemonade by Beyoncé ( 30 comments)
"This album really blew me away when I first heard it! I have never really been a Beyonce fan but I h..."
From XxBBroFanxX on 1 hour ago
13 by Blur ( 38 comments)
"Favoritas: No Distance Left To Run, Mellow Song, Tender, Coffee And TV..."
From nitomano on 1 hour ago
The Pick Of Destiny by Tenacious D ( 4 comments)
"Favoritas: Kickapoo, Master Exploder, Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown), The Metal..."
From nitomano on 1 hour ago
Near To The Wild Heart Of Life by Japandroids ( 2 comments)
"Pretty average...few songs brought this grade down for being quite awful. There was solid tracks tho..."
From awesomness425 on 26 hours ago
Hang by Foxygen ( 4 comments)
"There is so pretty cool songs here that are reminiscent of Bowie's glam rock days. A very fun and en..."
From awesomness425 on 26 hours ago
OK Computer by Radiohead ( 591 comments)
"This album ranked as high as #2 on my chart, and is #1 on this website. And for good reason, with so..."
From Seab on 26 hours ago
Amnesiac by Radiohead ( 134 comments)
"A great album recorded at the same time as Kid A. Unlike their previous album, Amnesiac sounds like ..."
From Seab on 26 hours ago
Unplugged by Eric Clapton ( 12 comments)
"Great acoustic songs, he's an amazing guitar player..."
From nitomano on 26 hours ago
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