"Say it ain't so! My love is a life-taker"

- Weezer

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Born In The U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen ( 43 comments)
"Good album but by no means his best in fact as far as Springsteen albums are concerned it's in his T..."
From Tamthebam on 9 hours ago
The Scream by Siouxsie And The Banshees ( 4 comments)
"It's ultimately a punk album, though with many gothic rock overtones that are very ahead of their ti..."
From poppmusic on 9 hours ago
Guns by Cardiacs ( 1 comment)
"If any album should have been called Sing to God, it's this one, not its predecessor. The compara..."
From sageamagoo on 9 hours ago
Aquemini by OutKast ( 18 comments)
"Don't get me wrong, OutKast are an utterly talented duo. There's some HQ sounds in this record, li..."
From JoaoMoreira on 34 hours ago
Laughing Stock by Talk Talk ( 52 comments)
"I swear every time I listen to this, the atmosphere that's being created is immediately taking my br..."
From F1Aaron on 34 hours ago
Give Up by The Postal Service ( 20 comments)
"An average album by indsie-fartsy musician Ben Gibbard and his friend. There's a couple of nice tun..."
From JoaoMoreira on 34 hours ago
Paper Mâché Dream Balloon by King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard ( 2 comments)
"I hear influence from Neil Young, The Kinks, Elliott Smith, Foxygen, The Zombies, and Steely Dan on ..."
From Space-Dementia on 34 hours ago
Pure Comedy by Father John Misty ( 4 comments)
"Father John Misty sound great with this record but lacks originality and the focus that I Love You H..."
From awesomness425 on 34 hours ago
Abstract Figures In The Dark by Tigercub ( 1 comment)
"In my search for a great new sound on the rock scene I discover Tigercub. These guys are a solid ban..."
From BeeboBaggins on 34 hours ago
Sucker by Charli XCX ( 6 comments)
"This album has obvious flaws, but it's still a fun listen. Some albums just don't warrant serious c..."
From louisjwyatt on 34 hours ago
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