"I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one"

- Jay-Z

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Rubber Soul by The Beatles ( 170 comments)
"This is my favorite Beatles album. I don't know how many of the songs were actually released as sin..."
From Finky on 5 hours ago
Teenage Dream by Katy Perry ( 20 comments)
"Este album fue la sensación en la fecha de su salida aunque su éxito comercial es una triste forma..."
From nitomano on 5 hours ago
Paracletus by Deathspell Omega ( 2 comments)
"Excellent black metal album, wish the rest of their discography was on par with this...."
From TheHolyKiwi on 5 hours ago
Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) by Wu-Tang Clan ( 44 comments)
"Wu-Tang changed rap for the good here. Epic vocals over RZA's flawless production led the way for ma..."
From elhenzo on 5 hours ago
Fetch by Melt-Banana ( 2 comments)
"This album gives me autism in the best form. Maybe some ADHD too...."
From TheHolyKiwi on 29 hours ago
De Vermis Mysteriis by High On Fire ( 1 comment)
"The best High on Fire / Sleep had to offer outside from Dopesmoker...."
From TheHolyKiwi on 29 hours ago
Blink-182 by Blink-182 ( 13 comments)
"My favorite Blink album, feels like their stuff before this was 3 guys just messing around (quality,..."
From khj11 on 29 hours ago
Parallel Lines by Blondie ( 39 comments)
"Very catchy, and quality too. Not my favorite new wave album, but there isn't a weak spot on it..."
From khj11 on 29 hours ago
Animals by Pink Floyd ( 113 comments)
"Great album, Pink Floyd's magic in the 70's continues with this gem..."
From khj11 on 29 hours ago
Black Holes And Revelations by Muse ( 73 comments)
"My favorite Muse album. If you're trying to get into Muse, I would recommend this album first. Loud,..."
From khj11 on 29 hours ago
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