"To die by your side. Well the pleasure, the privilege is mine"

- The Smiths

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Purple Rainbows by Deep Purple ( 1 comment)
"More than just deep purple, this covers rainbow, whitesnakes etc. Although predominantly DP. Really ..."
From Johnnyo on 4 hours ago
The Black Saint And The Sinner Lady by Charles Mingus ( 47 comments)
"I am not a Jazz listener but this album is so so so good. I wish I could understand other Jazz recor..."
From Roal on 4 hours ago
In Utero by Nirvana ( 132 comments)
"This is more raw and much less commercially-accommodating and radio friendly than Nevermind (entire..."
From SamAndreas on 4 hours ago
Vs. by Pearl Jam ( 45 comments)
"In many ways I prefer this to 'Ten' as that album's quality seems to drop a bit the closer you move ..."
From SamAndreas on 4 hours ago
Ys by Joanna Newsom ( 66 comments)
"Gonna do an uncharacteristically long review for no reason. Didn't listen to the lyrics. I think thi..."
From YoungPunk on 4 hours ago
Funeral by Arcade Fire ( 327 comments)
"I've been working my way through the #1 albums on here. When I went to listen to this one, I saw tha..."
From capkronos on 29 hours ago
Brick By Brick by Iggy Pop ( 4 comments)
"Despite its lurid cover, this is a fun album! I particularly like the song "Candy", it's melodic an..."
From rockinsteve on 29 hours ago
Systems Of Romance by Ultravox ( 1 comment)
"Dislocation is a seriously great post punk track. ..."
From LittleM1971 on 29 hours ago
An Agressive, Chain Smoking Alcoholic by Jamie Stewart ( 1 comment)
"More experimental drone music from Mr Xiu Xiu i.e Jamie Stewart. Like most of his music, the overall..."
From johnner on 29 hours ago
The Weight Of History/Only Once Away My Son by Brian Eno With Kevin Shields ( 1 comment)
"Two slices of some rather lovely ambient loveliness courtesy of Mr Shields and Mr Eno. The Weight Of..."
From johnner on 29 hours ago
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