Top-ranked artists from Argentina

The top-ranked artists from Argentina that appear most prominently in over 46,000 greatest album charts on are listed below:

N.B. Artist from before the mid-1960s may not be as well represented in this chart, because this chart only takes into account their albums. (Before that time, singles were far more prevalent than albums).

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Rank Artist Albums The number of albums by this artist featuring in the greatest album charts. Top Ranked Album The top ranked album by this artist and where it ranks in the overall chart. Score Total rank score for this artist (made up of the total rank score from all of their albums)
Argentina1Luis Alberto Spinetta40Artaud (684th)5,570
Argentina2Soda Stereo13Canción Animal (935th)4,571
Argentina3Charly García21Clics Modernos (1,066th)2,856
Argentina4Gustavo Cerati9Bocanada (2,056th)1,235
Argentina5Astor Piazzolla21Tango: Zero Hour (2,694th)1,172
Argentina6Los Fabulosos Cadillacs15Fabulosos Calavera (2,394th)1,076
Argentina7Sui Generis6Vida (3,742nd)783
Argentina8Babasónicos22Jessico (5,913th)674
Argentina9Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota11Oktubre (2,994th)646
Argentina10Serú Girán8Peperina (4,327th)640
Argentina11Juana Molina7Un Dia (4,573rd)505
Argentina12Virus (AR)14Superficies De Placer (7,276th)452
Argentina13Sumo5Divididos Por La Felicidad (6,407th)321
Argentina14La Máquina De Hacer Pájaros2La Máquina De Hacer Pájaros (7,127th)299
Argentina15Andrés Calamaro17Alta Suciedad (6,535th)278
Argentina16Fito Páez24Euforia (8,764th)262
Argentina17Mercedes Sosa14En Dirección Del Viento (11,840th)220
Argentina18Gato Barbieri8Chapter One: Latin America (9,624th)173
Argentina19Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado6La Dinastía Scorpio (11,728th)169
Argentina20Atahualpa Yupanqui6Guitarra... Dimelo Tu (11,685th)150
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