"But if there's no music up in heaven, then what's it for?"

- Arcade Fire

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Appetite For Destruction by Guns N' Roses ( 118 comments)
"After almost 30 years (i bought it in 89), this album is still a masterpiece in my opinion, and it w..."
From stefano on 38 hours ago
Wasted In America by Love/Hate ( 1 comment)
"Not as good as their first Blackout in the red room: less hard, less harsh, less straight, more prod..."
From stefano on 38 hours ago
Blackout In The Red Room by Love/Hate ( 1 comment)
"One of the best hard rock albums ever in my opnion! Straight,wild,fast,noisy...sometimes i thought c..."
From stefano on 38 hours ago
Badmotorfinger by Soundgarden ( 25 comments)
"I like this one, sometimes more tha Superunknown 'cause more nervous and harsh, like the voice of Co..."
From stefano on 38 hours ago
Tahitian Rhythms by Augie Goupil And His Royal Tahitians ( 1 comment)
"Auguste Teri’imana Joseph Goupil was born on August 7, 1910, in Papete, Tahiti, Isles Du Vent, Pac..."
From Olli on 38 hours ago
The River by Bruce Springsteen ( 28 comments)
"Up there with the very best of Springsteens work, some say this would have been better as a single a..."
From Dankel on 38 hours ago
Rina by Rina Sawayama ( 3 comments)
"The first 3 tracks and the last track are really good, the other 4 songs are kinda meh Overall, it..."
From PepsiMan on 38 hours ago
Life After Youth by Land Of Talk ( 1 comment)
"This Album is OK with 3 really good songs and 7 others that are solid enough. If you like The Sunday..."
From Brad1770 on 38 hours ago
Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle ( 2 comments)
"A little lacking in dynamics, but still enjoyable...."
From HoldenM on 38 hours ago
4:44 by Jay-Z ( 13 comments)
"I mean, middle-of-the-road Jay-Z is still pretty okay...."
From HoldenM on 38 hours ago
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