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Revolver (album) by The Beatles 

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Revolver by The Beatles (1966)
Overall rank: 3rd   Overall chart history
Average Rating: 
91/100 (from 2,133 votes)
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Accolades: Best album of 1966 (1st)
Best album of the 1960s (1st)
Top 10 albums of all time (3rd)

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The Beatles bestography

Revolver is ranked as the best album by The Beatles.

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-RevolverAbbey Road

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Revolver rankings

Revolver ratings

Average Rating: 
91/100 (from 2,133 votes)
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Revolver comments

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From badseed 04/13/2015 05:55
The Beatles at their creative peak. 5 stars for an album with more 5-star tracks than almost any other.

Favorite tracks: "Here, There and Everywhere", "She Said She Said", "And Your Bird Can Sing", "Tomorrow Never Knows", "I Want to Tell You", "Got to Get You Into My Life", "For No One"
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From calsper 04/12/2015 02:08
Their seventh studio recording marked a huge progression from their first huge progression, Rubber Soul - this made it obvious: Revolver was an album that would come to echo for The Beatles.

This is simple in the overall musical channeling, yet very complex at the level of the individual song - for me personally, here I find the guys at their most energetic and at the same time most musically well-founded stage of their career, though they were transgressing at a great pace and were very swift.

This is when studio sound really changed for music as well - the band began using was automatic double tracking as a production technique (dual vocal tracks) which marked a studio engineering revolution.

"Eleanor Rigby" is my favorite track with a great melancholic feel to it.

Revolver'​s impact was massive and transformative with a simply constructed while at the same time very complex and confusing effort in popular music - one of the greatest in my opinion.
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From VirtualMuffin 03/24/2015 19:44
Great album that has so many great melodies and even features some technology that I would suspect would be quite new in the 1960's! From primary school singalong songs such as Blue Submarine to the Psychedelia of Tommorrow Never Knows.

I've heard many of the Radio songs from the beatles and just assumed that they churned out clever easy-listening songs. But after listening to this album, I'm now aware that their legendary status is not just for that but their ability to innovate in a period where rock was still relatively young.

My Favourite Tracks:

Taxman - More for the effects more than the lyrics

I'm Only Sleeping - I've never more wanted to bob along, go to sleep and put a song on repeat all at the same time.

She Said, She Said - Another song I could eventually sing along to!

Tommorrow Never Knows - Too innovative to not rate highly!
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From yonstein414 03/03/2015 00:15
Imagine what Revolver sounded like when it first came out.
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From viquel 02/15/2015 00:53
This album is the “Casablanca” of albums. I will elaborate this analogy for those not familiar with movies.

There are two kinds of great films (this applies to albums too, I guess). The first kind are the visionary Earth-shattering works, bold and uncompromising, who break all the rules (these would be equivalent of experimental albums like those by Frank Zappa, or Captain Beefheart or whatever).

The second kind are the more straightforward, crowd-pleasers whose greatness comes from taking all the ingredients you need to make a traditionally great movie, and executing them with great skill. Among these, the 1942 classic “Casablanca” is king.

The Beatles’ “Revolver” and “Rubber Soul” remind me of Casablanca, because they are relatively straightforward, commercially successful works with a traditional structure, short songs, verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus, etc..

Yet, they have some of the most famous melodies of the past century, a huge influence on pop culture, and, well, pretty much every song in “Revolver” is a cherished classic. Hence my comparison with “Casablanca”. In their respective mediums they are the most popular work to enchant both the critics and the public for generations.

The only problem in my analogy is “Tomorrow Never Knows”, which is hardly straightforward or traditional.
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From Ezmoney 02/10/2015 01:33
This comment is beneath your viewing threshold.
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From PlayTime 02/05/2015 16:34
One of their strongest, perhaps their best song for song. The LP is a creative peak the likes of which has seldom been equalled, including that wonderful album cover. Essential in every way.
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From 09ahughes 01/25/2015 16:30
Exceptional. Prefer Abbey Road but this is also pure genius.
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From dmercado 01/15/2015 07:05
This album advanced rock n roll in multiple different directions, lyrically and musically, in such strides, so effortlessly, and yet making it so accessible that it doesn't surprise me when I see this album topping chart after chart. I take issue with the sequencing of the songs, though, because the songs are so varied and so short that it doesn't allow me to settle into a mood before something in a completely different direction comes up. I reorganized the album as below, it allowed me to appreciate the songs more.
1. Taxman
2. Doc Robert
3. She Said She Said
4. And Your Bird Can Sing
5. Good Day Sunshine
6. Got To Get You Into My Life
7. Yellow Submarine
8. Eleanor Rigby
9. For No One
10. Here, There And Anywhere
11. I Want To Tell You
12. I'm Only Sleeping
13. Love You To
14. Tomorrow Never Knows
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From poppmusic 01/13/2015 19:52
Not only the most influential album of all time, but retains an extremely unique sound. Like a Cold War art film mixed with baroque pop music. Just genius. "Tomorrow Never Knows" literally sounds 30 years ahead of its time.
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