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Revolver (album) by The Beatles 

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Revolver by The Beatles (1966)
Overall rank: 3rd   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
91/100 (from 2,549 votes)
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Accolades: Best album of 1966 (1st)
Best album of the 1960s (1st)
Top 10 albums of all time (3rd)

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The Beatles bestography

Revolver is ranked as the best album by The Beatles.

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-RevolverAbbey Road

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Revolver rankings

Revolver ratings

Average Rating: 
91/100 (from 2,549 votes)
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Revolver comments

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From cdschart 04/25/2016 21:53
The Beatles have always been a bit overhyped to me but Revolver is one of the best LPs of all time. "I'm Only Sleeping" is pure genius.
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From Cyrobian 04/25/2016 17:41
Such a perfect album. If you haven't listened to this, I don't know what's wrong with you. I think you should go and see Doctor Robert.

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From LAF2 04/08/2016 16:03
@jackbrown "Name a more punk song written before Taxman"

Uh, Heroin by Velvet Underground was written in 1964
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From garycottier 04/08/2016 10:59
To jackbrown8786. Oh no, not you again. What's all this about drugs? Is that the glue that binds these songs together? Yellow submarine, about a drug dealer? It's a harmless children's song. Anyway, what drugs? LSD? Paul wrote the song and had never even tried the drug at that point. As for she said, she said, that is a song that Paul DIDN'T write, John wrote it, after an acid experience in L.A, most notably involving Peter Fonda, who while on the drug was telling John he knew what it was like to be dead, the rest is about his childhood, especially his relationship with his mother. As for, and your bird can sing, that was John reacting to a number of derogatory comments Frank Sinatra had at that point made about them. Tomorrow never knows, is not about acid, it was adapted from the, book of the dead, which is a tibetan prayer book, certainly nothing to do with drugs. Granted, Dr. Robert, is about drug dealing, possibly inspired by the dentist that slipped LSD into John and George's coffee for their first trip. There is no doubt some of the sounds on, revolver, were influenced by drugs, but it's crazy to suggest that the album wouldn't have existed without them. One of the most important factors in the making of the album was the wonderful George Martin, and he certainly wasn't using any narcotics. I think it's completely irresponsible to suggest that, for no one, is a reason to do drugs, and I'm sure Paul McCartney would agree with me. You certainly don't need to be on anything to enjoy an album as special as revolver, there are probably millions of people who love revolver who have never touched a drug in their life. Punk songs/records before, revolver? , try the thirteenth floor elevators debut album, and what about, 'I hope i die before I get old'. Off course, anyone who spends all day smoking pot and listening to revolver, is going to convince themselves that every line in every song is a reference to drugs, you'll probably convince yourself you've found the key to the universe. Sort it out, man, don't Bogart that joint. LOL
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From jackbrown8786 04/08/2016 10:44
b4 this album there was jazz/blues/pop/Dylan. there was no song with an attitude as punk as Taxman with a solo to match the biting vocals/lyrics. go ahead and name the most punk songs ever written b4 the release of Revolver....

"I'm Only Sleeping" is the birth of psychedelic rock, along with "Love You To," "Yellow Submarine," and "She Said," all on this album. there wasn't a song fractionally as hedonistic as "Love You To" b4 Revolver either.

"there's ppl standing 'round, who'll screw you in the ground, they'll fill you in with all the sins you see, I'll make love to you, if you want me to." drug orgy, lol. just raunchy.

"She Said".... srsly, what could she have said that makes Paul believe that he's mad? that makes him believe he's never done wrong? that causes him to start arguing with her just to talk himself through a circle and start reminiscing of his childhood.... "she" is quite clearly a drug that has him confused, thinking scary/crazy thoughts, arguing with himself, and bringing up his past.

"And Your Bird Can Sing," paraphrased, "you have everything you want, you've heard everything, seen everything, you're happy, good for you... when you've lost it all, come to me." I believe he's speaking from the drug's perspective itself here. "tell me you've seen 7 wonders[...] but you don't see me, tell me that you've got everything you want[...] but you don't get me, tell me that you've heard every sound there is[...] you don't hear me, when your bird is broken, will it bring you down? look in my direction, I'll be 'round." it might seem like a bit of a stretch until you take into context the surrounding tracks.

"Doctor Robert" and "Yellow Submarine" seem to be about a drug dealer and someone who may have introduced them to drugs, respectively.

"For No One" is one of the greatest and most depressing piano ballads ever, and while it isn't inspired by drugs like the psychedelic songs previously mentioned, it sure is a reason to do drugs (along with "Taxman"). the same can be said for "Eleanor Rigby," whose message is basically "you die alone and religion is a joke." every track I've talked about so far is either about, inspired by, or a reason to do drugs - it's the most cohesive rock album up to its point in time.

Some great, beautiful (if not extremely naive) love songs serve to give "For No One" an even greater despairing effect. they also have touches of psychedelic rock to keep them in line with the rest of the album for a nice sense of consistency. the psychedelic touches also help keep the love songs from sounding naive, along with lyrics like, "it's only me, it's not my mind, that is confusing things." even the romance here is tainted by LSD....

"Tomorrow Never Knows" is the birth of experimental rock and the perfect closer to a drug fueled album.

the most important album ever by the best band ever. easily my fav of all time. just look at the list of albums released b4/after this.
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From garycottier 03/29/2016 11:49
The Beatles first total classic. They now sound nothing like the band that sang she loves you and I feel fine. It's the band really taking the biggest leap forward so far in pop music, in the same year as other masterpieces as the beach boys pet sounds, the stones aftermath, and Dylan's blonde and blonde. None of the tracks on revolver sound like anything the Beatles had done before. From George Harrison's scathing taxman, to Paul's for no one, and off course John's amazing tomorrow never knows. Every song is great, and other mentions should go to Eleanor Rigby, here, there and everywhere, and I'm only sleeping. My only quibble, is that unlike their next album, Sgt. Pepper, none of the songs really sound they should be on the same album. You could listen to revolver on random play with all the songs in a different order and it wouldn't really matter. Maybe that proves just how good the songs are. Still, it's less an album than it's follow up would be, and more a fantastic collection of songs. On that score, it's untouchable.
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From jonathankerr 03/26/2016 14:08
For No One and Tomorrow Never Knows make this the best Beatles album
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From thereckoner 03/04/2016 18:15
What an album. If Yellow Submarine wasn't on here it might edge out Rubber Soul as my favourite Beatles album. I just can't stand that song, but the rest is gold.
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From dgarr22 03/04/2016 04:11
WHY IS YELLOW SUBMARINE 79?? I think it's a 95, this is MADNESS.
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From Gerard1968 02/22/2016 22:40
Revolver is 50 years old this year (it was recorded only 20 odd years after the war); very hard to believe when you listen to Tomorrow Never Knows. British band The Charmeleons did an interesting cover, I have it on a bonus disc that came with a CD of Strange Times, but it must be available elsewhere.
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