"No one told you when to run. You missed the starting gun"

- Pink Floyd

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Mark Hollis by Mark Hollis ( 7 comments)
"Truly beautiful. It was a pleasant surprise when Mark Hollis released this one and it is a great ach..."
From WJA on 3 days ago
Imagine by John Lennon ( 40 comments)
"John Lennon magically knows the truth about everything that matters in life: love, hope, trust, ego,..."
From patriciatoledo on 3 days ago
Spirit Of Eden by Talk Talk ( 36 comments)
"As this is the album that required the guts to step away from commercial succes I consider this one ..."
From WJA on 3 days ago
Hemispheres by Rush ( 19 comments)
"The first song dictates the whole concept of the album, which is the constant battle we fight inside..."
From patriciatoledo on 3 days ago
Laughing Stock by Talk Talk ( 55 comments)
"What a way to end the Talk Talk era. I am still thankful to them for releasing their two final gems...."
From WJA on 3 days ago
Jar Of Flies by Alice In Chains ( 25 comments)
"The acoustic vibe on this album for me represents a revolution in the way the grunge subculture was ..."
From patriciatoledo on 3 days ago
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd ( 201 comments)
"What an album! Pink Floyd make something very nice here. Damn near perfection!..."
From elhenzo on 4 days ago
The Beatles (The White Album) by The Beatles ( 227 comments)
"The Beatles have a very cool album here. Could've lost a few songs, but I liked it a lot...."
From elhenzo on 4 days ago
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles ( 338 comments)
"The Beatles come back with a great album with an awesome concept!..."
From elhenzo on 4 days ago
Revolution Come... Revolution Go by Gov't Mule ( 1 comment)
"This is a really solid album...right up there with their best work imo...."
From tawtaw on 4 days ago
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