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Glorious Game by El Michels Affair & Black Thought ( 3 comments)
"I'm disappointed to say it's not as strong as Cheat Codes (how can you compare to Danger Mouse's pro..."
From shanelovesyou1111 on 28 hours ago
Pulp Fiction (Music From The Motion Picture) by Various Artists ( 9 comments)
"Great soundtrack. Featuring a lot of tracks that are good to have but I wouldn't ever be purchasing ..."
From mrmcrook on 28 hours ago
Promises by Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra ( 18 comments)
"Maybe the best jazz record that has come out in recent years, the different movements blend so well ..."
From SD100852 on 28 hours ago
- (Subtract) by Ed Sheeran ( 2 comments)
"Um mé radiofônico...."
From VictorVale on 28 hours ago
Make America Psycho Again by Fall Out Boy ( 2 comments)
"Why release an album of remixes? It ruined their popularity and killed any momentum for upcoming alb..."
From JamminMan9 on 28 hours ago
Mysterious Traveller by Weather Report ( 1 comment)
"Fusion masters..."
From Jboy56 on 28 hours ago
Per Vers, Runoilija by Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int. ( 1 comment)
From Jboy56 on 28 hours ago
Witchi-Tai-To by Jan Garbarek / Bobo Stenson Quartet ( 2 comments)
"ECM does good.. clean and crisp, ethereal..."
From Jboy56 on 28 hours ago
It's Only Rock 'N' Roll by The Rolling Stones ( 26 comments)
"This album was a pleasant surprise, with many great tracks. Some of those were very UnStonesLike eg ..."
From Jboy56 on 28 hours ago
The Power And The Glory by Gentle Giant ( 6 comments)
"From the last great days of Prog, this is a fine album. To me, the heydays of prog were mostly over ..."
From Jboy56 on 28 hours ago
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