"This bed is on fire. With passionate love. The neighbours complain about the noises above"

- James

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Jar Of Flies by Alice In Chains ( 28 comments)
"This is so wonderful. Somehow, Alice In Chains peeked my interest and this I love. I do know that Di..."
From Luigii on 15 hours ago
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC ( 11 comments)
"This is quite dull even for a AC/DC album...."
From JimagineL on 15 hours ago
Presence by Led Zeppelin ( 45 comments)
"An unspired piece, signal of the future of led Zeppelin...."
From JimagineL on 15 hours ago
Boston by Boston ( 61 comments)
"An standard hard rock album. Very 70s-ish...."
From JimagineL on 15 hours ago
Station To Station by David Bowie ( 56 comments)
"Dark, and cocaine-driven songs singed by Thin White Duke, a tormented soul that drives this album th..."
From JimagineL on 15 hours ago
Further by The Chemical Brothers ( 4 comments)
"Very impressed with this release! Might turn out to be one of my favorite Chemical Brother albums...."
From ExTeaSea on 15 hours ago
Thank You For Today by Death Cab For Cutie ( 4 comments)
"Thank You For Today represents, what should be, a breath of fresh air for Death Cab - two new member..."
From DankMcMemester on 15 hours ago
Skylarking by XTC ( 29 comments)
"I'll be honest it took me 3 full listens to understand fully this Tod Rundgren produced album It..."
From Brad1770 on 15 hours ago
Athens Andover by The Troggs ( 1 comment)
"'Athens Andover'( the name of the album is derived from the hometowns of the two bands: Andover, Ham..."
From Brad1770 on 15 hours ago
Automatic For The People by R.E.M. ( 134 comments)
"it's okay. Some good songs. The album isn't outstanding though. Rated too high on this website...."
From InsanityPrawnBoy on 15 hours ago
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