"The room is on fire as she's fixing her hair"

- The Strokes

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Audioslave by Audioslave ( 19 comments)
"One of the very best Rock Albums of the 2000s. the First half in one of the most explosive and inter..."
From IanEvadar14 on 14 hours ago
Focus Plays Focus by Focus ( 2 comments)
"Focus es una banda muy infravalorada, que gran album..."
From nitomano on 14 hours ago
In It For The Money by Supergrass ( 8 comments)
"One of the best Britrock records I've ever heard. Only 'Sometimes I Make You Sad' makes me feel unco..."
From DrTchock97 on 14 hours ago
The Merry Sisters Of Fate by LĂșnasa ( 2 comments)
"i'm surprised at the low ratings here. i mean, if you don't like celtic folk music, that's one thing..."
From craola on 14 hours ago
Boys For Pele by Tori Amos ( 14 comments)
"Reminds me of Joni Mitchell's 'Blue', another album I can't get into...."
From Goliath on 14 hours ago
Glory by Britney Spears ( 2 comments)
"It's funny because although this record is quite cohesive, it's probably Britney's least interesting..."
From antiquusxy on 14 hours ago
TA13OO by Denzel Curry ( 6 comments)
"Consistently good album. Nothing too special but nothing bad. I appreciated some of the R&B influenc..."
From mdbaxter on 14 hours ago
Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty ( 22 comments)
"A fantastic album overall. I don't think there's a bad track in the bunch...."
From ProlongedFantasy on 14 hours ago
Enough Thunder by James Blake ( 7 comments)
"A pretty drab EP, in all honesty...."
From antiquusxy on 14 hours ago
Matador by Gaz Coombes ( 5 comments)
"My favourite Gaz Coombes thus far. Clever music with beautiful vocals. ..."
From DrTchock97 on 14 hours ago
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