"It seems like everybody got the blues, but I had 'em a long time"

- B.B. King

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Floating Coffin by Thee Oh Sees ( 9 comments)
"Really spacious, quirky guitar playing with sweet ear-candy vocals and just straight up head-bumping..."
From InsanityPrawnBoy on 5 days ago
Electronic Sound by George Harrison ( 1 comment)
"Call me crazy, but this may be my favorite Beatles solo record...."
From teague on 5 days ago
Umbrella Symphony by LNDN DRGS & Curren$y ( 1 comment)
"It's a very relaxing listen that combines the strengths of LNDN DRGS with that of Curren$y, they pla..."
From ToddA1750 on 5 days ago
Living The Northern Summer by Jim Chappell ( 2 comments)
"Straddling the line between New Age and Contemporary Instrumental Jazz, Living the Northern Summer o..."
From Fischman on 5 days ago
Daytona by Pusha T ( 27 comments)
"Easily Pusha T's best album, as well as one of the best instances of production on the part of Kanye..."
From ToddA1750 on 5 days ago
Dark Sky Paradise by Big Sean ( 5 comments)
"This is undoubtedly Big Sean's best album, while most don't care for Big Sean due to either his half..."
From ToddA1750 on 5 days ago
B.T.R by Big Time Rush ( 1 comment)
"It's a generic pop album to say the least, but every song has an element that makes it catchy and re..."
From ToddA1750 on 5 days ago
808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West ( 55 comments)
"Arguably Kanye's best album right behind Dark Twisted Fantasy. Not only was the album incredibly inf..."
From ToddA1750 on 5 days ago
#1 Girl by Mindless Behavior ( 1 comment)
"Some may look at this project as just generic pop music, and they would be entirely right. However, ..."
From ToddA1750 on 5 days ago
Ephorize by CupcaKKe ( 9 comments)
"This is Cupcakke's best album to date, she is able to mix in more humanizing elements with her usual..."
From ToddA1750 on 5 days ago
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