"Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum? Is my love your drug?"

- Ke$ha

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Age Ain't Nothing But A Number by Aaliyah ( 1 comment)
"Aaliyah's debut is pretty much how every debut is: okay. Just okay. Her talent does definitely shine..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Tidal by Fiona Apple ( 12 comments)
"Fiona Apple had such a toned-down, quiet debut that it's often met with mixed reaction because peopl..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Tapestry by Carole King ( 25 comments)
"A beautiful album. To this day the longest charting album for a female artist. ..."
From janetjakcson on 4 days ago
Evolve by Imagine Dragons ( 1 comment)
"Apart from Believer and Thunder, the remaining songs are simply forgetable...."
From Vasco on 4 days ago
Meeting Of The Waters by Animal Collective ( 2 comments)
"No, just no...."
From dethguy1 on 4 days ago
Saturation by Brockhampton ( 6 comments)
"This is just of something wonderful ..."
From awesomness425 on 4 days ago
Live ED by √Čtienne Daho ( 1 comment)
"Superb double live album from french pop singer Etienne Daho. Full of pop-rock guitars, bass drums. ..."
From Yann on 4 days ago
Blonde by Frank Ocean ( 38 comments)
"Modern masterpiece; it took me 9 months to appreciate how incredible this album really is I've simpl..."
From Sisterray24 on 4 days ago
Big Fish Theory by Vince Staples ( 3 comments)
"A decent album but no tracks seem to stand out, production is quite basic and nowhere near as intere..."
From Sisterray24 on 4 days ago
We Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service by A Tribe Called Quest ( 19 comments)
"The first half of the album runs so smoothly, helped by some quality collaborations, that it can lea..."
From Jamie on 4 days ago
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