"Giving into love and sharing my time, Letting someone into my misery"

- Red House Painters

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Euphoria by Def Leppard ( 2 comments)
""Slang" was Def Leppard's attempt to adopt alternative rock into their sound. That didn't work out ..."
From paladisiac on 27 hours ago
Moment Of Truth by Gang Starr ( 4 comments)
"This is such a great album and it's so underrated. There's not a bad track on it and the lyrics and ..."
From conallmalone on 27 hours ago
Surfing With The Alien by Joe Satriani ( 5 comments)
"To me this is brilliant but i love to listen to extended guitar solos and jamming. Satriani has an ..."
From glynspsa on 27 hours ago
Medazzaland by Duran Duran ( 1 comment)
"Their self-titled wedding album marked the beginning of a new era for Duran Duran. Their 80s output..."
From paladisiac on 27 hours ago
In Rainbows by Radiohead ( 283 comments)
"..Likely the best Radiohead album ever! Favourite tracks (almost all): + Bodysnatchers + Nude..."
From allgood on 27 hours ago
Tropical Suite by Poni Hoax ( 2 comments)
"this is really great album...unfairly underrated! give this piece of wonderful music a credit! ..."
From STesic on 27 hours ago
Infinite Worlds by Vagabon ( 2 comments)
"that voice is WOW! and preatty good album...especially fine guitars...."
From STesic on 27 hours ago
Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes ( 14 comments)
"sound like NMH and modest mouse at first...but after more listening im not so impressed......"
From STesic on 27 hours ago
A Crow Looked At Me by Mount Eerie ( 24 comments)
"it is one realy touching album...i baerly restrained myself from crying like a baby. ..."
From STesic on 27 hours ago
Survivor by Destiny's Child ( 2 comments)
"Every other song is a diss aimed at Kelly and Michelle or a breakup song...It's kind of cringey almo..."
From janetjakcson on 27 hours ago
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