"Sing me to sleep, And then leave me alone"

- The Smiths

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Blonde by Frank Ocean ( 29 comments)
"Incredibly soothing to listen to, best time to listen to this is when your alone. ..."
From F1Aaron on 15 hours ago
Vampire Weekend by Vampire Weekend ( 61 comments)
"A pretty great indie pop album. Favorite Track: Oxford Comma..."
From Seab on 15 hours ago
The Lonesome Crowded West by Modest Mouse ( 45 comments)
"One of the best Indie Rock albums to date, with some great lyrics. Favorite Track: Trailer Trash..."
From Seab on 15 hours ago
Liquid Swords by GZA ( 37 comments)
"One of the better Wu-Tang Solo Works. Favorite Track: B.I.B.L.E...."
From Seab on 15 hours ago
Cardinal by Pinegrove ( 5 comments)
"A great debut, packed with some great songs. Favorite Track: Old Friends..."
From Seab on 15 hours ago
Pablo Honey by Radiohead ( 86 comments)
"After 8 years of listening to Radiohead, I finally decided to listen to Pablo Honey. And what a surp..."
From luigybetis on 15 hours ago
Damage And Joy by The Jesus And Mary Chain ( 1 comment)
"Sonido escasamente original, pero bien manufacturado, para una colección de canciones correcta, per..."
From manuelmarquez on 15 hours ago
In The Nightside Eclipse by Emperor ( 2 comments)
"Greatest straight-up black metal album ever made!..."
From TheHolyKiwi on 15 hours ago
A Crow Looked At Me by Mount Eerie ( 4 comments)
"I haven't connected with a record like this since the first time I heard Benji. A Crow Looked at Me ..."
From HoldenM on 15 hours ago
÷ by Ed Sheeran ( 5 comments)
"Every once in a while I give something like this a listen for some reason...."
From Hayden on 15 hours ago
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