"Is that the truth he says, The pain is easy"

- Low

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Skeleton Tree by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds ( 34 comments)
"A very sad album, but consistent at songwriting...."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
Surf's Up by The Beach Boys ( 16 comments)
"A flawed masterpiece, but the highs are sooo high, my second favorite of the band behind obviously P..."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
Wildflowers by Tom Petty ( 15 comments)
"Great album, and a return to form for Petty, sadly it lacks emotion in some instrumentation, and has..."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
Mothership Connection by Parliament ( 19 comments)
"Funk at it´s best, the only downside is the mixing and mastering on CD, but it must sound amazing o..."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
A Night At The Opera by Queen ( 92 comments)
"Queen best album that is not a compilation...."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
Horses by Patti Smith ( 41 comments)
"Replayable to the death, cointains some amazing lyrics and instrumentation, some of the origins of p..."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
The Basement Tapes by Bob Dylan & The Band ( 9 comments)
"Amazing collaboration between 2 of my favorites artists...."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan ( 108 comments)
"The most heartbreaker album of all time, it is with you every time you´re in love, and when you los..."
From Jbalbinolr on 3 days ago
Pure Comedy by Father John Misty ( 30 comments)
"Still have mixed feelings about this. Some of the best and some of the dullest songs I've ever heard..."
From Michael1981 on 3 days ago
Eureka by Jim O'Rourke ( 4 comments)
"First listen. Mind blown. One of the best sounding albums I've heard...."
From wooolf on 3 days ago
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