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Countdown To Extinction by Megadeth ( 10 comments)
"Very solid album, probably their most consistent outside of Rust and Peace Sells, but for me it does..."
From TheSmithsAreDead on 13 hours ago
Live Nude Guitars by Brian Setzer ( 1 comment)
"Released in 1988 on EMI-Manhattan Records (Cat#: CDP 7-36963-2) this is the second album put out by ..."
From TheDude85 on 13 hours ago
A Dove by The Roches ( 1 comment)
"The folk singing Roche sisters bring forth another album of sing-along songs in their long catalog o..."
From TheDude85 on 13 hours ago
Margie by Margie Rayburn With The Russ Garcia Orchestra ( 1 comment)
"CD re-issue in 2010 with 2 bonus tracks: 13 Unexpectedly 14 Laddie-O..."
From arnellarsen on 13 hours ago
We by Arcade Fire ( 8 comments)
"Return to form! Be patient with this, it gets better after each listen. This is up there with The Su..."
From MG22 on 13 hours ago
The New Sound by Les Paul ( 3 comments)
"I bet these sounds amazed many in 1950. Most of the tricks are repeated so often that they lose thei..."
From Jboy56 on 13 hours ago
Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols by Sex Pistols ( 137 comments)
"Pure punk rock with great tracks: Holidays In The Sun, Anarchy In The UK, God Save The Queen, there ..."
From mv3k on 13 hours ago
Hotel California by Eagles ( 74 comments)
"It’s difficult to make a nine song album feel bloated, but the Eagles accomplished it here. The w..."
From riverfront76 on 13 hours ago
Ella Sings Gershwin by Ella Fitzgerald ( 4 comments)
"Intimate and soulful album. Ella's voice is in top form...."
From Jboy56 on 13 hours ago
Plínio Marcos Em Prosa E Samba Nas Quebradas Do Mundaréu by Plínio Marcos ( 1 comment)
"This is a historic album by the famous playwriter, with samba greats Geraldo Filme, Zeca da Casa Ver..."
From heybabyxxx on 13 hours ago
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