Top-ranked artists from Japan

The top-ranked artists from Japan that appear most prominently in over 53,000 greatest album charts on are listed below:

N.B. Artist from before the mid-1960s may not be as well represented in this chart, because this chart only takes into account their albums. (Before that time, singles were far more prevalent than albums).

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Rank Artist Albums The number of albums by this artist featuring in the greatest album charts. Top Ranked Album The top ranked album by this artist and where it ranks in the overall chart. Score Total rank score for this artist (made up of the total rank score from all of their albums)
Japan21裸のラリーズ [Les Rallizes Dénudés]5'77 Live (2,575th)622
Japan22前田勝彦 [World's End Girlfriend]12Hurtbreak Wonderland (3,116th)607
Japan23細野晴臣 [Haruomi Hosono]21Pacific (5,934th)575
Japan24Joji7Ballads 1 (4,551st)535
Japan25清水靖晃 [Yasuaki Shimizu]10Kakashi (3,984th)525
Japan26ミドリ [Midori]6あらためまして、はじめまして、ミドリです。 [Hello Everyone. Nice To Meet You. We Are Midori] (4,299th)516
Japan27Babymetal7Babymetal (6,584th)512
Japan28高中正義 [Masayoshi Takanaka]38The Rainbow Goblins (4,427th)509
Japan29近藤浩治 [Kōji Kondō]7The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (4,444th)508
Japan30Ground Zero7Revolutionary Pekinese Opera, Version 1.28 (5,260th)507
Japan31はっぴいえんど [Happy End]3Kazemachi Roman (3,257th)482
Japan32Casiopea4Casiopea (4,619th)455
Japan33メルツバウ [Merzbow]40Pulse Demon (8,095th)454
Japan34神聖かまってちゃん [Shinsei Kamattechan]5Tsumanne (5,368th)436
Japan35tricot12T H E (7,783rd)434
Japan36凛として時雨 [Ling Tosite Sigure]6Inspiration Is DEAD (8,975th)433
Japan37Acid Mothers Temple31La Nòvia (6,925th)391
Japan38春 ねむり[Haru Nemuri]3春と修羅 [Haru To Shura] (3,998th)384
Japan39荒井由実 [Yumi Arai]10Cobalt Hour (10,248th)377
Japan40高田みどり [Midori Takada]4Through The Looking Glass (4,049th)364
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