"Do you have the time to listen to me whine, About nothing and everything all at once?"

- Green Day

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Are You Experienced by The Jimi Hendrix Experience ( 108 comments)
"Great debut from the greatest guitarist of all time. While I think his later albums are a little mo..."
From Ben4 on 3 days ago
Innervisions by Stevie Wonder ( 41 comments)
"One of the most perfect albums out there. Every track is great...."
From Ben4 on 3 days ago
Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses ( 112 comments)
""Appetite for Destruction" is the one and only true good album from GNR. ..."
From Reppu1976 on 3 days ago
Psychocandy by The Jesus And Mary Chain ( 46 comments)
"A good album and a very strong debut, typically the band's sound until "Honey's Dead"..."
From Reppu1976 on 3 days ago
Show Your Bones by Yeah Yeah Yeahs ( 5 comments)
"One of my favourite indi rock albums from the 2000s. Not a weak track and I'm surprised it's not ra..."
From stangetzaway on 3 days ago
Rumours by Fleetwood Mac ( 113 comments)
"First listen and I'm hooked! Fantastic album. It kinda drops off a bit with the last three tracks, b..."
From TorkilSkorgen on 3 days ago
Exile On Main St. by The Rolling Stones ( 137 comments)
"After a first listen I gotta say I don't get it. I can appreciate the loose, fun jammy atmosphere, b..."
From TorkilSkorgen on 3 days ago
More Life by Drake ( 2 comments)
"Drake's best since Nothing Was the Same, however the bar was set so low by IYRTITL, WATTBA, and View..."
From Kamens on 3 days ago
The Youth Of Today by Musical Youth ( 1 comment)
"One of my earliest vinyl purchases....seems like a novelty record now, but come on it's got Pass The..."
From Rich150 on 3 days ago
Rites Of Spring by Rites Of Spring ( 1 comment)
"The best album of 1985 (the year sucked), and one of the best emo albums. The Rites' only studio rec..."
From Lacobra on 3 days ago
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