"Candy says, "I've come to hate my body, And all that it requires in this world""

- The Velvet Underground

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Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Cole Porter Song Book by Ella Fitzgerald ( 5 comments)
"Ella can do no wrong in my book. This one's an essential to anyone's jazz vocal collection...."
From caseygow on 16 hours ago
The Dreaming by Kate Bush ( 31 comments)
"A bizarre album even for today's ears. Unstable, unpredictable but remarkably cohessive and fascinat..."
From 9999 on 16 hours ago
Leather Teeth by Carpenter Brut ( 1 comment)
"While a huge step down from trilogy, Leather Teeth is still a solid work with highlights such as the..."
From titansaurs28 on 16 hours ago
Outside The Law by Epitaph ( 1 comment)
"Bright and breezy rock with some great riffs. Very underrated album...."
From Steppenwolf666 on 16 hours ago
Even In The Quietest Moments... by Supertramp ( 7 comments)
"Needs to be blasted extremely loud in your car. Gives me chills every time ..."
From Reuben on 16 hours ago
Ruins by Grouper ( 4 comments)
"Such a beautiful, mesmerizing and unique listen. I put this album whenever I have a headache, and so..."
From 9999 on 16 hours ago
The Big Sleep by Deportees ( 1 comment)
"Better than Fleet Foxes and in the nearness of only Mr Bon Iver. A pure delight and an almost unbear..."
From Pretender on 16 hours ago
Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes ( 70 comments)
"Excuse me, but this excellent album is knocked out of (my) history by the three latest Deportees alb..."
From Pretender on 16 hours ago
Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides by SOPHIE ( 6 comments)
"Its like st vincent and death grips had a baby! and then they fed that baby cocaine. <3..."
From Vatsal on 16 hours ago
The Life Of Pablo by Kanye West ( 91 comments)
"Kanye's White Album..."
From LevLandau on 16 hours ago
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